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  1. Yes, I've seen it. Guessed it was a forward thinking problem, and started dating for future day/time as scsc tech posted.
  2. I'm dreading the manual love I think this is going to require. Yes, we have many cloned computers - it's survival in a multi-city, multi-office WAN. Why the clients can't figure it out…on their own, I don't know. I find a lot of clients have IP conflicts, even if the name in Retro Client is unique. We have users that may be out of office for an extended time, and when they return, backups are crucial, but I can't rely on the system to pick them up because their IP changes, I have to RE-ADD them to the source list - but I did find a small workaround. If the client has been previously registered in the sources, I go to add, then enter the IP the user is at now, and it updates the source, so I don't have to completely re-create the source. Why the client can't do this by itself…?
  3. I am deeply concerned that Retrospect is advocating disabling the security for user computers. Gatekeeper has been a known "feature" of 10.8 for quite some time. Now that it's introduced into 10.7.5 I think some revisiting is necessary. A co-worker replied to my notification with this sage advice: What they should suggest users do is control-click the app and choose Open which will bypass the Gatekeeper setting without requiring users to disable it first. Or even better, they should update their software. Gatekeeper app signing has been a known thing for quite some time now.
  4. This could be troublesome, since there is no indication (in an office of 70 computers and 5 servers) which client it could possibly be! It would be helpful if the error log reported what machine name it *thought* it was looking for, even a hardware serial number… user account names… anything at all.
  5. I noticed the "ghost" too… frustrated the heck out of me for days until I decided to bite the bullet and try the "Repair" in the toolbar. I expect it'll be fixed in a future engine release, but you might want to file a specific Tech Support bug report on that one.
  6. Actualllllllyyyy, the employees took over the project! Article from Macworld for you: http://goo.gl/02xwJ Also, in Latest News in the Forum, Robin Mayoff posted the link as well just yesterday! Cheers!
  7. Has anyone seen this error? It's showing up in the full log quite frequently (today's log anyway), but I can't tell you exactly HOW frequently, because my log is filled already for today… There is no timestamp on these entries… I can ballpark from the events that run on either side…but that's not really ideal. nertPInstMake: wrong serial number: sought ###-####-####-####, but found #-####-####-####-### I've submitted a support request, I couldn't find anything in the KB, forums, or internet.
  8. We had to abandon tags. Sad - it's a great way to quickly add to scripts - especially with the tiny little overview window in the script. Was waiting for an update to try again.
  9. Sets are limited to less than 1TB (1024 GB) in size. I ended up splitting the backup set into multiple media files. i.e. Homefolders A-K, and J-Z, as well, I pulled the High Volume users into their own backup set. I have no idea if Retrospect is working on this, if it's a physical limitation… perhaps file a tech support request and see what they say. I'd be curious to know. I worry I'm going to end up with media sets for each letter of the alphabet as time goes on.
  10. We are a 99.9% Macintosh environment. We have a mix of clients, and I don't bother adding via multicast - it is faster and more reliable to manually add them. Sadly, when users IP changes (seldom, but it does when they've been away for a time), I have to pay attention and re-add them again. <sigh> What was suggested to us by support with the piton error was to add the clients to a Proactive script. It seems to have resolved the error, however, we aren't really keen on a proactive script for this function. Hopefully it is resolved soon.
  11. We've noticed the same. It's a little frustrating to wait anywhere up to 30 minutes to populate the console. After reboot yesterday, it's faster, but I got a 2 minute beachball today trying to initiate a media set rebuild. Monica
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