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  1. Hi Maser, Thanks for your reply. Problem #1 - No, I had not restarted the console. I just did that now (also out of necessity for Problem #3 below) and this fixed the problem. Many thanks for telling me about this. This is still a horrible bug in the interface but at least I now know that my backups do exist. Problem #2 -- I think this is different for me. None of my 39 media sets have remembered their grooming settings. Or at least, none of the radio buttons are selected on the options tab which seems like a huge model/view bug. Restarting the console did not help the situation. Problem #3 -- I checked the console today and a script ran at 10pm last night. By 11.30am (13+ hours later), Retrospect had completed 91,914 files (9.5 GB) in its snapshot build of that server. That was the only activity currently running and it appeared to be stalled. When this happens, my only recourse is to stop the engine, restart the client on the backup source, and restart the engine. Before I stopped the engine, I stopped the script at 11.30am. It did not actually stop until two hours later at 1.35pm. This product is costing my company a lot of money in terms of the time I spend essentially banging the side of the TV to get the reception back. I am reaching out to cloud storage solutions to see how much they will cost instead. They may be more expensive in a naïve comparison to Retrospect but considering the overhead of the time I waste on maintenance and the time I would need to train somebody else on this buggy software if I left, I think we will save money in the long term.
  2. Hi, I have two pretty big issues at the moment with Retrospect v10.2.0 (201) with the server and console running on a Mac. 1) I cannot seem to restore or retrieve from past backups. Yesterday, a nightly script called 'A' ran and successfully (according to the Activities->Past section) backed up 30GB of files onto a disk media set where the members are on NFS mounts. The media set is only half full. I tried testing to see whether I could restore a particular file from last night's script so I did the following: Restore -> Restore selected files and folders However, last night's backup is not listed. Nor are the backups from the night before or the night before that (which appear as successful in Activities->Past). I can choose from backups a few weeks ago. Furthermore, when I went to the media set and looked at the list of backups, none of these recent backups were present. The media set lists four backups from weeks ago. Moreover (!), these recent backups do not exist in the Past Backups section either, only in the Past section of Activities. This is true not only for script A but for all my scripts and is extremely worrying (i.e. job-terminating worrying). The problem seems similar to this: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150506-past-backups-missing/ 2) Retrospect does not let me set Grooming settings. I select a media set and go in Options. Nothing is ticked even though I had configured grooming for every media set. I click on 'Groom to keep...', enter a number, and click Save. I then select a different media set and do the same. When I eventually go back to these media sets after a few other operations, all boxes are unchecked again.
  3. Yep, I was using Time Machine to do this but had turned it off to see whether it was affecting Retrospect's performance and had forgotten to turn it back on.
  4. This is not a duplicate topic. I created a post here: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150552-retrospect-configuration-gets-corrupted-too-easily/ with a solution for other users. This post is just for the bug report. The Config80.dat file is too fragile and does not survive forced power downs on the backup server. The current method of saving the configuration should be replaced with something that is more robust. The configuration file is also large - it's 80MB in my case - which suggests that maybe its design should be refactored or else the content split up into separate files so that the basic server configuration is less likely to get corrupted.
  5. We had a power outage nearby yesterday which took down all non-essential equipment in the building. Our backup server was powered down before I had time to reach it and gracefully shut it down (it is connected to a small UPS battery with 2-3 minutes power). On boot, the console tried to connect to the server but kept spinning. My guess is that the configuration file got corrupted. This was with Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) running on a Mac mini running Mac OS X Server v10.8.3. A similar situation happened earlier this year when the machine froze up and I was forced to cold boot. Again, the configuration file was broken and all information about our licenses was lost that time. That time we were running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) on the same Mac mini with Mac OS X Server v10.6.8. The Config80.bak file was also corrupted in both instances. Thanks to twickland on the forums, I was able to resolve this both times using the following procedure. This relies on you having a back up your backup server and the license keys handy: Make sure all machines that Retrospect mounts through NFS are powered on and have the NFS service running (only applies if you use NFS). Stop the Retrospect engine. You will need to restore the configuration file from the backup of the backup server. First, make copies of /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat, /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.bak, and the catalog file for the backup of your backup server just in case. Delete the original Config80.dat and Config80.bak files. Retrospect now has no configuration. Start the Retrospect engine and open the console. The console will prompt you for the license key. If you use NFS mounts and your backup server media set has members on these mounts, you will need to re-add them. In Sources, click Add and in the Share tab of the dialog, enter: Share address: nfs://my.lovely.server/my/lovely/exported/directory Connect as: Registered User Name: [username for the user on the backup server] Password: [password for the user on the backup server] In Media Sets, click on Locate and open your catalog file for the backup server. Initiate a restore using the icon on the top-left of the Retrospect console. Restore /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat and /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.bak to some location. Close the Retrospect console and turn off the engine. Copy the restored configuration files back into /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Turn on the engine, and open the console. Hopefully all is well. So that was a solution for me. The big question is why is the configuration file so fragile? Why does the server not write to a temporary file and then at safe points replace the main configuration file with the new configuration? And why is the server so bad at determining that the configuration file is broken? These seem like simple problems to fix and I personally have wasted hours on this problem the first time around.
  6. Thanks Charles. It seems a lot of people are having trouble with instant scan. I disabled it server-side but it took me a few days to realize that you need to disable it client-side via a ridiculous hidden option: http://retrospect.com/en/support/kb/retroisa-advanced-options We bit down and upgraded to v10. There are some nice improvements to the GUI but so far I have spent three days firefighting and trying to get all our backups working again.
  7. Thanks, hvar. I am indeed looking for something that is better than a nightmare! We are going ahead with the upgrade to version 10 this week so soon I will have my own opinion. The general consensus on the board that v10 is an improvement makes me hopeful.
  8. I tried refreshing the client but that did not work (it does have multiple IP addresses as it happens). I ended up removing and re-adding the Source, redefining the favorite folders, and tying up the scripts to the folders. Most of the scripts now seem to be working although I am getting a few -1101 errors. I think I know how to fix those though. Thanks!
  9. Hi twickland, Thanks - user anecdotes are very useful although I do realize that everyone's case is different. It seems v10.1 is still somewhat buggy but if it is considerably less buggy than v8.2 then that would save me a lot of time and grief.
  10. Retrospect 8 is terrible. Absolutely terrible. I have been thinking about upgrading to 9 or 10 (although being charging to buy an upgrade to fix a buggy product rankles) but the bug reports on the forum keep making me waver. v9 or v10 may well be less buggy but it's hard to determine that from the forums. See: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150471-retro-1001-very-buggy/ (v10.0.1, since updated) http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150443-retrospect-10-performance-intolerable/ (v10.1, other issues) http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150379-since-upgrade-to-101-email-notification-with-two-addresses-fails/ (v10.1, fixable but annoying) That said, some longstanding users are reporting improvements from v8 and it seems from the forums that the current team are actively trying to fix issues and work with the users. It would be nice to get a large poll of users' opinions of v10 based on prior experience with v6 and/or v8.
  11. Thanks for the reply. By removing the client, I'm assuming you mean removing it as a source. No, I have not tried that yet, primarily because I am worried that it would remove my scripts and/or media sets. There is also my worry that even if the scripts and media sets remain, associating the old scripts and media sets with the 'new' client will not work. I have had lots of trouble with media sets e.g. a script forgets its media set so I add it back only to have the script refuse to use the media set. In those cases I usually end up creating new scripts and/or media sets (with new names because Retrospect does not seem to like you using previously used names even after deleting scripts/media sets). I would like to avoid that trouble here as this client (a large file server) has many associated scripts and media sets.
  12. Hi all, I recently upgraded a client machine from CentOS 5.9 to CentOS 6.4 (x86_64). The installation for the Retrospect client worked once the x86 libraries were installed: yum install libgcc.i686 rpm -i Linux_Client-7_6_100.rpm However, the Retrospect server (v8.2.0 399) throws an error when running any scripts with that client as a source. The error thrown is -525 (wrong client found at that address). This error seems understandable but I'm wondering what my next steps should be. I have seen it suggested on the forums that I should remove the source and re-add it. Would this break or remove my scripts and/or media sets? Thanks, Shane
  13. By "main panel", I mean the panel in Sources under the All, Servers, Desktops & Laptops... bar. The panel which shows the list view of the sources. The circle icon for those sources is clear with no lightning bolt. It seems that Disk Utility has that share mounted as an NFS mount. This would have been done a long time ago, during which time backups were working, and has not changed recently. Maybe when Retrospect lost its configuration, Disk Utility 'got' the first mount position? I have no idea. I'm pretty sure I know the reason for the Disk Utility mount though so I disabled it and rebooted twice (the first time I forgot to save the dismount). On both reboots, Retrospect *again* asked me for the license code - it had lost the recent configurations completely. I really hope this does not continue to happen. Sorry, I meant that the Activities pane is requesting media. I had not chosen the media member to avoid the possibility of corrupting anything and since it appeared that this was not the root cause of my problem. --- I'll start again giving all the information which might help someone figure out where I was going wrong. I have removed the Disk Utility NFS mount. There is now only one Mario mount in /Volumes, /Volumes/mariobackup, created by adding the source in Retrospect. Likewise for Luigi. The contents of /Volumes/mariobackup/Retrospect/MyBackupServer/1-MyBackupServer/ are the rdb files. Likewise for Luigi. I have one media set, MyBackupServer, which I recreated by clicking Locate in Media Sets and selecting the original catalog file /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs/MyBackupServer.rbc which resides on the Retrospect server (MyBackupServer). The MyBackupServer media set has two members, 1-MyBackupServer in location /Volumes/mariobackup (in /Volumes/mariobackup/Retrospect/MyBackupServer/1-MyBackupServer) and 2-MyBackupServer in location /Volumes/luigibackup. I tried the restore again and the Activities pane again shows the flashing "Needs Media" icon. I chose the "Choose media..." button and selected mariobackup (a root node) in the dialog. This displays the error 'This disk is already a member of this media set' in the dialog. Okay this is kind of where I was already. However, I went back to the Media Set, edited the members and reselected their original locations (select the member, click the pencil/edit icon, and select the root node e.g. mariobackup for the corresponding member). I tried the restore, restoring to /test/restoretest and... it worked. Kind of. Retrospect did not store the files in /test/restoretest so I checked and it overwrote the configuration files in e /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/. I find this behavior extremely unintuitive and dangerous. However, I stopped the Retrospect server, restarted it, and my configuration appears to be restored at first glance. However, the engine crashed during its first backup. Could this be because I restored both the config80.dat and config80.bak files? On restart, Retrospect started running scripts again but one of them was the script it froze on (see first post). It looks like it may be freezing again, or at least being extremely unresponsive.
  14. Hi, I'm running into some trouble here. The situation is as follows: The media set (38GB, 250,000 files) for the Retrospect server backup has two members, each on one of our file servers, say Mario and Luigi. The catalog file for this media set is stored on the Retrospect server itself (/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs). I am trying to restore the Config80.dat file in the media set by using the catalog. The first step I did was to add the file servers Mario and Luigi by going into Source->Add->Add Share. If I look at the Servers tab in Sources, I see Mario and Luigi and the correct Used/Total amounts. HOWEVER, if I double-click on the Mario source in the main panel, it is listed as Mario-1 (actually, now it is Mario-2 as I rebooted to try to fix this problem). This may be part of my problem below. My next step was to go to Media Sets->Locate->and browse to a *copy* of the catalog file on the Retrospect server. I made a copy of this catalog file just in case something I did corrupted the original and have been trying the restoration using this copy. This seems to work as my media set now shows up with both members and a list of backups. However, a restoration does not work for me. I click Restore->Restore selected files and folders->Select the backup->Browse and then the dialog spins accessing the media set. I know this can take a while but this is a small media set and I ran this for 24 hours with no progress. Next, I tried clicking on the media set and hitting Verify. This immediately yielded the error 'Needs media' which suggests to me that the sources are not set up correctly. I could probably navigate to the member manually but I am unsure whether this would corrupt the media set. UPDATE: I got a little further on now. I rebooted, noticed that the file server was already mounted in /Volumes and so did not add it via the Sources as I had been doing. Bam, the browsing worked almost instantly and I was able to choose the Config80.bak and .dat files. However, now when I start the restoration, it spins for a while and then again yields the error 'Needs media'. Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going wrong? Thanks again for getting me this far. -- Retrospect server: Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) running on a Mac mini running Mac OS X Server v10.6.8.
  15. Thanks, Tim. That's exactly the information I was looking for. I'll try that when I get back to work next week.
  16. Thanks for the grooming tip. I will take this approach in the future. The catalog files are stored on the Retrospect server machine which has lots of free space (>300 GB), not on the clients or the file servers where the media sets live. None of the file servers where the media sets are too close to capacity. Retrospect technical support told me to restore the config80.dat file from the .bak file but that is also about 470KB and probably blank. I'm guessing that happened because I rebooted the server a couple of times so the .bak file was probably replaced on reboot. I think the old config80.dat file is backed up in the Retrospect server machine's media set but I have no idea how to restore it without the configuration file (chicken and egg). We had Time Machine backups of the Retrospect folder but they seem to have stopped running last March.
  17. Hi, Our Retrospect server (the Mac machine) froze this week and I was forced to do a hard boot. At the time, Retrospect had been doing a groom on a media set for @20 hours (I think it had stalled because there was about 10 KB space left before the groom started and media sets with practically no space remaining never groom properly for me). On reboot, Retrospect asked for a license key which has never happened before. I entered the key but now the old configuration and settings are all gone - no media sets, no scripts, etc. From previous forum posts, it looks like I should restore the config80.dat file. Did this get corrupted? The version in /Library/Application Support/Retrospect is now 470KB. The catalogs directory still seems to have all the old catalog files. The old config80.dat file was hopefully included in the backup set for the Mac server but I do not know how to restore it. Any help is appreciated.
  18. In case anyone reads this, I did convince one user to move a large amount of files to a weekly backup which brought our daily backups down from about 11 hours to three and a half hours. The files did not consume a large amount of space, relatively, so my guess would be that just reducing the number of files made a big difference in speed.
  19. That's good - I'm really hoping for positive feedback here. Have you used previous versions and, if so, how do they compare?
  20. Hi, We have three nightly backups running in sequence whose source directories are 1.5TB, 620GB, and 280GB respectively in size. Each directory contains lots of files and there's about 12 million files (not my fault!) in total over the three sets. All directories are stored on our local file server and backed up via the backup server onto one of our offsite file servers (with a very good connection). The network traffic looks like this: local file server <--> backup server <--> remote file server As you may expect based on the source size and number of files, the backups take a long time to run and they are now starting to run into the working day which is not ideal. The backup script uses the following options: media verification data compression match source files against the media set don't add duplicate files to the media set use status modification date when matching (Linux) I was wondering where Retrospect is likely to slow down more so I can figure out how best to admin the file server - is it the sheer number of files or the size of the files? Are MD5 hashing over the network or the checking for duplicate files the costly operations? Incidentally, adding more detailed profile information to the logs would be a great feature for Retrospect 9 unless it's already been implemented.
  21. Hi, We're currently running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) for our backup system. Before we make the switch and pay for the new version, I want to make sure that it's a much more stable piece of software. What are your opinions on the new version? What works better, what still needs to be fixed, and what (if anything) works worse? Do you think it's worth the upgrade? I think we have a pretty normal setup - maybe six or so workstations and the same number of laptops backed up onto three servers, all disk backups. Any input is appreciated.
  22. Hi, Some of the clients I back up are laptops which occasionally get turned off / fall off the wifi during a backup. This obviously fails the backup task but I was wondering what the effect is on the media set. Will the media set grow in size if a backup gets through most of the process and then fails or is the backup rolled back so the media set stays as it was? Looking at the backups tab for the media set, it seems to me that the media set does grow in size in case of failure. This seems the sensible course of action to me but I would just like to check if that is indeed the case.
  23. I had this problem for the past week and figured out what the problem was so thought I'd put it out there. The problem (kind of) wasn't Retrospect in this case. The Retrospect server (Mac, Retrospect 8.2) kept dying backing up a particular script on one of our file servers (CentOS 5.6). A reboot fixed this for a day but then the problem reoccurred and frequent reboots of the file server are impractical. The symptom: I narrowed the problem down to one script which backed up the root partition. Whenever this ran, Retrospect hung on the script and after stopping it, all other jobs on the server failed. The cause: I logged into the server to try to figure out the problem and ran "ls /" which worked as usual. I then ran "ls -l /" which hung indefinitely. I ran "strace ls -l /" which told me that the hang was happening when accessing a directory mounted off the root which is a hard nfs mount to an external drive. This is the problem with hard nfs mounts - they can hang indefinitely when they fail. Once I fixed the mounting issue, everything was gravy. So this wasn't entirely Retrospect's fault. However, once I stopped the hanging script, the server should have released the client connection (I ran "rcl status" and the connection was not being released). Hopefully this helps someone else keep their hair!
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