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  1. I spoke with Tech Support this morning, and learned several things: 1) The KB article referenced above is now outdated. Mac Retrospect 8.2 DOES provide full support for restoring Windows 7 computers. It uses the 7.7 windows client. 2) They do promise 8.2 works... but that it has every bit the same (grooming etc) issues as earlier releases. A new version should be available "very soon". Not to expect magically better backups than we got from Windows. And, just FYI but slightly O/T for this thread... 3) Which computer you run as server/client etc is completely platform-independent. Just purchase sufficient client/server licenses for your network layout, and you can apparently mix/match platforms as you like. So, with a single-server plus N client licenses, you can run Mac, Win or Linux as the Server, and run the actual backups on any server or client you like! Nice.
  2. Same problem apparently in both Mac R'spect, and Win 7.6 R'spect with Windows 7. And it has nothing to do with boot partitions. As I said, ANY "bare metal restore" on Windows requires that you first restore the machine to a bootable state, which of course includes the boot partition. Then Retrospect comes into the picture. Restoring all files without restoring system state does not come even close to getting you where you need to be... because "all files" does not include the hidden System files, such as the files involved in System State preservation. What you get as a result is a mess. Files up to date, system state as of whenever your "bootable version" was setup... plus an unknown (or ill-defined) set of intermediate stuff. From the Retrospect perspective: the system may not be bootable after restore. From my experience: it was bootable, but literally half of my installed software had disappeared, and the rest generally starts up with a zillion errors. I'm having to go back to a clean reinstall of all software.
  3. Wow. And I was hoping to escape the neverending groom issues by going to a nice clean new version, on the "original" mac platform.
  4. I'm sorry, this response does not make much sense... 1) There are many ways to restore the Reserved partition. At the least, the way Retrospect works, one must begin a full system restore with an already-booting copy of Windows 7, which (therefore) has the Reserved partition in place. Not an issue. 2) It is ALWAYS important to restore the registry as part of a full system restore. If you don't do that, your system will be in very bad shape. Windows has long had its own "System Restore" capability which does this. Retrospect also has this capability... it is a specific feature of the product! You can choose whether to just restore files and/or restore system state. I've done it many times on XP. SO... it appears you are again confirming what I suspected: Retrospect Mac can restore system state on XP (and perhaps on Vista, I don't know) but not (yet?) on Windows 7.
  5. It is not so much that there is a "separate area of the disk" for booting. Windows has (since XP) a special registry database of system settings, which cannot be simply overwritten while the system is running. Thus, restoring the system state requires a special procedure, which apparently is different in Win7 than before. When I recently recovered a full Win7 backup made with version 7.6, onto a bootable Win7 machine, all regular files were restored but the system configuration was badly mangled because of the above problem. Half my installed apps were no longer there, many others crash, etc etc. I'm having to do a clean reinstall of all apps from scratch. --- and that of course is what I want to avoid in the future. What this says to me is that Mac Retrospect does not yet provide System-level support for Windows 7... which is quite sad!
  6. So is this KB article wrong? http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000027RT&PARAMS=set-locale=en I would LOVE to know it is incorrect! I have no problem restoring files. It is bare-metal restore I'm concerned about.
  7. Running Pro right now, on an older windows box. Yes, can upgrade to 7.7... but apparently I can't backup our Mac server from a non-server edition. To do so, I'd need to buy a (wasted) Win Server license plus a Mac Server Client license. Is there a way out of this hole?
  8. Hi all, (I just got burned... been backing up using 7.6... got new Win 7 laptops... had to bare-metal restore one. It boots but it's a mess. I'm going to need to reinstall all software from scratch. :( ... probably a 10 day job) SO: we want to do proper backups of our small non-profit network. What (if any) configuration will actually work? * Two Win 7 Pro x64 clients * One Linux client * Two XP clients * One Mac Mini Server - Snow Leopard The only supposedly-functional solution I see is to buy Win 7 Server + Mac Server Client, and throw away the Win Server license :( Any ideas? And does current Retrospect correctly bare-metal-restore Win 7 x64? THANKS!!!! Pete
  9. Hi all, We're migrating our small non-profit network from Windows (workgroup) to make use of a shiny almost-new Snow Leopard Mac Mini Server. We've also recently replaced our laptops, which now run Win 7 x64. We have Windows Retrospect 7.6, and a friend bought a (probably useless) copy of Mac Retrospect 8.2 (thinking the clients are compatible with 7.6) In reality... I'm thinking we're stuck between a rock and a hard place: * If we continue to run Retrospect on Windows (7.7 for Win 7 compatibility), we would need a Mac Server Client to backup the Mac... but can't do that without a Server edition of Retrospect. * If we move Retrospect to the Mac (preferred as our Windoze backup machine is VERY old)... apparently there's no version of Mac Retrospect that supports full restore of Windows 7. Anyone see a way out? Your thoughts mucho appreciated! (Maybe we need to run Parallels on the Mac, with Windows and ??? underneath? )
  10. Hi All, We're a non-profit, and have been running Retrospect Windows Pro for a few years on a small network, with Win/Linux clients. A friend donated some shiny new Macs... and our tired old Windows 2000 box that's been doing the backups is Just Too Old. Time to switch. So... We've got Retrospect Mac 8.2... which apparently works with our existing (7.6) Win clients. Current environment: backing up to external disk(s) that get swapped out occasionally. My questions: * Can we literally convert from the Win to Mac version without losing... backup sets, backup configuration, etc? Any hints? * What do I need to watch out for on the Mac end? [i'll admit, some of the frustrations with 8.2 make me a bit nervous... wondering if we should just leave Mac Retrospect in its box until the next rev comes out...] Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can provide! Pete
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