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  1. Backuping incrementally a DB file of 12GB sometimes I found that error. Inmediately I order a new backup and usually Retrospect does not copy nothing. Today the error register said that remained 2,8GB. ¿Does not Retrospect have to backup this portion? Regards Agustín
  2. Support has told that the -206 error is a very serious media failure and because you can not trust the disc must mark it as lost to get the files backuped again. Also told that using DVDs are not recommended because, as most users backup to hard disks, tape and NAS devices, they do not plan to certify new DVD hardware in the future.
  3. Yes, always the same brand, Imation. If I have to change brand I do a new "calibration" of the device. And yes I clean the drive from time to time. But my question was about the reliability of Retrospect as it does not asks for a rebackup of the parts which cannot read after writing them. Now I think a possible solution will be to force the repeat declaring the problematic disc lost and rescheduling the backup(s) written there. It can be done but I think this should be done by Retrospect itself. Or am I missing something?
  4. Hi Lennart Sorry for having omitted important info. The usual error is a 206 (unable to read). So my question is if Retrospect was unable to read what has just written how can I be sure that the data have been backuped correctly? Regards Agustín
  5. If, after having done a backup, some errors show up in the verifying phase I would expect Retrospect to take note of the files or part of files (if using the block level incremental system) that were not correctly done and mark them so they will be included in the next backup. But, when I see many errors, I restart the job and usually no file (nor a part of one) are backuped again. Can I be sure that the data is already backuped correctly?. My system uses a Retrospect Professional for Windows version 10.5 backuping to DVDs. Regards Agustín
  6. Would like to be able to see simultaneosly the date of the file and the date the file was backed-up
  7. Would be fine to know in advande which DVD/disks/Tapes are needed to restore some files. If the backup set has many units and they are stored away could be a nuisance to have to haul all the backup set to use a small number of DVD's/tapes/
  8. Yes so it would be a good refinement. ¿Where is the place to suggest this kind of things?
  9. I would like to know (before beginning a recovery) which particular disks are needed for the files selected. The backup has so many disks that are stored away I don´t want to haul it completely from and to. TIA Agustín
  10. Yesterday I was able to write the first post in the forum about my problem but later was unable to answer (using Chrome). Today the problem continued so I used Firefox and could post without problem.
  11. Sirs Doing the update (updating the component registry phase) I get this error "Can´t open key UNKNOWN\Components\...\C14180ED ... 35CE8CC. Please check if you have enough rights to access this key or contact our technical support". The installation is being done in Spanish from a download as the v9.0 said that it is up to date. Also run the update as an administrator and the same problem happened. After that I tried to run again the 9.0 version it was working before and it seems voldriver.dll dissapeared so v9.0 is not working. I will reinstall it. Regards Agustín Hernández
  12. Check if you have the "save snapshots" option enabled in the configuration. I had a recurring error with the same message that Technical Assistance was able to debug finding that this option was (accidentally) disabled.
  13. Here you have it. More or less same configuration than Scillonian. Also, after the upgrade, all the operations logs say "Error en la notificación por correo electrónico: error -597 ( no se pudo encontrar el servidor de correo)" We also have other program/services running tasks which send reports (with the same email configuration than Retrospect) and they continue working without problems up to now.
  14. I also have the same problem. All worked fine up to 8.0, after upgrading to 8.1 no emails can be sent. The configuration have not been changed (by me). Also checked the firewall and the rules are created for 8.1 and no rules are left for 8.0.
  15. Thank you. Problem solved. Was not able to uninstall Retrospect through Control Panel due to the same problem but I reinstalled it after deleting the Retrospect installation note in the MSI database (used the MS util to delete installations which is called msciuu2.exe) Agustín
  16. We have an Spanish language Retrospect for Windows v7.7.341. We have always downloaded the installers (the first one when we bought the program and the updates) so we have no CD. Trying to update to 7.7.562 the installer says we must found the .msi file from the 7.7 installation CD to uninstall it. Found the file in the HD drive and selected it but then the installer says we need the original CD. Is there a workaround? Will be OK to uninstall through the Control Panel and then install the new version with the dowloaded file (retro_32es_77562au.exe) without losing the configuration?. TIA Agustin
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