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  1. After upgrading to Retrospect 13, I now have some clients that will not backup because the server thinks that the remote disk is offline. There is a ~ character in the status listing of the Sources. In fact, this disk is not offline on the client machine, it is mounted and all normal disk operations work correctly there. The disks in question are all actually partitions, and the other partitions (which are not being backed up) on that device do not register as offline. Rebooting the server machine or restarting the server application does not fix the problem. Rebooting the client machine does fix the problem temporarily, but a few days later the problem will eventually reappear again. Stopping and restarting the Retrospect Client on the client machine does not fix the problem either. The onset of the problem seems to be random (I don't know how to make it start), but once it occurs it does not seem to ever fix itself. For example, I have one client that is online (I can ping it, but it is in a locked office that I cannot easily access physically) that has not been backed up for about 10 weeks now. On the other hand, I have some clients that never show this problem. All clients are running version 13.0.1(104) which I think is the most recent version. Is this a known problem, and if so, can someone direct me to the solution? If it is not a known problem, then I can report it through support, but I wanted to check around first.
  2. Ok, I see how it works now. Instead of a Client application, there is now a System Preferences pane. There remains the question of why the other partition was being backed up.
  3. I just did a couple of updates from previous clients to the latest client. There are two odd things after this update. First, the Retrospect Client application disappeared from the Applications folder on both of the clients. However, the server can still see the clients, so it must be installed. On one of the clients, it was set to backup only one partition of the three that are mounted. However, when the backup started, it began backing up one of the other partitions. This was a huge partition that I do not want to back up over the network, so I manually stopped it. I rechecked the options on that client, it it is indeed set to backup only one of those partitions. So what is going on. Should I reinstall the client? Should I redo the Update Client from the server? Should I reboot the client, or the server, or both? Has anyone seen this problem?
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. The server can backup local partitions with short names, but it cannot backup client partitions with short names. I have about 20 clients to back up, and almost all of them have a "u" partition that needs to be backed up. This contains user data, home directories, and so on. They also usually have an "s" partition for storing temporary work files, but I do not need to back up those scratch partitions, and they also have a MacHD partition (or something similar) that has the OS and that I also do not need to back up. I am running the current version of Retrospect. I was surprised when this update did not fix this problem, which was first reported (to Roxio) about a year ago in version 8, and again last December when I upgraded to version 9 after I verified that the bug was still there. Is there any chance this will be fixed in the near future?
  5. I had noticed that the web pages were being rearranged, but I did not know that the product had changed companies yet again.
  6. For the past year there has been a bug in 8.x and more recently the 9.x engine that prevents it from accessing remove volumes with single character names (or generally, less than four characters). Of course, it is quite typical for users to have partitions named "u", "s", "u1", "s1", etc. Because of this, I must still run the 6.x version of Retrospect, which now no longer runs on the most recent 10.7 MacOSX. I expected this to be fixed with the recent update, but it appears that it is still broken. Before I pester Roxio support about this again, can anyone else verify that this is still broken?
  7. I bought v8.3 in May of 2011. This version has a bug that it cannot backup client partitions with names less than four characters. All of my clients have a "u" partition that I need to back up. I reported my problems and the bug was located, and I have been waiting for six months for this bug to be fixed. No update has been available during this time. I just downloaded the trial v9.0, and I see that it has the same bug. Version 8.3 has been essentially useless to me because of this bug. What should I do now, pay for the 9.0 upgrade so that it sets useless on my server while I hope that the bug gets fixed?
  8. The problem was that my client partitions had single-leter names (such as "u" and "s"). There is apparently a bug in 8.2 that prevents backing up short partition names on clients, but allows short names on the local machine. Single-character names work for Windows clients (e.g. "C"), but not for MacOSX clients. The external firewire and USB drives that I tested just happened to have long names, so they worked. So for now, I'm waiting for a new version to fix this problem. I have 20+ clients that all have "u" partitions that need to be backed up. It is August now and I've been waiting over two months to get this to work. Any idea when this will be fixed?
  9. Thanks for the reply. The partitions are all mounted at startup on the client. I have tried various combinations of refresh and adding/removing the client from the source list. So far nothing seems to work. I verified today that I can see external USB and Firewire drives that are attached to the client. However, I cannot see other partitions of the internal disk.
  10. I have just upgraded from 6.1 to 8.2 and I am doing workgroup backups over the network. When the server connects to the clients, it only sees the login partition. I need to backup another partition on the disk, not the login partition. The "Backup Selected Volumes" option does not allow me to select the correct partition. What do I need to do to fix this?
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