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  1. In the Exclude section of a selector, I have Windows folder path exactly matches C:\Users\pls\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Cache This correctly excludes the folder from backup. However, if I have Windows Special Folder is Application Data and Windows folder path exactly matches C:\Users\pls\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Cache The folder is not excluded. This tells me that the Windows Special Folder condition doesn't do what I think it does. Can anyone tell me what it actually does? Thanks, ++PLS Retorspect Windows 10 PRO 1803
  2. One of my hard disc backup sets has grown beyond its drive. The previous backups still have value so I want to copy the set to a larger drive and continue with it. The last time I had this problem I copied the drive partition with a partition manager. This didn't work because Retrospect didn't recognize the copied backup set. I seem to recall that the size of the drive matters. Ok, so what is the right way to do this? Thanks
  3. Since we're doing these... I'd like to see Retrospect back up the partiton information (sizes, types, and drive letters) on systems drives as part of a system state backup. I want this so that in the event of a bare metal restore, R can propose wiping the drive and repartitioning according to the saved partition information, or if the new drive is larger, to residtribute the extra space. Thanks, ++PLS
  4. As is usual with Windows 7 and 10 on recent machines, I have both a UEFI and a recovery partition on my hard disk. Neither partition has a drive letter assigned. I can see from the Retrospect log that R is backing up the UEFI partition, but I don't see anything about backing up the recovery partition. It it? Or do I need to assign a drive letter to the recovery partition to get it backed up> Thanks, ++PLS
  5. That error isn't caused in Retrospect, R is just reporting it. The problem is in the Winodws system being backed up. I believe that the problem is that the Windows Shadow Copy provider has a still active shadow copy from a recent backup. This can happen if the backup client is disconnected in the middle of a backup. You can either leave it alone for a while and allow the shadow copy to time out and be aborted, or reboot the machine. BTW, prefligh1, why are you *still* running XP on a machine connected to a network? ++PLS
  6. I'm running Retrospect Professional11.0.1.106 on a Windows 10 x64 system. Two weeks ago I got the 10 Anniversary Update. Today I did a manual check for updates in Retrospect and found an update to 11.5. I selected to install this, it went through downloading, then nothing happened and I still had 11.0. I tried downloading the update into my directory. It went through downloading. I could see the temp file being downloaded. But when the download finished, the temp file vanished and no update existed. I've tried this with a couple of locations, getting the same result. No what? Is there a way to get the update other than by downloading in Retrospect? If I download the full version, will my installed license work? Thanks, ++PLS
  7. I'm running Retrospect 10 on Windows 7 x64. Retrospect is currently set to run as the logged in user. In Preferences/Security, I want to change that to a specific user. No problem entering the user information, but when I click OK, I get the message "Can't grant necessary user privileges". This is running on the account I use for backups. It is an Admin account and Retrospect is running elevated. How do I change the account used to run Retrospect without reinstalling it? What privilege is missing? Thanks, ++PLS
  8. >What are the external disks used for? As I said, they spend most of their time stored in a safe. The data on it is sensitive. The normal retorspect backup in encrypted so I'm not worried about having the data in the R backup set. That said, one of this things I'm considering is simply mirroring the drive to another USB drive that lives in a different safe. I do consider that R keeps multiple versions of change file to be a plust, though. This is all still under consideration.
  9. Thanks for the help, BTW. I'm asking pretty basic questions but I've never seen this subject document by the Retrospect publishers. It's a little hard to lay out backup procedures without knowing this stuff. Thanks
  10. It's pretty much as described in my first question. I have two external USB disk drives that are used with several different machines and stored in a safe when not in use. I'm exploring options for backing them up.
  11. Thank you very much. I'm aware that I was asking two questions. And I'm surprised by the answer, so please let me ask two more. 1. Apparently which volume contains the file is not a factor in determining if the file is backed up. How does retrospect match backed up files against file on the volume being backed up? 2. How does the option "Match only files in same location" affect that answer? Thanks, ++PLS
  12. How does Retrospect identify volumes during backup? In particular, I'm interested in the following cases: 1. An external drive mounts as H on the machine where Retrospect is running and is backed up. Later, the same drive mounts as J:. I change the backup script to use the new drive letter. Will Retrospect recognize that this is the same volume and that most of the files are already backed up? 2. An external drive mounts as drive H on machine X which has a retrospect client running and is backed up. I move the drive to the machine where retrospect is running and it mounts as drive L. I change the backup script to use the new drive letter. Will Retrospect recognize that this is the same volume and that most of the files are already backed up? 3. An external drive is mounted as H on machine Y which does not have a retrospect client. The drive is shared as Drive1. I go into retrospect and create a volume referencing the share by UNC name \\Y\Drive1 and backup it. I later move the drive to the machine where Retrospect is running where it mounts as drive H. I change the backup script to refer to H and run a backup. Will Retrospect recognize that this is the same volume and that most of the files are already backed up? Thanks, ++PLS
  13. I'm running Retrospect on WIndow XP SP3. If I use Retrospect to create a disaster recovery disk, it wants to download the deployment kit for Windows 8.1. There are changes to NTFS between XP and 8.1 and I don't think that XP would be very happy using a filesystem prepared by 8.1. Is it still possible to create a disaster recovery disk for Windows XP? If so, how? Thanks ++PLS
  14. I'm using Retrospect Professional for Windows on 8.5 a small network that has a Mac Book as one of the client. The Mac Book is running Retrospect client 10.5. My problem is that the client won't stay running. Client status says off with an exclamation point in a triangle next to the On/Off items. Reinstalling the client will usually, but not always, allow one backup to happen. When the next backup rolls around, the client will be off and not able to be turned on. I've tried using Command-Off, then On, with no effect. I'm not a Mac person, so any help troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. > What does get it running again? Nothing I can find. It ran for a short period after upgrading to Mountain Lion and installing the latest client, stopped, and hasn't started. > Is the "retroclient" process running? No > Is there anything helpful in /var/log/retrospectclient.log It says "spsload: no public, return -1". I don't know if that is helpful. > Have you unistalled... Yes. It made no difference. Same message in the log file. ++PLS
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