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  1. I hope the iPhone app author is listening! This is a hugely useful app. I was very disappointed after upgrading to iOS 4.2 to see that it no longer functioned properly. I have learned some tricks to display what I want for a bit longer by keeping a finger on the screen and keep it scrolling up and down. Drilling all the way down to view a log takes fast fingers. Please author.... fix this!!!
  2. Often Retrospect (8.2 Mac) can't find my clients. Stopping then restarting the Retrospect Backup Engine cures the problem. I have the engine automatically starting when I start up the computer and that works just fine for me. I'm running Snow Leopard on a year old iMac. I hope the various glitches in this program will be fixed soon! Overall it seems to be working well.
  3. I'm using iPhone4, iOS v4.1. Server is on an iMac 20.5" (Dec2009), running Snow Leopard 10.6.4. Server machine is at which I have used for Server Credentials, Server field entry. The password is the one used for the Retrospect Server. When I first entered this information, "Connecting" appeared for a long time (several minutes). I concluded that the attempt had failed, so I exited the app (though did not quit from multitasking menu), used another app briefly, and on return to Retrospect, I was connected to the server. The iPhone is on the same LAN. This behavior seemed a bit odd. The app is working now, but the endless "connecting" message on earlier attempts gave me nothing to go on.
  4. If you don't want to read the whole thing: IT WAS A BAD SCSI CABLE THAT WAS THE PROBLEM I have a dual processor Mac G4 500 with an Advansys Ultra 2 wide SCSI card and an Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive. I have been running Retrospect 5.0.238. All had been well until the Compare started running incredibly slow, sometimes .1 mb per minute! Copy speeds were normal. This is a multivendor multi-level nightmare. It could be Retrospect, Mac OS X, its SCSI drivers, Advansys software drivers, Advansys host adapter firmware, Ecrix driver or firmware, or the tape drive itself. Symptoms suggested the drive internally thought it was doing fine. This was confirmed by a tape read-write test. I updated some firmware for good measure and the symptoms were the same. The symptoms were also the same using my old OS9 setup. That eliminated a lot of suspect software levels since the OS9 software configuration had not changed. Finally I sent a session log to Ecrix. The tea leaves read, Ecrix tech support said that the SCSI adapter repeatedly aborted data transfers because of bad data received. They recommended trying a new SCSI cable. It has been working fine ever since. 100 points and a huzzah for Ecrix/Exabyte tech support! Interesting notes: The cable has been in use for years. The equipment doesn't get moved. Initially, the problem was somewhat intermittent.
  5. I did not phone tech support to risk a fee. Here's why: Dantz had not approved my SCSI card until a couple weeks ago. I wasn't going to pay to hear tech support tell me that. I did think this forum was monitored better by tech support, so went the forum route. I had checked all of the Dantz online sources repeatedly and saw no knowledge base statement that the freeze problem was related to the Dantz driver and that any driver version fixed the problem. It wasn't even acknowledged as a problem though it was mentioned in this forum several times. If the freeze problem was fixed, I have to guess that the fix was no accident and that Dantz should have publicized it. It is now the policy of Dantz to encourage people to use online resources. I tried. I used to tell the world that Dantz support was the best in the business. Now I only can rate it as good. I am sure they are all well-intentioned. I am also sure there are business reasons to change the policy. I am frankly amazed that the company has done as well as it has supporting all the OS's, drivers, peripherals, and cards. Dantz refunded my money for version 5 when it did not work properly. Now that it works for me, I can purchase it again!
  6. Today I read Pendragon's: "VXA-1 stoppages again!" posting in this forum dated 11/18/02. The stoppages he referred to were apparently the same as the freezes I was seeing. He reported going back to an older driver that was stoppage free. So... Today I tried the 3.2.104 driver update and the freeze problem is gone! It appears that the backup speed is also acceptable. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Retrospect 5 is really functional. I have been battling this problem for ten weeks. During that time I purchased, then returned Retrospect and spent countless hours fruitlessly testing new versions. I still think tech support should have provided a solution.
  7. I was very happy to learn from you that there was a driver version that avoided the stoppages. Prior to today, I had not found ANY version that worked right. I had the same problem you did with Driver version 3.1.105. Today I downloaded the most recent Driver version 3.2.104 and found the stoppage problem was gone. My initial tests show speeds comparable to what I have seen under OS 9. I had been so frustrated with Retrospect version 5, I had gotten a refund. Now it appears I can finallyl purchase it for keeps. Hooray!
  8. Under OS 9, Retrospect 4.3, typical backup speed is 231 mb/minute. My latest test under Retrospect 5, OSX is 122 mb/minute. Can anyone tell me why? Each OSX version I have tested shows the same symptoms. The Retrospect progress bar periodically freezes, the tape repositions, and after awhile the progress bar moves again and the backup continues. When the progress bar freezes in Retrospect, other functions on the computer are not locked up. My configuration: Mac OS X v10.2.2, dual 500mhz G4 Advansys ASB-3940U2W SCSI card with firmware version 3.32, without .pkg driver installed (This is the configuration of the SCSI driver/firmware blessed by Dantz) Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive (ultra 2 wide, capable of burst speed of 80 mb/SECOND!) Retrospect v5.0.238 -------------------- The test backups are error free. I have not tried to determine how much tape is wasted around the time of the freezes. Since Dantz has tested and approved the SCSI card and the OS9 version is fast and reliable, that leads me to suspect both OSX and Retrospect. Any suggestions? Charlie Stillman Sound Database Design, Inc.
  9. After no apparent progress had been made, I applied for a refund on Retrospect 5. I had 30 days to make that choice after purchasing the upgrade. I'll renew the purchase at some point in the future if the problems get solved. In the meantime, I'll continue doing backups in the better-performing OS9.
  10. What kind of speed degradation are people seeing comparing Retrospect under OS9 vs. OSX? Initio who now support my Advansys 3940U2W SCSI card have referred me to http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27248 which says that OSX backups should be slower than under OS9. I could buy maybe a little slower, but I'm seeing my backups under OSX drop to half the speed under OS9. The progress barber pole freezes for ten seconds at a time while my tape drive backs up. Very unusual. Never happens under OS9. Are other people seeing badly degraded performance under OSX? What is your hardware configuration?
  11. On 9/26, Initio posted a new OSX driver for the Advansys Ultra2Wide SCSI card (3940U2A). This consists of new firmware for the SCSI card and a software driver package to install under OSX v10.2.1. I choose the configuration which supports both OS9 and OSX nonbooting SCSI devices. It works fine under OS9, but not quite right under OSX. While Retrospect v5.0.205 copies to the tape drive, it will do so for awhile. Then, periodically, the "barber pole" on the progress dialog will freeze for ten seconds or so. Following that, the tape drive will stop writing, back up, reposition, and then start writing again. The average transfer rate is about 100-140 mbytes per minute. Compare goes faster and Retrospect says the operation is successful. Under OS9, Retrospect keeps the tape advancing continuously during copy at a rate of about 250 megabytes per minute. I'm using hardware compression on the tape drive and a dual processor 500mhz G4 tower. I would expect OSX to be slightly faster than OS9 since it can make use of the dual processors. What gives? I think I have read about these symptoms on other cards. Do most of the card manufacturers write bad drivers or is there something wrong with what Apple is doing, or Dantz? The last Applecare tech at Apple I talked with suggested that I leave SCSI and my $900 tape drive behind and purchase three firewire drives to do a multi device backup series. I don't THINK so! Can anyone suggest a CHEAP replacement card that WILL work with my VXA-1 drive under Jaguar and with Retrospect?
  12. Running Mac OS 9.2.2, Retrospect 4.3, Advansys 3940U2W SCSI card, Ecrix (Exabyte) VXA-1 drive. I have just completed a long troubleshooting series which fixed various problems large and small. It all started with a problem drive which was replaced by Exabyte under warranty. The new drive is reading and writing flawlessly. But... 1. If a Retrospect script ends with an operation that copies to tape, the right arrow remains steady amber on the tape drive. 2. If a Retrospect script ends with an operation that compares what was just written to tape, the right arrow remains steady green on the tape drive. If I quit Retrospect, the VXA-1 drive backs up the tape and eventually settles down with the square middle light a steady green. According to Tammy Rogi (sp?) a tech support supervisor at Exabyte with long experience with VXA-1, this is typical of performance under Retrospect Drivers. What bothers me is that I think that the tape continues to advance when the right arrow is on. I don't recall seeing this symptom on my old drive. It is not a huge problem since I normally quit Retrospect when the backup/compare scripts are completed. Has anyone else observed this? Could this be a bug in the Retrospect driver? I have Retrospect 4.3 Driver Update 2.5.101 in my Retrospect folder. (Looks like SCSI drivers and Retrospect will not be ready for OS X 10.2 primetime for awhile yet. I'm grateful to have a backup under 9.2.2 that works reliably even if there are still some quirks.)
  13. Thanks for the suggestions Amy. Replacing the preferences file did make the problem go away. I had to re-enter a lot of settings afterwards since the prefs file contains all the scripts. This is the first time I have had a corrupted preference file in about twelve years of using Retrospect. Amazingly stable program in my experience. I would have tossed the prefs on a lesser program a long time ago. I have been struggling with Exabyte VXA-1 drive problems. Their tech support is really hard to get in touch with. One suggestion I got today from them is that I have a corrupted driver for the tape drive. So, I guess I'll try reinstalling Retrospect 4.1 then 4.3 upgrade since I guess that is where the driver for the VXA-1 drive lives.
  14. I am running Retrospect 4.3 with Mac OS 9.1, backing up to an Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive using an Advansys 2940U2W SCSI card. I have been observing failures in tracking performance, especially during recycle backups. I have been debugging some network problems, live performance tracking in Retrospect is important. As you can see below, Retrospect has reported 0.0 compare, and a total execution speed double that of the copy operation. Retrospect does do the comparison successfully in an appropriate amount of time, but seems to turn off the timer during that operation. I think the symptom shows more when a larger (say 6GB) backup is being done. One hopes this isn't creeping bit rot setting in! I was disappointed that I could not talk with a live person without paying a lot of bucks. This looks like a Retrospect bug to me. I've been a user of Retrospect since it first came out for the Mac. I've always described it as incredibly well supported. I hope I won't be disappointed. + Recycle Backup using 1 Routine Backup at 9/3/2002 8:54 AM To backup set Ecrix B… 9/3/2002 8:54:01 AM: Recycle Backup: the backup set was reset - 9/3/2002 8:54:01 AM: Copying Oracle 9/3/2002 9:23:43 AM: Comparing Oracle 9/3/2002 9:23:43 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 21104 files, 6.6 GB Performance: 478.9 MB/minute (239.4 copy, 0.0 compare) Duration: 00:29:42 (00:01:42 idle/loading/preparing) - 9/3/2002 9:23:43 AM: Copying SuzPower on Susan Stillman’s Computer
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