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  1. I hope the iPhone app author is listening! This is a hugely useful app. I was very disappointed after upgrading to iOS 4.2 to see that it no longer functioned properly. I have learned some tricks to display what I want for a bit longer by keeping a finger on the screen and keep it scrolling up and down. Drilling all the way down to view a log takes fast fingers. Please author.... fix this!!!
  2. Often Retrospect (8.2 Mac) can't find my clients. Stopping then restarting the Retrospect Backup Engine cures the problem. I have the engine automatically starting when I start up the computer and that works just fine for me. I'm running Snow Leopard on a year old iMac. I hope the various glitches in this program will be fixed soon! Overall it seems to be working well.
  3. I'm using iPhone4, iOS v4.1. Server is on an iMac 20.5" (Dec2009), running Snow Leopard 10.6.4. Server machine is at which I have used for Server Credentials, Server field entry. The password is the one used for the Retrospect Server. When I first entered this information, "Connecting" appeared for a long time (several minutes). I concluded that the attempt had failed, so I exited the app (though did not quit from multitasking menu), used another app briefly, and on return to Retrospect, I was connected to the server. The iPhone is on the same LAN. This behavior seemed a bit odd. The app is working now, but the endless "connecting" message on earlier attempts gave me nothing to go on.
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