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  1. It seems like you are not backing up to the OneTouch drive. There should a retrospect backup directory on your OneTouch drive. I think you are backing up to your D: drive instead.
  2. Try setting your keyboard settings in control panel to US keyboard. I noticed before that if the keyboard is set to another language setting the CTRL-ALT-P-P setting does not work in Retrospect. Marc
  3. John, Did you install the Maxtor OneTouch utilities/driver? You need these to properly access the drive from within Windows XP, especially if you used a password to protect the drive. You can download these from the Maxtor website. Marc
  4. I created a new Disaster Recovery CD today because I updated from version 6.5 to 7.0. After creating the CD I tried to boot my PC from this new CD. While loading drivers the setup freezes. The setup tries to load the driver for "WinXP Promise SATA150 controller". This driver was added as an additional driver to the recovery CD by Retrospect. The original Windows XP with SP2 CD I used to create the recovery CD boots up fine. I do not have a Promise SATA 150 hard disk controller in my computer, but I do have a Promise Fasttrak TX2000 RAID controller which needs an additional driver. I think Retrospect selects the wrong driver for this controller while creating the recovery CD. After removing the driver for the Promise SATA150 controller from the recovery CD (changing txtsetup.sif file and recreating the CD) everything works fine. Marc
  5. Hofstede

    Error 206

    Nancy You can set member #17 as missing in the backup set. Retrospect will automatically backup all files that are on that member when you run the backup again. Marc
  6. I understand that I can do it this way. Thanks for the tip. But it would be easier if I could just select the scheduled job in the scheduled job screen and then give the command to "run selected job now". It is a feature I got accustomed to using other backup software. Marc
  7. I would like to have the option to start a scheduled job ahead of time. Sometimes I have to do maintenance but have to wait till a scheduled job runs. It would help me if I could tell retrospect to run the job immediately. Marc
  8. If you open the catalog file with Retrospect it will add it to the catalog list (doube-click the file in Windows Explorer).
  9. Dantz uses his own format when writing to the DVD. So Windows will see the DVD as blank. You can only retrieve files from the DVD from within Retrospect
  10. Look for a file called config65.dat. This is the main configuration file. I don't use Retrospect on Win98 so I don't know where Retrospect stores its files under Win98. Marc
  11. When running Windows XP all setting files for Retrospect are stored under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect If you restore these files you will have your old settings back Marc
  12. Sounds like the file you downloaded is corrupted during download. Try to download it again. Marc
  13. Retrospect now works with shadow copy. So Retrospect will backup and compare the files as they were the moment the drive was scanned. Even if you delete a file while the backup runs it will still be backed up and compared. If you run the same backup again you will see that Retrospect backs up the files you changed.
  14. In the Windows XP / SP2 firewall configuration (via control panel) you can simply unblock the application retrospect.exe on the server side and retroclient.exe on the client side. If you do this everything works just fine. Marc
  15. Ok, I guess we were talking about two different problems. Sorry about that. I just checked this with a new disk and I get exactly the same behaviour. Erasing the media with Retrospect will indeed create the files you mentioned and the disk cannot be used. If you start a recycle backup and Retrospect has to erase the disk before starting the backup everything goes Ok. Probably Retrospect gets things mixed up because the REV disk uses the UDF format. I think Dantz support has to look into this. Marc
  16. I had the same problem. The problem is that all REV disks have exactly the same unique disk identifier because they all have been pre-formatted in the factory. That way Retrospect can not determine which disk is inserted and it thinks the new disk is the same as the old disk because they have the same identifier. To solve this you have to quick-format all REV disks once with Windows Explorer. That way each disk gets his own unique disk identifier. Tip: Upgrade to the latest system software from IOMEGA (version 1.03). That solved a number of other problems I had with the drive. Marc
  17. You also need to copy the configuration files stored in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect Marc
  18. I am sorry, but I do not see anything concerning a Mac in this dialog. Maybe we are talking about different versions of the software? Mine is Retrospect 6.5 for Windows.
  19. Yes, there is. Go to preferences->Execution->Startup Marc
  20. Did you try to check the disk for errors? It sounds like the directory structure of your drive got corrupted. If this is the case then checking the drive for errors will fix this.
  21. You could try upgrading the firmware for your writer. The current version is 1.68 and has improvements for writing 4 and 8 speed media. (See excerpt from readme.txt file below) Firmware Revision history Modified Point with V.1.68: 1:Write strategy for 8X DVD+R media added. Firmware Revision history Modified Point with V.1.64: 1:DVD+RW 4X write quality improved. Firmware Revision history Modified Point with V.1.51: 1:Write strategy for 4x DVD+R media improved. 2:OPC error possibility with 4x DVD+Rmedia improved.
  22. Yes there is but this option is very well hidden: Right-click with the mouse on the taskbar on the left. From the pop-up menu select "Hide overview" In my opinion this should have been added in the Preferences settings window.
  23. The Config.Msi directory is a temporary directory created by the Windows Installer, not specifically the Retrospect installer which uses the Windows Installer. Sometimes this directory is not properly cleaned up after installing a program that uses the Windows Installer for installation. You can safely delete it.
  24. This is also one thing that annoys me. Everytime i start Retrospect the first thing I do is to close this window. I have no use for it. I asked the same question in this forum a while ago. Currently there is no option to turn it off. Hopefully they will include this option in a future upgrade.
  25. Jeremy, I have used Nashua DVD-R, Pioneer DVD-RW and media made by Princo without problems. Somehow I get the impression that not your drive but your computer's configuration is causing problems. I read in your previous posts that you previously had Easy CD Creator 4 installed on your machine under Windows XP. This is known to cause trouble. Only Easy CD Creator 5 and 6 work well under XP. A suggestion: You could go to the Nero site and download the Nero Info tool at http://www.nero.com/en/631940826989307.html This is a tool that analyses your drive configuration and reports problems with drivers etc. Marc
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