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  1. Abakadabra: You have to uninstall 7.5.370 and then install 7.5.387. Do not reinstall 7.5.370 first. Also, looking at the messages you describe, it looks like windows is trying to install something else instead of Retrospect. It could be that there are some leftovers from another windows install in your temp directory. You should clean that directory before installing. Marc
  2. Disaster recovery is not supported for the Vista operating system.
  3. Probably the installer is checking all available drives on your computer before installing and has some incompatability problems with your S: drive. Did you try to disconnect the S: drive and run the installer again with the S: drive disconnected?
  4. Look in the manual. There is a procedure for moving Retrospect to another machine
  5. Had this problem also on one of my computers. The only way I know of to resolve this is to reapply the Windows XP service pack 2 again. Marc
  6. John, The behaviour you describe for the clients is normal. Retrospect only connects to the clients when the backup actually runs. However the error "media unavailable" means that the media Retrospect wants to backup to has problems. What you should check if your backup sets are ok.
  7. Select the backup job that has errors in the history tab. If you click the "Log..." button retrospect will open the backup log file for that backup job and show the errors.
  8. Check if system restore is active on the external 250 Gb drive. If so, disable it. Marc
  9. Hi Maybe the second message says it all. Is your C drive formatted as FAT32 or NTFS? Volume shadow copy needs a NTFS partifiion. Marc
  10. Hi, Checked it again, but Retrospect claims the clients as described in my post above. I do not see the behaviour you describe Regards, Marc
  11. Retrospect restored the files with the old security credentials of your previous Windows XP install. You have to take ownership of the folders / files to access them again. Marc
  12. Nate, In addition to the post above: If I start another, normal, backup after the recycle backup Retrospect asks for the correct backup set member. Regards, Marc
  13. Nate, Yes I am sure. I just start a recycle backup. I do not set the backup set to recycled before starting the backup. If I perform a recycle backup and the backup uses only 3 REV Disks the other 2 REV Disks are still shown as members of the backup set, with 100% free space. Regards, Marc
  14. I back up three machines using Retrospect version 7.5. It firsts backups the machine Retrospect is running on, then it backups two machines through the client. After Retropects finishes backing up the last client it starts verifying the backup set (checksum verify). If I perform a recycle backup the verify process takes about two hours. During the whole verify process Retrospect keeps claiming the last client it backed up (Client is in use during the whole verify process). This is not necessary because Retrospect does not need access to the client for the verify process. It should release the client after finishing backing up and before starting the verify process. As a workaround I changed the backup script to backup the clients first, then the machine Retrospect is running on. Marc
  15. When I perform a recycle backup on a backup set consisting of 5 Iomega REV disks Retrospect asks for the wrong backup set member. When I start the recycle backup Retrospect asks for backup set member 5, it should ask for backup set member 1. After filling up backup set member 1 it asks again for backup set member 5, it should ask for member 2 and so on. Retrospect version 7.5 Marc
  16. Restore the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect. This folder contains all the configuration data used by Retrospect Marc
  17. Did these files exist on another PC in the same backup set? If there are duplicate files on two PC's which are backed up to the same backup set then Retrospect will backup them only once.
  18. Chances are you have system restore enabled for the One Touch drive. This slows down the backup. Try turning of system restore for the One Touch drive.
  19. I think the problem is that you keep both .rpx files in the same program directory and Retrospect tries to load them both. Just copy the new rdu.rpx file in the program directory and move the old rdu.rpx file to another directory.
  20. You can go into the properties for the backup set (under Configure->Backup sets). Then in the members section select the bad DVD and set it's properties to "This member is lost or damaged". Then if you run the backup job again Retrospect will backup the files that where on that member again. Marc
  21. If you have Windows XP you can use the start command in a batch file. For example: start "backup one.rrr" Hope this helps. Marc
  22. The file DRVSPACE.000 is the file in which your compressed drive c: is stored. So if something changes on your C: drive the contents of the file DRVSPACE.000 are changed also. So you will always get compare errors because the file is changing all the time. Additional remark: If you backup your compressed C: drive then you don't need to backup your host drive J:, because all the information inside the file DRIVESPACE.000 is already backed up. Marc
  23. Look at the toolbar. There is a button with a red circle and a black cross inside. You have to click that button to allow deferred backups to start.
  24. This problem can be caused by the fact that NVIDIA includes specially optimized IDE drivers in its chipset drivers. Try to uninstall these special IDE drivers and replace them with the standard drivers from Microsoft. This resolved all kinds of problems with IDE drives in combination with NForce chipsets for me in the past.
  25. Right Click on the nav-bar on the left side of the screen (where it shows the Dantz Logo). Select "hide overview".
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