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  1. It looks like your backup drive is nearly full. Retrospect has started the grooming process to free up space on it. If you have a lot of snapshots in your backup set this can take a long time. Marc
  2. In the release notes of there was a referene to a fix for removable media. Sadly the problem with the REV drives is still there. Marc
  3. I am having the same problem with REV disks and removable disk backup sets. I am using them for off-site backup and only use them once a month. It has nothing to do with file systems, the REV drive only supports UDF . Retrospects stores its data on the removable REV drive in 2 Gb chunks. After it has filled up the first chunk it should create a new one but instead it just stops. I have to kill Retrospect.exe to continue. This happens both with a SATA REV drive and an USB REV drive on Windows 7 32-bit.
  4. Installed build 325 and ran automatic update. Everything ok again Marc
  5. When first released Retrospect 7.7 did not recognize Retrospect 7.6 client pack license codes. This was fixed quickly. But now with build 7.7.325 the bug is back again. Had to revert to build 208. Marc
  6. If you define a disk backup set on an external drive it doesn't mean you can't use the disk for anything else. The backup is put in a folder called Retrospect. You can put any other data on the disk at the same time. When you create the disk set it even allows you to define a maximum percentage of the drive Retrospect is allowed to use. Marc
  7. How are those external drives formatted? FAT32, NTFS? Maybe the maximum file size is limited? You could also try to define a Disk Backup Set in stead of a File Backup Set. Marc
  8. Do you have system restore features enabled for this harddrive? This can interfere with Retrospect? Marc
  9. The Retrospect application on the ISO image is version 7.6. So applying the patch to that version is not possible. Marc
  10. Maybe you could try adding the license number of the missing 1-client pack again?
  11. The update fixed the issue for me. After the update I still got the message that I did not have enough client licenses. But after deleting the config77.dat file and starting Retrospect the old config75.dat file was upgraded again to config77.dat and the licenses were correct. Marc
  12. Is there any progress in solving the issue where Retrospect 7.7 does not accept the license code for the client packs. If it is going to take more than 2 days to fix this I must revert back to version 7.6 so I can backup my client PC's again. Regards, Marc
  13. Go to the upgrade wizard on this page: http://www.retrospect.com/en/upgrades/wizard.dtml Fill in your current license and select platform. Select upgrade button. Marc
  14. Thanks Mayoff, Got an email from support that they are looking into the issue. Marc
  15. Also upgraded from Retrospect 7.6 Professional to 7.7 Professional and that went well. However, I also bought some additional Client packs for Retrospect 7.6 in the past (3 extra clients in total) and Retrospect 7.7 does not accept these license codes. So now I am not able to backup my client PC's, I get licensing errors. Contacted support and they are looking into the issue. Marc
  16. Do you have System Restore enabled for your external drive? If so, this will interfere with Retrospect because it tries to keep a backup of all changes to the disk. You should set system restore to off for your external drive. Marc
  17. If I read your post correctly you made the backup to your USB drive with the Iomega Backup Pro program. This is an entirely different backup program that has been discontinued by Iomega. Iomega offers you the possibility to buy the Retrospect backup program as a replacement. But you will not be able to restore backups created with Iomega backup Pro with Retrospect backup. Marc
  18. Did you install the Retrospect Client on the same computer where Retrospect Pro is running? The computer that has Retrospect Pro running does not need the client and you can safely uninstall it. Marc
  19. Trip, The easiest way to do it would be as follows: - In explorer right-click on your C: drive - Choose "sharing and security" - Choose Security tab - Click the "Advanced" button - On the permissions tab click the "Add" button - In the dialog box that comes up type your user name and click "Ok" - In the dialog box that comes up click "Full Control" in the "Allow" column and click "Ok" - Click "Ok" This will give you access to all files on your harddisk Marc
  20. Trip, As you are the administrator on the machine you can change the security settings on all the files on your computer and give yourself permission to access / use it. (Right click on a file or folder, select properties and go to the security tab) Marc
  21. Trip. If you want to do a complete restore after doing a clean install from XP like you tried you have to make sure that the clean install of Windows is not installed in the default directory "C:\WINDOWS". This is because Retrospect will not be able to overwrite all the files in the Windows directory during a complete restore and you will get two versions of Windows XP mixed up in the same directory. I would restore the complete system as follows: - Do a clean install of XP but instead of default directory "C:\Windows" install XP in directory "C:\WINREST" - Install Retrospect and do a complete restore of the C: drive. - After restore and reboot your computer will use the restored XP version in the "C:\Windows" directory and you can safely delete the "C:\WINREST" directory from your computer. Marc
  22. Check if you have the windows system restore monitoring option enabled for the USB drive. If so disable it. System often interferes with Retrospect. Marc
  23. One more suggestion. Searching on internet shows the install message you are seeing is related to the program BitDefender not being installed properly. Do you have this program installed? If so maybe it is worth trying to uninstall BitDefender and then try to install Retrospect. Marc
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