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  1. I had this problem once. What I did was: - Remove all snapshots from that specific client in the backup set. - Groom the backup set - Backup client again. You will loose all history from that client but not from the other clients.
  2. For some time I had the problem that I could never safely remove an external USB drive from my computer before unplugging. First I thought it was a Windows 8 problem. Today I had time to further troubleshoot this and now it turns out it is the Retrospect Instant Scan service that does not release the drive on an eject request. If I stop the service or exclude the external USB drive letter in the retroisa.ini file everything works ok. Personally I think that the Instant Scan service should not even scan external USB drives. Or maybe Retrospect should add an option to specify which drives should be scanned. In my case only scanning C:\ would be sufficient. To prevent occasionally plugged in external drives from being scanned I would have to exclude drive letters D: though Z:
  3. Just modify your scripts to backup to the new backup set you transferred your old backup sets to.
  4. I had similar experiences. Grooming of version 7.7 backup sets fails. After catalog rebuild you can use the backup set again but a groom operation will still fail and you have to do another catalog rebuild. Only backup sets that are created with version 8 can be groomed without problems.
  5. If Retrospect is already running a job in the background it starts the "Activity Monitor", not the normal GUI. You can only get to the normal GUI by restarting Retrospect. I too find this very annoying. It has something to do with a program running in the background not having privileges to access the desktop. This was introduced with Windows 7.
  6. Maybe a wild guess but could it be you have a time difference between the catalog file on the server machine and the NAS? Maybe the errror is caused by a time difference between the catalog file and the backup set?
  7. Ok. Tried again yesterday. I was now able to upgrade one of my Retrospect 7 1-Client pack licenses to a new Retrospect 8 1-Client pack license, the website would not allow that before. Now running Retrospect 8 Professional with 6 Clients and all looks good so far.
  8. So the conclusion would be that it is not a Retrospect client issue but an issue with wireless networking and Widdows 8.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Then I would need 1 additional license. because I currently have 6 clients. The website does not give me an option to upgrade a client pack license. It offers an upgrade for the Retrospect 7.7 license but the client license is not recognised / invalid. Is it even possible to upgrade a client pack license, or do I have to purchase a new one?
  10. So I got an email that a new Retrospect Windows Professional version has been released. I can buy an upgrade to this version for what looks like a reasonable price. One question I have is that I currently have 4 additional 1-client pack licenses for version 7.6/7.7. Will these license codes still be valid with the new Retrospect Windows version?
  11. If you want to restore from a backup set and you don't have the catalog file available you must rebuild / recreate the catalog file from the backup set before restoring. Personally I place the catalog file in a folder on the same external drive that I backup to, because rebuilding the catalog file often takes a long time. On an older computer putting the catalog file on the same drive as the backup files can degrade performance of the backup. The backup will take longer.
  12. Robin, I think this is the bug I reported here: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/147893-ios-app-crashes-retrospect-professional/
  13. Looking at your selection criteria you are using 'and' where you should use 'or". For example: looking at the first two lines you are saying "exclude files which name matches pattern *.log and which name matches pattern *.lck". Not one file has two extensions so this condition will never be true. It should read "exclude files which name matches pattern *.log or which name matches pattern *.lck" etc etc.
  14. Retrospect version is 7.7.620 (Professional license). I attached the assert_log.utx file. (Renamed it to assert_log.txt because the forum won't permit me to upload utx-files). Marc assert_log.txt
  15. Retrospect published an update for the iOS app that enables you to control the Retrospect backup server a few weeks ago. The previous version of the app worked fine. The new updated iOS app doesn't . It finds the backup server and starts fetching the Retrospect server data but then somehow causes an assertion error on the backup server while fetching script data. Anyone else seeing this?
  16. Sounds to me like you have windows 7 system restore enabled for the external drive's you are using for backup. Try turning this off. If system restore is active for the external drive it interferes with Retrospect because it tries to keep copies of every backup set file Retrospect changes.
  17. I am not near my computer which has Retrospect installed for some days. So I cannot give you step by step instructions. But I believe it is a setting for a disk backup set member. Because a disk backup set can contain more than one member it is an individual member setting. In your case you should have one member. Look at it's properties. What happens while grooming is also specified in the backup set settings. You can set it to groom according to Retrospect policy or for example specify that you only want to keep the two latest backups.
  18. If you have defined the disk as a disk backup set you can set the amount (percentage) of disk space the backup set is allowed to use in the properties of the backup set.
  19. Thanks for the tip. With Professional you are only licensed to use one thread. I am not sure if I am able to select a thread number for the script but I will take a look at it.
  20. I know that only one backup script at a time can write to the backup set. My problem is that on the PC I cannot start anonther script which uses a specific backup set if that backup set is used by an already running script. It will not start at all and stops with an error, but it should just start and wait until the other backup script is finished and frees the backup set. If I start the backup script from my iPad it works the way I want it to, so why it behaves differntly for two different interfaces (PC / iPad). Proactive backups are not possible with the Professional version.
  21. I have multiple backup scripts I start manually. They all go to the same target backup set. Starting the first script works without a problem. The second script fails to start. I get the error message "target backup set in use". So I have to wait for the first one to finish before starting the next. This has been the case with Retrospect 5.0 onwards. Now using version 7.7 Professional it still does the same thing. Recently I installed the iOS app for Retrospect on an iPad. If I start the second backup script from within the app the backup script starts without a problem. It gets added to the waiting section of the activity monitor and it's status becomes "waiting for backup script x to finish", x being the first backup script. Could the behaviour of the main program be fixed so it behaves the same as the iOS app? If the target backup set is being used by another backup script just let the backup script wait for the other script to finish in stead of refusing to start the script with the "backup set in use" error?
  22. Just tried it again this evening. Now it works. Thanks.
  23. Thanks. I ask this because the app asks for a server name and password. I only know about the password assigned to the clients. I don't recall setting any Retrospect related password for the server machine that is running. So which password does the app require?
  24. Should this app also work for Retrospect Professional? The App asks for server and password. I guess that is only available for multi server versions?
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