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  1. It's me again. I just figured out that I forgot to install "libc6-i386" After installing it, everything runs smoothly..
  2. Same here. Installed Client on an Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Server (Thanks for the adapted Installation Script, flickerfly) I can connect to the Linux Client from my retrospect-PC (Windows 7 Prof.) once but trying to manage some settings, I get the 505 error (backup Client reserved) root@elmo:/usr/local/retrospect/client# rcl status Server "elmo": Version reserved by RETROSPECT-PC for Vorbereiten... back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 1 connections, 1 authenticated 09 11:51:05: PmcClose: Handle 3 closed The Retrospect Log tells me: 09 11:28:57: Client version is 09 11:28:57: Multicast advertising on address: 09 11:31:41: CreateNewProcess: execl() of /usr/local/retrospect/client/retropds.23 failed, errno = 2 Any help is highly appreciated. BR Jens
  3. Hi bim, thanks for this workaround. Do I have to remove 7.7.341 before and install 7.7.325 then or just install 325 over my 341? BR JJo
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