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  1. That was it! When the user rebooted instead of logging off, everything ran fine and without error. Is there any kind of timetable on when this "bug" might be fixed? Or just a "it will be fixed when it's fixed" kind of thing?
  2. I think this may be the key. We're testing it tonight. The user typically logs in/out every night (so eventually, he's hitting the "twice" part at some time or another). He opted to go with the "restart" method. He's just rebooted and leaving for the night. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  3. When I went to the server after the uninstall/re-install on the client, it prompted me that the old client wasn't there, and I did have to re-add it (by IP address, enter the password). At that point I double-checked and instructed it to back up the selected volume only of "Macintosh HD." When you say "firewall issue," do you mean a firewall on the Mac itself? I hadn't checked that. I'm not sure whether the 10.6 OS defaults it to on or off.
  4. Thanks for the response - we're backing up the entire hard drive. Perhaps I'm wrong, but wouldn't removing the retrospect client program and then adding it back cause it to, start over in effect? As in, disregard what it was doing before and begin doing what I designated it to do now?
  5. Hello, We have a user on a Mac. He was running OS X 10.5, and the backups ran using client 6.3.028 with zero issues. He then upgraded to OS X 10.6, and ever since, it has ceased backing up, citing the above error in the logs. We've done a number of uninstall/re-installs of the client (just dragging the application to the trash, running the uninstall script found in another post on this forum, manually deleting the files, etc), upped the client to 6.3.029, repaired the disk and permissions while booting from the OS install DVD - nothing seems to work. We still receive the above error on every backup attempt. We used to receive this error on another mac, but that one was running OS X 10.2 and we simply assumed it was because the OS was so old. However this time the OS is the latest with all the updates. Basically, we're somewhat at a loss as to what the issue may be. Any advice would be very welcomed. Thanks, -Andy
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