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  1. Thank you for taking the time to help me. When I say one backup, I mean that the backup destination drive was empty and I ran a full backup. Now the backup drive has backup data on it and it should be up to date. Let me post up some screenshots.
  2. Yes I only ran 1 "full" backup. I quit retrospect and then the engine. Then turned the engine back on and then the program. No change. If i click on one of the backups that was complete and then click "browse" the media set window opens. I will see the one folder that i backed up. It has the green circle and it also tells me how many mb or gb's it is. I can then click the arrow to be able to see what is in the backup folder. It will then show me every folder and file and the size. Except these folders and files have a white circle not green.
  3. Hey guys, lets say i have a folder that is 100mb on a different server. I would like to backup that folder. Will Retrospect report that its backup is 100mb? It seems like when i try and compare the actual size of the folder and what retrospect reports was backed up on a full backup is off. The reported backup size is anywhere from 200mb to 800mb short.
  4. Hey Guys thanks for the replies. The backup that I ran was a full backup. If you select one and then hit browse the window pops up and the folder will have a green checkmark and how many MB or gb it backed up. You then can hit the down arrow and see all the files it backed up.
  5. Hey Guys, Files copied reports 0 in past backups even though the data was backed up. I can check this by hitting the browse button. I can see all the files just fine. These are network shares being backed up on another server The user folder under a different job that we backup is reporting just fine.
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