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  1. The script I'm running seems to be doing nothing, however Retrospect shows the the script is running. The last entry in the log of this currently running script shows error 1100, can't read (invalid handle). Is there a way to get the script to safely stop without restarting the computer? This has happened before and the only way to stop the script was to restart the computer. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Mike
  2. I have a client whose IP address has changed and now I want to relink it to the old client. What is the best way to do this without making eveything get backed up again? thanks. mike
  3. This is a repost of my last post from the dantz forum which seems to be closed for new posts. I have now also tested a finder copy between disk on the SAN where none of the dates changed, YET Retrospect backed up the files once again. I started to think about some of the variable that might affect this. Here are some things I wonder about. 1. I get warnings in the logs for the SAN disks that the "ignore ownership" is enabled. Though this doesn't seem to affect the success of the backup, does the ignore ownership need to be disabled to make a difference in the copied files being backed up twice? 2. I have the script rule set to "all files". Correct? 3. "Match source files against the media set" is On. Correct? 4. "Don't add duplicates to Media Sets" is On. Correct? 5. "Use attribute modification date when matching" is also On. Correct? 6. Lastly, the only other variable here is that the backup machine has all of the disks mounted read only. Would that have any affect on the copied files being backed up? Thanks in advance. Mike
  4. Hi Lennart. I too suspect the paragon driver. I have sent them a support request regarding this. As far as running a PC on an HFS+ disk, this is because it was recommeneded by the company that makes our SAN front end software (studionetworksolutions). They felt that running my backup machine with all of the SAN disks mounted would be smoother if they were all HFS+ formatted. Is retrospect equally happy backing up an NTFS disk that is mounted on a mac? Is there any advantage to either scenario? I want to learn more about this. mike
  5. Does anyone know what this really means? The error is from when retrospect tries to backup a disk that is formatted HFS+ but is in use by a PC using the paragon HFS driver. Anyone ever experienced this before? mike
  6. Well I spent the better part of today repairing the whole catalog of a media set which spanned a whole LTO-5 tape and then about 80G of the second LTO-5 tape (reread the tapes from scratch-did not use the quick rebuild where it reads the end of the last member). This seemed to get the catalog to look correct in the program; thus it reads that the Media set has two members and that there is about 1400G left available on the tape. This is correct for this media set at I have 1.5T (native) tapes and there is no compression going on. After doing this, the next backup I did seemed to give me some action with the tape drive, but after about 3mins, it made the Retrospect console go blank with the message "lost connection." In addition, the Backup server in the top left of the screen, showed an IP address of 127.0.0.? briefly and then came back to life to where it looks normal. This is giving me no confidence in this program. Can anyone give me some insight as to what is happening and how I might be able to fix it? Cause I'm afraid to trust it. Thanks. Mike BTW, running an Intel Mac dual 2.66 with 2G ram, latest 8.2 Retrospect, and OS is the latest leopard. Tape drive is an HP LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 and I'm using an ATTO SAS card.
  7. Same problem here with an LTO-5 tape drive. Can anyone from retrospect give us some insight as to what we need to differently, or how to fix it, OR confirm the problem? Thanks!! Mike
  8. First of all, this isn't an issue of tape capacity/compression confusion. Retrospect is asking to add new media member whenever I try to append to a tape. The media sets are reporting the wrong number of members and the wrong capacity available as well. My setup is an intel MacPro dual 2.6GHz/4G RAM, atto sas card, HP LTO-5 drive SAS interface, the latest retrospect v8. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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