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  1. It took about three hours of the disk utility repairing permissions but it now seems as if it is fixed! Thanks Lennart! mike
  2. OK. still not able to boot from the restored startup disk. I get an error that the "Building boot caches on boot helper partition failed." The restored disk is a Snow Leopard partition, but the current startup disk is Mountain Lion. Any clues there? Also, I notice that there are two folders in the Snow Leopard disk that have silver locks on them. The folders with locks are called dev and net. Could that also be a clue as to why I cannot startup from this disk? m
  3. Hi Lennart! Thanks for the info. I think your suggestion of the permissions seemed to do the trick. I replied at first with what I knew and then went on to try your suggestions. thanks again! mike
  4. I think it might be tied to the client application was set to read only. Would that make the restore a read only disk? I restored the volume to a disk that has several partitions, all OS extended journaled. mike
  5. It seems that after restoring a mac os startup disk to an external drive, the disk is unbeatable for some reason. I guess the lock symbol in the corner of the disk icon is a clue. Does anyone know how to unlock this disk or make it so I can boot from it? The restore was otherwise successful as far as I can tell. Any tips? Thanks! mike
  6. Thanks for all the info. I have the v6 client on Mountain Lion with the 8.2 server and all seems to be happy. mike
  7. Hello, I have a network with all Snow Leopard machines (clients and retrospect server) which is all working very stable at the moment. However, I need to upgrade the client machines all to Mountain Lion. Can I use the same client software on Mountain Lion machines that I use on Snow Leopard clients today and expect it all to be just as stable? And I was hoping not to have to touch the Snow Leopard v8 server. What's the best practice? thanks mike
  8. Hello, Is it possiblle to have Retrospect v8 running on a Snow Leopard machine and have it back up Mountain Lion cliets?? mike
  9. HI Twickland! You still around? I was just now getting to install the v6.1 on this alreqady running v8 machine and the installer is asking if its OK to install rosetta. Is this going to mess anything up with my existing v8 install? I'm installing in on Snow Leopard and it will only be used for recataloging and restoring of older tapes. No backups to the old system at all. Thanks in advance. Mike
  10. Hi Twickland! I will only be using the 6.1 to restore and rebuild some backup sets. I won't be backing up anything to those sets any more. So, I might try my luck with 6.1 on Snow Leopard. Thanks! mike
  11. Hi Tim! Thanks for that info. I didn't know I could have both programs running on the same machine. I would definitly llike to do that. Are there any hidden things I should know about or consider before I upgrade to v9. Can I then after upgrading to v9 , install v6.1?? I am running snow leopard which might throw a wrench in the spokes.. Any wisdom here is greatly appreciated. Thanks! mike
  12. Hello, Will this work you think?? I am finally getting around to redoing the backup machine here at work and I would like to consolidate my Retrospect 6.1 backup machine and my Retrospect v9 machine all into one machine. Partition 1. Retrospect v6.1 on one partition with Leopard running which will be mostly used for a SONY AIT-2 (firewire interface) and an older Exabyte Mammoth LT drive (SCSI 1 interface via ATTO UL5D card). Partition 2. Retrospect v9 with Snow Leopard OS running an LTO-5 tape drive with an ATTO SAS card. For this install, I wanted to do a fresh install and then add the catalogs that have been created in my present v8 Retro. It's not a problem to remake all the scripts and so on, but I'm just not clear if I can simply add the catalogs that have been created in v8 into v9 by using the "locate" function?? Is that possible? Another question I have is if it's possible or even smart moving the retrospect files and at the same time doing an upgrade from v8 to v9? Thanks in advance! Mike
  13. thanks lennart! Does this mean that the files will appear to Retrospect as the same and no need to back them up again after being copied? Does the ignore ownership matter whether it's on or off to use these programs?
  14. Hold everything. Now I'm not so sure. Strange behavior with copying and Retrospect. I can't say that there is any rule at all with copying and shared storage. I'm confused. I guess I will have to test some more. mike
  15. I did a little testing. I found out something interesting that maybe be of use to others. When doing a finder copy from two different disks on the SAN (one mac with two disks of the SAN mounted), if the "ignore ownership" is ON for both of the disks being used for reading and writing, then Retrospect will see the copied files as modified and back them up again. If I turn OFF "ignore ownership" on those two drives and do the finder copy again, then Retrospect does not see them as modified and thus they do not get backed up again when asked to. I also found out that for every client of the SAN, the disks permissions are different! My thinking is to go to every machine that has access to the SAN disks, and make sure that every SAN disk has the "ignore ownership" turned off. At least I want to try this for a while and see if I have any unnecessary files getting backed up. Does this seem to make sense for how the ownership rules work with Retrospect? Mike
  16. Also, What consequences does it have if a disk is set to have ignore ownership "on" and then gets turned off later. Will all files already written get changed when turning it "off" again? mike
  17. HI Lennart, I mean a straight finder copy from one disk to another. When I say backup, I mean a Retrospect script that scans a disk with newly copied files that it has already backed up (that were previously on a different disk-same files though). Is it best to have ignore disk permissionsn checked "off" for all disks? OR checked "on"? Thanks, Mike
  18. I have a SAN strage system (shared storage over iSCSI) and sometimes I need to copy a bunch of Gigs from one disk to another so that I can do some maintenance on the drive partitions. Retrospect sees all disks and has them mounted and they all get backed up with a script that runs at night. Sometimes, and I don't know why or how, Retrospect will go and backup again all the files I just copied, even though they are already backed up. Retrospect is treating them as if they were modified or something. What is happening to these files that makes Retrospect back them up AGAIN?! Are there any guidelines regarding permissions for disks? Do the permissions have to be set on each individual computer that accesses the files? I have been struggling with this for some time, and I still don't have a straight answer. Anyone? Thanks! mike
  19. I'm trying to get this clear so I can better understand next time I need to repair a backup set. Question: If I rebuild a backup set using the quick rebuild, will the catalog get rebuilt so that I can see all of the files that were previously backed up BUT not snapshots? I recently did a quick rebuild and then had to restore something that from a previous point in time. It appears though, that after the quick rebuild, all of the snapshots that were from previous tapes were missing. Is this correct for how it works with quick rebuild? thanks! Mike
  20. He Lennart! Thanks once again for your input. I also suspect maybe there is a firmware problem. I am using an ATTO UL5D to connect the exabyte. The only thing left to try is to flash the card with the latest firmware. I will try that next. Thanks! Mike
  21. Thanks Lennart! That shows that the drive is supported. What I wonder though, is there any necessary driver software that is needed to be installed. In the v6 days, I didn't need to install any software, it just worked. On v8 it seems as if they don't communicate all that well together. For example, Retrospect can see the Mammoth LT drive just fine, but when I put a tape in, I get the message where the name of the tape should be that says "wrong name" or something like that. I'm not at work at the moment where the machine is, so I can get more exact info until Monday. Thanks again Lennart for the help! mike
  22. I am trying to consolidate my older system into the new system. And I have this old Exabyte Mammoth LT drive which I need to be able to read from. The drive shows up in the storage devices window, but something tells me that it's not communicating as it should. It could of course be several things, but I would like to know if there is any software driver issue with an Retrospect not being able to communicate with it. It has been in use with my older Retrospect v6.1 system without problems. Is it still supported in v8/9? thanks! mike
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