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  1. i just received the answer from the Retrospect agent : Reponse de l'Agent: C'est exact, si le CAS n'est pas sur le même serveur que la base de données des boîtes aux lettres Retrospect ne peut pas accéder aux boîtes aux lettres dans Exchange 2010. Nous avons une demande de cette fonctionnalité ouverte, mais pas d'ETA sur si ou quand ce sera pris en charge. Comme Retrospect supporte la restauration dans la base de données Recovery, vous pouvez restaurer vos sauvegardes sur une base de données vers une base de données Recovery et utiliser PowerShell pour récupérer les messages individuels / boîtes aux lettres. he confirms that is not possible to backup mailboxes with a DAG Exchange design. ++
  2. Hello ! Almost 2 years ago, i tried to backup Exchange 2010, database and mailboxes, witch Retrospect 8.0.without succes. it only worked with Retrospect 7.7 release, and only for the Database. Now i discover the 8.5 release. My Exchange 2010 SP2 is a DAG design, with 2 mailbox role on 2 server 2008 r2. I followed step by step this link : http://www.retrospect.com/fr/support/kb/exchange-mailbox-backup-requirements But i finally read that " 

If the client access server role is not on the same server as the mailbox databases, Retrospect can not access Exchange 2010 mailboxes." Do you confirm that is still not possible to access to mailboxes with such a Exchange design i had in my company ? Thanks for your reply.
  3. i finally managed to install the 8.0 release of retrospect multi server for Win => 8.0.0 (199) it doesn't solve my backup problem, and it's seems to be worst, i do not see anymore my BDD ! i am wondering about retrospect software quality to backup Exchange database and mailboxes.... Do you have also troubles ? thanks for your reply.
  4. i called today the retrospect support. they told me that my problem is alerady known, and will be fix in a new release, which is coming soon. wait & see.
  5. hello ! in my company, we will migrate to exchange 2010 (Standard edition) at the end of november 2012. so i have few weeks to understand this new product. About backup, i use retrospect for Win v7.7.620 (64bit), i own enough licence to backup mailboxes and BDD exchange 2003-2010. i managed to backup and restore databases. But i did not managed to : 1/ see any mailboxes (as you can see in my attached file). i have already about 10 mailboxes created, fot test until end of november. 2/ and the i would like to backup mailboxes. 3/ i would not have to restore a full DB into find only one mailbox, if you se what i mean (sorry for my english). did i miss something ? thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi, i did an "Archive script" which copy each month my "normal backup" datas on a Tape backupset. It works and i can restore rdb files from my tape backupset. BUT, my problem is that i can not select file/folder, i just can restore the full .rdb files. i can not explore the .rdb files. i can not see the tree of the .rdb files. How can i, from my Tape backupset, restore specific file/folder, like i do when i restore datas from a "normal backup"script. Thanks. Retrospect multiserver v7.6.123 / Windows 2003 srv
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