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  1. Thanks! I got it rebuilding the catalog. I realize I could search for this probably... but in 6.1, how do I then get the files out of the catalog and accessible on my hard drive?
  2. I have retrospect 6.1 and 8.1. This is on a PPC mac running 10.5.8. If I am just pulling files off of tapes I should just need to use 6.1 correct? Also, 6.1 is not recognizing my DLT machine...but retrospect 8.1 does. I can see the SCSI card in 6.1, but there are no devices showing up. Any ideas?
  3. I am fairly new to retrospect and am trying to pull some information off of old DLT tapes made with an older version of retrospect. How do I get to the data on a new system with the dlt tapes? I can write to a tape, but how can I pull files off of a tape if it was made years ago with a different computer?
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