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  1. James. Get the LaCie_AIT_Tape_v649 from laCie's web site. This worked for me. it installed a newer version of LaCie firewire extension.
  2. Fixed it. Talked to Dantz, and they were of some help. He emphisized the fact that I will need a driver from the manufacturer... I checked LaCie's site again, and found something called LaCie_AIT_Tape_v649. Installed it, rebooted ,and Retrospect 4.3c finds the tape drive fine.
  3. I have an brand new tape drive. We currently have Retro 4.3c backing up to a Sony SCSI AIT-1 drive just fine. I need to add a second tape drive to back up a seperate volume, and we got a (LaCie d2 AIT-1) U&I drive, planning on using it with the Firewire bus. The computer is a B&W G3 Server running ASIP 6.3.3, and OS 9.1. Retro 5.x+ is out of the question as it has issues with the ASIP service. Retro 4.3c, Dantz's site does list this U&I model as supported, in fact fully qualified. But I can't get it to recognize. There is something listed in the Apple System profiler, just a bunch of numbers really... but its realizing something is there. I have tried the driver updates, and the ADK, and no dice. I need to know is Dantz going to support this, is their site misprint, or what?
  4. James, Did you ever get a resolution for this? I have the same problem, but Dantz refuses to let me talk to them... I have a support ticket number, but on hold for 2+ hours doesn't cut it for me...
  5. We have had this problem from tine to time here, on a Appleshare server that we run, with an installed copy of Retrospect Desktop on the server. This copy of Retrospect 4.3 backs up the main SCSI harddrive to a SCSI DDS-4 tape drive. Its a 36 GB drive and the tapes are 40 compressed, and usually works just fine... One of the other drives has been running very full, a 20GB, with ~500 KB free. Its not a boot drive, so I wasn't worried about it. Lately, the machine has been crashing in an odd manner. I usually first notice that registered users on the ASIP server are not allow to connect. (bad password, it claims) Upon checking the actual machine, the finder is really slow, and programs, such as Retrospect fail to execute, usually with just nothing happening. This is usually fixed by rebooting. Sometimes, it requires formatting and reinstalling the OS and ASIP, though this last time I just cragged and dropped Retrospect to another drive and then back again. I at first thought it was the full HD causing the problem, but the problem persisted after removing that drive. In conclusion, the reason I think its Retrospect, is that it seems to occur after the back up is finished, in the early hours of the morning, and is noticed as people start to come in, around 8, and try to log on. Any help would be appreciated.
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