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  1. Thanks... I expected the date to change as I clicked "up" on the hour.... especially since the "AM & PM" changed automatically. Never expected to have to manually click on the calendar too. It makes sense now. Thanks!!!
  2. It doesn't like going past 11:00 PM on todays date. When I clicked tomorrow (on the little calendar), I was able change the start time to 2:00 AM... I sincerely appreciate your help with such a simple solution. I wish I could've figured it out ;-(
  3. This is Thurs... I changed the script to weekly on Friday's.... The script is still stuck at 11:00 PM on Thurs and will not go further than 11:00 PM.....
  4. Moving this discussion (http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?fid/25/tid/34722/pid/148758/post/last/#LAST) to this forum. When trying to set a schedule to start at 2:00 AM, the script stops at 11:00 PM (going up) and 9:00AM (going down) and won't permit eht time moving past. I want to set it up to start at 2:00 AM. A screen shot is attached showing the setting at 2:00 AM but the script is stuck at 11:00 PM...
  5. Mine won't work either. It's 8.20 (399) Multi Server Unlimited so I assume this is the right forum. I have tried numerous times to schedule a script for 2:00 AM three days in the future. At 2:45 this afternoon, I cannot enter any time before 2:45 PM and no time after 11:00 PM EVEN though I'm starting it three days from now. Smells wrong to me...
  6. I'm running Mac Desktop 8.1.526.1. Upon opening the application, I get a warning "Please update the server and the console to the latest versions... " The "Update" button gets me to the download page for this site. The only available option is to re-download the same update. I opened the packages on that update and don't see any "Install Utility's" Can you be a bit more specific please? Many thanks
  7. Many thanks. The how do you keep from have so many tapes?? As of now, I have 50 (10 for each of the MTWThF backups). It's an incremental BU script, but it takes 5-6 to make the first BU as I have so much data. Is "Recycle" what I should be using?? Many thanks Jerry
  8. I'm DYING...... I've been thru a number of weeks wherein I've had to rebuild my entire backup sets as I'm apparenently not doing something right. Now I just paid VERY close attention to a tape erase (a reuse of an existing tape) and before my eyes, I saw ALL of the other members of the backup set go byebye.... Now, I'm looking at 10 hors of recreating the entire catalog again. I use an 8 tape Powervault Autoloader. Tape 8 is a cleaning tape. I do Incremental backups M-F. So far, each BU is at about tape 10. After I hit tape 10, I erase tape 1 and re-use it. When I insert the tape to be erased, Retrospect recognises it as a member of a particular backup set. I go to the backup set and select that member and select "Set Missing". Then I erase that tape so that it can be recycled. As soon as I agree to erase all the data on that tape, my ENTIRE backup set (all 9-10 members) are erased. The only way to recover is to completely rebuild the entire backup set again. I realize I'm doing something wrong. PLEASE tell me what that is. All I want to do is recycle a tape that's already a member of a backup set. Isn't that possible?? If not, I'm looking at an incredible amount of tapes....
  9. We use a PowerVault 122T with 8 tapes for backups. I have incrementals running every night M-F. Every once in a while (I can't find a reason), my backup sets "forget" the members. There may be 8-10 of them (each one is sequentially numbers as it's filled). Once that happens, I have to begin again which takes hours...as the initial back up has to start from the beginning, recording the entire system to establish a baseline for the following Incremental backups. With over 800gb to back up, the initial run takes 6 tapes and over 18 hours. Incrementals only take 30-45 minutes each day (when it's running right). I can tell when it's happened by looking at the Storage Devices window, which lists all the tapes. If one of the tapes doesn't have the little "M" next to it (which means it's a member of a backup set), I'm screwed again. I've spent all week starting all the backups over again. What can I do to avoid this?? Is it a preference?? Does Retrospect "time out" after 7 members?? (I don't think I've ever made it past 7.... I see that there is an "Add" button on the Properties window of a Backup Set.... When it forgot my sets I try to add them back but it only erases them so I still start all over... sigh.... I MUST be doing this wrong??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  10. I have 2 problems: 1. I run daily scripts and sometimes don't check them for 3-4 days. When I log-in to the server (Terminal Server) and start up Retrospect, I sometime get "Retrospect is in use". I have to force it to quit, which stops an execution (it appears that it's in use at the Admin level). Usually, the problem was that it's looking for a tape, so I fix that and it begins again. How can I set it to ONLY run in my user window?? 2. I have my pref's set to always "Stay in Retrospect" AND to "Automatically Start UP to Run Scripts". It does neither. When I check it after 3-4 days, there are multiple scripts waiting to run and yet right above the Activity Monitor I can see "Stay in Retrospect" selected. I'd like it NEVER to quit, even if I log out of the Terminal Server. What am I doing wrong? many thanks Jerry
  11. I guess I expected that answer.....sigh. I see the crashes when I'm trying to rebuild a backup catalog, using a backup on a firewire connected hard drive. The rebuild screen begins, the files start coming in, I get a flash of some kind of message that says ".........slow" (sorry, but I didn't get a snapshot of it). Also, I'm getting an error: "Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check failed at: elem.c-821" I guess I begin remaking all my scripts..... Thanks again for your comments
  12. Just bought and installed the upgrade.... None of my scripts are working (and I mean NONE!!).. All are erroring with "The catalog is pre-6.0 and read only"..... I have checked permissions (all are RW!); I have repaired permissions (3 times); I have re-started as root and repaired permissions.... I am getting numerous "chunk checksum errors" and the recommendations on help screens are VERY bad.... What the heck is going on?? I have tried ever repir and rebuild that I'm aware of...none are working. The "repair file backup set" is crashing my G4 server (soft crash)...the CPU continue to function but I get the beachball in the Finder and can't Force Quit Retrospect. I'm running OSX 10.2.8 on a G4 with 1 gig RAM. This was a very, very bad "upgrade".... and for $200, it has so far cost me thousands.... Please tell me this is my fault.
  13. Hello I have a G4 OSX 10.2.6 and run the Client 5.1.109. I open the Client software, start it up, set the prefereneces and verify it is being seen on Retrospect server...all is well... Then at the end of the day, I log out and Retrospect Client quits....so no backup occurs. Is there a preference I'm missing? I do this same thing on other stations with no worries. Thanks
  14. Hello Here's my set-up: Mac G4 400 OSX Server 10.2.6; 896 RAM Retrospect Workgroup 5.1.167 I'm in Retrospect trying to recover an old back-up (6 months) from an Auto-Loader tape: Immediate Restore Restore Files from backup Add Snapshot I select a Backup Set to retrieve an additional snapshot from and navigate to the desired snapshot I need. Once selected, I get the following error(s): "Trouble In Retrospect Internal Consistency Check Failed: Assertion Chect at arc.c-2539" The "Quit button is offered. I click on the "Quit" button and get this: "Trouble in Retrospect Internal Consistency Check Failed: Assertion Chect at Status.c-220" The "Quit button is offered. I click on the "Quit" button and all Retro windows close but not the program....It appears to crash as it will no longer perming window access. Force Quit is the only option. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks
  15. Doh!!!! When looking at the tapes...it appears some DDS 2 snuck in there. It's always the simplest thing that you just can't see with your eyes open. Many thanks again.
  16. I use a Mac G4 Server running OSX 10.2.4 with Retrospect 5.0.238. My scripts are daily incrementals and a Friday full, rotating weekly three times....The backup media is a 6-tape autoloader with DAT DDS 3 tapes. I recently ran an incremental script last night and came in only to find that it was asking for the 7th tape and had only gotten a small portion of the way thru the script. At the rate it was going, it would need 20 tapes..... Each of the tapes only had about 2-3 gb's stored on them before the system went to the next tape. I must have something in the pref's set up wrong. I have selected "compress" in hopes of doubling the storage capacity. Can anyone give me some idea what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks
  17. Seagate Scorpio DDS-4 Autoloader (6 tapes). Retrospect only scans the tape that has been inserted....even if I select "Scan media". The list of tapes that it had in the previous set remains in the list and it only updates the name of the one, inserted tape...
  18. Hello I'm using Retrospect 5.0.238 on a Mac G4 Server running OSX Server 10.2.4. The backup system is a Seagate Scorpion 240 DDS-4 Autoloader. With a 6-tape module inserted and selecting "Scan media" from the Configure/Devices/Loader pull down window all it scans is the one tape that's already loaded. I remember previous releases would eject and insert each tape in the cartridge, scanning each one at a time. Now, I must manually select each one...very time consuming. Is this a Retrospect Pref or an AutoLoader pref?? Thanks!! P.S. The list in the "Loader" pull down menu retains the list from the previous media and only changes the name of the newly inserted, single tape. If I quit Retrospect and re-start, selecting "Configure/Devices/Loader/Scan media" it will correctly go thru all 6 tapes, one at a time, automatically. It also shows that it only recognises the one tape that was inserted when starting up and shows the other 5 as "??" until it goes thru the Scan media.
  19. Same server, autoloader & software, but I have an Adaptec 29160 card. My problems are more intermittent. What I see is a drop in communication when I need to swap out the magazines.....for whatever reason. If I select "Eject" in Retrospect screens, it doesn't do anything at the autoloader. Then I manually change the magazines (buttons on the autoloader) and Retrospect no longer sees the drive...or at least it doesn't know theres a magazine inserted. My only option is to retart the Server and begin again. This appears to be software to me..either Retrospect or the Autoloaders? Thanks for your responses. Jerry Cox
  20. I did do a search but guess I wasn't using the right phrase. I'll give a re-install a try.
  21. Hello I use OSX 10.2.2 on my Client (5.0.540 Retrospect) and 5.0.238 Retrospect Backup on a Mac OSX 10.1 Server. I have noticed that unless I manually turn on the Client each day. It appears that the Client fails to turn itself on after I log out of the Mac OSX. Therefore, my automatic scripts do not pick up the Client unless I have started up the Client application, each day, and turn it on. Is there a preference I'm missing somewhere? Thanks
  22. My OSX partition fails on each back-up with the following error: "9/17/2002 1:54:47 AM: Copying OSX on jerrycÉ Scanning incomplete, error -43 (file/folder not found) Can't access volume Virtual PC on jerryc, error 505 (client is reserved)." It successfully reads and backs-up the user folder on the partition. Is there a preference or a permission I'm missing? Thanks
  23. Maybe it's supposed to look like this, but I get pages and pages of this: SCSI SCSI-A:6: 2:17:57 PM Command <00 00 00 00 00 00> Sense > 70 00 02 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 3a 00 00 00 00 00 SCSI SCSI-A:6: 2:17:57 PM Read [8 bytes] [8 bytes] > 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 78 SCSI SCSI-A:6: 2:17:57 PM Read [128 bytes][128 bytes] > 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 78 01 00 00 0c 00 00 00 0c 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 00 00 0c Not sure I understand what it's telling me if this is the way it's supposed to be... I was simply interested in how well the back-up went.... Am I in trouble??
  24. I'm upgrading to OSX next week in hopes of solving it. On another note, I've also had serious problems not being able to back-up a Firewire Drive tower for months and no one is replying. Will that be solved as well?? If you'll review my other posts, you'll see what the issues are... I have used Retro for years but am NOT a happy camper in 2002.....
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