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  1. Correction: The client is Windows XP. The backup server is OS X 10.4.9. I'm backing up to a LaCie BiggerDisk Extreme. From the tremendous activity on this thread, I'd say that the problem is widespread. Since the problem isn't effecting all of my Windows clients just yet, perhaps it's a windows update that has just thrown a wrench into the works. I'll go check the update status on one of the functioning PC's. I'll let you know if it works after the update. Paul Quote: I'll agree with that. This problem just started showing up when backing up a particular OSX client. It crashes my backup server every time with "Assertion check at "elem.c-817". Can we get a fix soon? Please. Paul
  2. This also crashes when I try to configure a client. Some still work. Most now crash Retrospect. Sorry guys... you had a fantastic product. I need to look for something else now. Paul
  3. Can anyone explain this? http://physics.valpo.edu/staff/pnord/temp/retrospect_error.tiff Remaining shows "-36" files and "16,777,216.0" Terabytes. This happened after the backup opperation and while it was "Updating catalog" (obviously). Also, before it started the verify operation. I actually stopped it before the verify. Nothing else seems to be wrong. Thoughts? What comes after petabyte?
  4. Why doesn't Retrospect complain about the compatibility issue when you configure the client? It senses the version, right? Paul
  5. ALL OF MY XP systems periodically refuse to backup! I restart them, check retrospect, sometimes reinstall retrospect. The work for a while. Then they go all 541 on me. WSUP? Retrospect for Mac 6.0.204 XP client 6.5 Is that the problem? Paul
  6. Same thing here. Backups running great. XP systems seem to configure. But they hang on backup and report 518 errors.
  7. After upgrading to Retrospect Client x.x.136 (the latest client) I find that I'm unable to backup a Windows 2000 machine. The fix appears to be upgrading the Novell client to the most current version 4.90SP2. Thought I'd let you all know. Paul
  8. Good Day, Setting up my first XP computer with the latest retrospect client. I tried to set it up from a computer running Version 5.0.238 for the mac. Trouble is, when I try to connect to the computer, I get "Couldn't access client volumes, error -1 (unknown)." Anyone else get such unknown errors?
  9. Ok, so I rushed to install 10.2.8 when Apple released it because it fixed the security bug in SSH. Now, backups are hanging on the one other computer that installed 10.2.8. Apple has withdrawn 10.2.8 for the moment. I've got a G4 which is not, according to Apple, troubled by the 10.2.8 bugs that are reported on some other systems. Still, I seem to be getting network errors. Anyone Else? Paul
  10. Running fsck on the troubled client computer (and OSX system) allowed me to backup without the 817 error. I'm now seeing the 817 pop up when trying to restore files to a Windows 2000 computer.
  11. I fixed the offending computer by starting it in single user mode (OSX) and running fsck. Still, that's no good reason for Retrospect to crash on the server end.
  12. I'll agree with that. This problem just started showing up when backing up a particular OSX client. It crashes my backup server every time with "Assertion check at "elem.c-817". Can we get a fix soon? Please. Paul
  13. Good Day, My backup server starts evenings at 7:00pm. I turn it off most of the day since it appears to trouble the other applications. I ran into a problem when I left a CD in the drive. Retrospect tried to access it as a writable CD, discovered that it had already been written to and felt the need to pop up an error saying that the CD drive was not ready. But I backup to an AIT drive. I never use the CD drive. But this error message brought backups to a halt last night! Please fix! Paul
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