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  1. I'm glad I could start such a great discussion. What do people think about upgrading to the Windows version of Retrospect server instead of going to the new Mac version. We are mostly a Mac network but do have windows and unix servers. I don't really care what platform the backup software runs on as long as it's reliable.
  2. Thanks. That is the kind of feedback I'm looking for. I noticed that nobody said "go for it!". Version 6 is working but I have to babysit it too much for my tastes. I will demo version 8 since it's a free download. I also want to demo Crashplan Pro. Though it's 3X more expensive, it sounds like it's much more compatible with a mobile fleet of computers.
  3. Thanks for the comments. We have no network issues. And machines are not going to sleep. Usually this issue happens with laptop users. I think it typically happens when a user leaves the office or closes the lid of their laptop during the backup. Retrospect just sits there trying to "retry" and never gives up. Is their a way to check the timeout setting in the config file? Is it just a text file?
  4. What I'm doing these days is backing up Mac user home folders to a file based backup. I have a Drobo diskpack for storage. I am constantly frustrated by Retrospect v6. It constantly gets stuck on a loss of the network connection with the client. It can't detect this and just move on. Many clients show in the log as "not visible on network" yet when I browse the network in Retrospect, I see them. I constantly get corrupted catalog files. Rebuilding sometimes helps. My questions is whether I should upgrade or not. From reading this forum, it doesn't sound like all is perfect in Retrospect land. 10 days to get a response to a support ticket is not acceptable. I'm trying to avoid going to rsync scripts but that sounds more reliable at this point. Crashplan looks ok but it's easily four times the price of Retrospect. I'm not sure what other products to investigate. What other products should I look at?
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