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  1. The Adaptec 2940U2B has worked fine for us, both with the original internal SCSI HD and the external VXA drive. Don't hold me responsible if it doesn't work for you but try nonetheless. Good luck
  2. Having upgraded the VXA firmware, Retrospect now behaves flawlessly. Thank you :-) One issue that may be helpful to others, the Adaptec 2940U2B SCSI-2 card, is listed as unsupported under OS X. In reality, it has worked just fine for us. If you have one, try it out before you rush off and spend loads of cash on a new board!
  3. We've been using a combination of an Ecrix VXA with Retrospect since the end of last year, with a couple of revisions of Retro, CPU and Mac OS. About one time in three the backup will fail (hang until stopped by operator) within the first few minutes, always while accessing the first volume in the list to be backed up. Updates to as listed below have not helped. Any help to solve this problem appreciated. Thanks Peter Current parameters: Retrospect 5.0.205 on 400MHz G3 B&W with 128Mb RAM running Mac OS X 10.1.4 with Adaptec 2940U2B SCSI-2 card connected to Ecrix VXA RakPax 33/66GB using Ecrix VXA tapes TYPICAL EROR MESSAGE FROM LOG: ====================================================================== + Recycle backup using BL BU Daily Master (VXA) at 7/5/2002 9:00 PM To backup set BL BU VXA Friday 1… 7/5/2002 9:00:11 PM: Recycle backup: The backup set was reset - 7/5/2002 9:00:11 PM: Copying Posim 2.10MU V3 folder on Server 1… 7/5/2002 9:00:11 PM: Connected to Server 1 Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:10], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 18 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2A6A) Trouble writing: "1-BL BU VXA Friday 1" (209715200), error 100 (device rejected command). 7/8/2002 10:22:01 AM: Execution stopped by operator. Remaining: 28 files, 324.3 MB Completed: 1 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 61:21:50 (00:01:37 idle/loading/preparing)
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