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  1. Has anyone tried repackaging the Mac client for use with automated installation systems (ARD, munki, ...) I believe the repackaging is necessary to be able to pre-set the first-connect password. Thanks in advance.
  2. Should have been more specific: Dealing with a OSX volume(HFS+). On these, the Location info just shows the name of the volume. Does anyone know a way to find the path location when dealing with a Mac client? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to find the path location of an existing subvolume? For instance, on a Windows client, I might have a subvolume named "Joe" on the volume "Local Disk (C:)." Is there a way from within Retrospect that I can find out that the "Joe" subvolume points to "C:\Documents and Settings\Joe"? I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Properties of the subvolume only tells me what volume it is located on and what type of file system it is. Thanks in advance.
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