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  1. In conclusion. Thanks' to everyone's generous help I was able to recover 99.8% of the backup data. Here is what I learned. 1) Official support is now useless - the phone line did not work and the web based ticket was not opened for three weeks. It is now open but not resolved - I'll see how much longer it takes. 2) When rebuilding a catalog, you can freely move around the folders of the media set - I did this as some members were nested in others. 3) The .rdb files must stay in their respective media set member folder - you cannot merge folders together. - I split folders to track down the bad archive, but was obliged to put the files back in their original folders for the recatalog to work. 4) There was only 1 corrupted .rdb file - AA000002 was bad. All the messages about length errors on the hundreds of other .rdb files went away after I removed file #2 ! It seems there is an initial scan of all the .rdbs , followed by re-cataloging all the files contained in each .rdb. 5) In my case the recatalog was looping on .rdb file #2. I found this by monitoring the files being used by the Retrospect Engine: ps ax|grep RetroEng returns the pid of the Retrospect Engine, use the pid in the lsof command i.e: sudo lsof -r 60m%H:%M -a -p 15381 +D /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect_010/Retrospect/Media\ Set\ A This shows the files in Media Set A that RetroEng is using and updates every minute. From this I could see the initial scan of all the .rdb files followed by the successful re-cataloging of the first file and looping on the second. 6) You can start a full catalog recovery with the recatalog option. Then if you put more of the .rdb files back into the folders, or add more media set members, you can continue the recataloging process by choosing the rebuild option - it is not necessary to start from scratch. 6) Retrospect catalog is critical for performance and can be rebuilt. For my 4Tb Raid, the recatalog took 5 days. So it is better to keep a backup of the catalog. 7) Retrospect does not backup the catalog - as it is in use! Duplicate the catalog in order to backup a copy. Don't make the duplicate when retrospect is running. Thanks' again for all the helpful information. regards Steve Groom
  2. Re: A1 - I copied the first 50 .rdb files to an internal hard disk. No problems with file copy. On the recatalog I saw the looping problem right away. I then thought to use the lsof ( list open files ) terminal command sudo lsof|Â grep "Media Set" and this rapidly showed me that the recovery was stuck on file nr 0002. I removed 0002 and am proceeding to recover the first 1000 .rdb files. If that works, I'll make a manual copy of the catalog and add the next 1000 and run the rebuild to catch up. I hope I can repeat this until all 8000 are cataloged. Re A2: Does this mean that I should manually copy the catalog to another location after retrospect terminates and back up the copy the next time? Can catalogs be backed up if the RetroEngine is idle but running? regards Steve
  3. Recap: Retrospect 8.x used with NAS storage ( Drobo ) for almost two years. Backup volume is now 4.5Tb. Retrospect updates installed without problems. Now running 8.2 Catalog corruption occured - don't know the cause. Grooming has never been enabled. Backups are a mix of Windows and Macs Catalog rebuild runs into a loop and the same files are mentioned over and over. The catalog has been omitted from the backup for over a year! So recovering the last months data shows no useful catalog. Opened an incident at Roxio support Tkt: 1071619 Status:Open Date: 10/27/2010 Issue Description: Technical Support | Retrospect for Mac 8.x | Catalog Rebuild So far no replies at all - this is not support!! Tried telephone support but that only works in office hours and I am using Retrospect at home. Also the phone support number costs GBP 1:00 per minute !! - I can't run that kind of charge through my bosses' phone! Hopefully I'll get some movement on this soon. I'm getting nervous in not having a backup at the moment - starting over with a new NAS and a new set of disks will be rather expensive and time consuming. And I still need to recover files from time to time. Q1: Can I rebuild the catalog based on the first 50 .rdb files and then extend it to cover the next ones and so on ? Q2: Why would the catalog not be backed up anymore ? Thank you all for your support and suggestions, I'll be trying again soon. best regards Steve
  4. Roxio's contact form has crashed - I'll try again tomorrow....
  5. Hello, I think I have the catalog recovery bug as mentioned in this thread: POST: RETROSPECT 7.7 CAN'T GROOM OR RECREATE CATALOGS FOR BACKUPS MADE BY 7.6 (TOPIC#34762) But with 8.0 -> 8.2 Earlier I mentioned the recatalog had the same error on files MacVLoc::vlocRDiskDoGetFInfo: >>>>>> Warning!!! file(AA002403.rdb) datapos(0) is lower so it's neglected! devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x26a96560 through AA002999.rdb ( the last one in that folder ). I tried to put all the .rdb files into a single folder and now, the recatalog has the above error against AA002403.rdb through AA005261.rdb and AA006909.rdb through AA007552.rdb - that is a huge chunk of all the backup. These files were created over the past 16 months via Retrospect 8.0 through Retrospect 8.2. It looks like I'll have to open a bug report w/ whomever owns Retrospect this week. regards Steve
  6. Hello Maser, I did not include all the errors from the log - I think there are two groups of files AA002403 to AA002999 and AA006909 to AA006999 with the neglected error message in the logs. The files are currently organised into the following 8 folders: /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect_10/Retrospect/Media Set A/1-Media Set A containing the first 1000 files. 2-Media Set A containging the next 1000 files and so on up to 8-Media Set A containing AA007000 to AA007552.rdb As the files were previously in rather a muddled set of folders, these are now better organised. I'd like to keep the number of .rdb files in each folder to 1000 as the Drobo seems to struggle when there are thousands of files in a directory, but am not sure if this is the best way to achieve this. But it is odd that both the groups of errors ended with the last .rdb file in a particular folder. There are 7550 .rdb files in the backup - no gaps and no grooming has ever run. The backup contents are a mix of two Windows Laptops, two Macbooks and the Macpro that is also running Retrospect. Waiting on your thoughts. thanks and best regards Steve
  7. Hello, started over with the recatalog and now logging is switched on. It looks like recatlog is looping again. From the activities menu I can see >19000 errors, 736000 files copied. I can display the log, but I can't see very much in it - can you tell me where the log is located so that I can attach it to this thread? Most of the lines are like these: ..... devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b3f450 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b3f720 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b3f9f0 MacVLoc::vlocRDiskDoGetFInfo: >>>>>> Warning!!! file(AA006909.rdb) datapos(0) is lower so it's neglected! devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b40320 MacVLoc::vlocRDiskDoGetFInfo: >>>>>> Warning!!! file(AA006910.rdb) datapos(1024704) is lower so it's neglected! devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b40ca0 MacVLoc::vlocRDiskDoGetFInfo: >>>>>> Warning!!! file(AA006911.rdb) datapos(1178304) is lower so it's neglected! devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b41620 ..... devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b7e990 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b7ec60 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b7ef30 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b7f200 devSwapHeaderCheck(1): curver 0x24b7f4d0 ..... devSetExec: fully released devRef 0x7067a670 devPoll: change occurred, devRef 0x7067a670 loRef 0x7067a670 devSetExec: fully released devRef 0x7067a670 devSetExec: fully released devRef 0x7067a670 devSetExec: fully released devRef 0x7067a670 devSetExec: fully released devRef 0x7067a670 regards Steve
  8. Well, it seems that it did not really work. I have just started the backup of my main data hard disk - 1.5Tb of data where most of the content was backed up before this problem started. The disk backup is now running and indicates that 958Gb still needs to be backed-up. I suspect that this means that it has failed to catalog all the .rdb files. Is there a report that can show what backups exist in what parts of the catalog? I'm now trying the restore -> restore from which backupsto try to recover a catalog from August but that is still scanning, does this normally take a long time ( >30mins so far still spinning). hmm. regards Steve
  9. To conclude. When I saw that the catalog rebuild was looping, I did not kill the recatalog process, rather I shut down the computer to give it a bit of a rest. Imagine my surprise the following day, when I saw that retrospect was again trying to run a backup, but rather than prompting for media, it was executing the rest of the catalog rebuild. This does not appear as a separate job, but rather as the first step in the current backup. I checked and could see that it was really progressing, so I left it alone and now after a furter 50 hours, the rebuild is complete as are several backups. Thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions. I will try copying the backup to a bigger (faster) Drobo in a month or so. best regards Steve
  10. Status update: Hello, The rebuild of the catalog file has now been running for 99 hours. The amount of data read is 3.6Tb, which is a little more the total backup disk size !! I am getting concerned that the rebuild is looping! I see the follow status info: Building Catalog File File ipodUpdater several jpg file names then Resynchronising ( This may take some time) after a couple of minutes, the sequence of file names seems to repeat. I think this has been happening for a while. In the mac console I see this repeated 14/10/2010 18:51:17 Retrospect[1531] Retrospect Script::verify exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection already closed every 10 to 30 seconds What can I do to further disgnose this ? What should I do next? regards Steve
  11. Thanks' for the reply. The .rdb files are numbered sequentailly from 0 with no duplicates and only a couple missing. I have a catalog rebuild running at the moment - it should complete in around 30 hours for around 3.2Tb. I'll try to reorganise the files into a single folder after that if all goes well. regards Steve
  12. Real progress now. Found this thread: http://forums.dantz.com/printpost.php?tid/29862/ discussing the -1101 error. In my case I found in the sources section a disk called drobo - the locally attached one (yellow icon) and another also called drobo referring the the disk when it was a NAS (white icon). I unmounted the drobo, removed the /Volumes/Droboshare mount and removed the NAS source in Restrospect. I then was able to use the repair dialog to select the three folders containing parts of Media Set A!! I then tried a restore - this failed with the message Reported missing by user: "3-Media Set A" I guess I now have to do the complete catalog rebuild. Should I take this opportunity to put all the .rdb files into a single folder 1-Media Set A to tidy up the Drobo ? regards Steve
  13. A couple of updates. When using repair or rebuild I can only browse to the first level folder names on the locally attached (HFS+ formatted) Drobo. When I try to expand the /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect folder, I see the following in the console: 10/10/2010 11:43:25 com.roxio.RetroEngine[1398] com.roxio.RetroEngine !Error: Scanning incomplete, error -1101 ( file/directory not found). 10/10/2010 11:43:25 Retrospect[1361] Retrospect ServerFolder::children exception: LiveVolumeTree::ScanFolder failed; error = -1101 And the dialog seems to show the folder is open but empty. Here are the permissions: macpro:Drobo steve$ ls -lae /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect/ total 16 drwxr-xr-x 6 root admin 204 9 Oct 12:05 . drwxr-xr-x 21 root wheel 782 9 Oct 23:19 .. -rwxr--r--@ 1 root admin 6148 9 Oct 12:05 .DS_Store -rwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 0 11 Jul 2009 EMC drwxr-xr-x 3 root admin 102 9 Oct 23:23 Media Set A If I copy a few of the .rdb files to another disk I can execute a rebuild - but of course I do not have another 7Tb disk lying around to do the complete job :-( Hope this helps with finding a solution. regards Steve
  14. There was a crash and a recovery about a year ago and I could no longer add to 1-Media Set A, eventually I got things to work, but I already had created and deleted 2-Media Set A and started 3-Media Set A. In this case I accidently clicked on Lost - against 3-Media Set A , where most of the backups are stored. I have tried this - I created Drobo/One, Drobo/Three and Drobo/Four with the structure as you indicated. When the select a disk member folder is displayed I cannot drill down past the first level, so I proceed with One, Two or Four. In each case, Retrospect returns to the add member dialog box and then hangs again. The drobo disk is formatted as HFS+, are there perhaps permissions that should be corrected for the rertrospect files and folders ? regards Steve
  15. Hello, I've been running Retrospect 8.x since last year, backing up to a Droboshare NAS - 7Tb. The performance has never been great - 2 weeks for the initial backup of 1Tb, but I put that down to the Droboshare throughput. My backup systems are a macpro ( also running the retrospect engine) and 3 laptops. Due to a system crash and accidently clicking on the 'lost' checkbox for my latest mediaset, I think my option is now limited to execute a rebuild a disk media set. I initially tried this and waited for the add member dialog for 4 days! During this time, my Macpro was 100% busy on one of the CPUs and did very little in terms of network or disk IO. Since then I have re-installed Retrospect and attached the disk locally to the macpro. I have the following folder structure: /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect/Media Set A containing 1-Media Set A containing 2405 .rdb files 3-Media Set A containing 4148 .rdb files 4-Media Set A containing 2 .rdb files /Volumes/Drobo/Retrospect/Media Set B containing 1-Media Set B containing 59 .rdb files I also followed the thread and changed the nice value from 0 to -15. Now, I click on rebuild, I see a list of disks. I click on the Drobo and select Retrospect. At this point the rebuild a Disk Media Set box reappears and 20 seconds later, the interface is unresponsive - retro engine is once again doing 100% CPU. Disk activity is a few KB per second. The macpro has 5Gb ram - currently 2Gb free. Obviously I need to get this working again. I have a couple of questions. 1 - is using a NAS or local raid and having many thousands of .rdb files a real problem - I did not want to start grooming backups as yet? 2 - What else could be causing this hanging dialog? 3 - Is there any way to view the retrospect log outside of the retrospect console ? best regards Steve Groom
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