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  1. I have been using Retrospect Workgroup Backup 5.0 for about a month and it works great; however, I am using a set of 160 GB hard drives and I will run out of disk space when I get all the clients up and running. Here is my dilemma: We are upgrading to Retrospect Server (to backup our AppleShare Server) and to be able to backup more clients. I have 4 160GB hard drives and 2 FireWire enclosures with a removable chassis arrangement. I want to split the backup to 2 backup sets (to rotate off-site). So I would like to have HD A & C connected this week and next week have HD B & D connected. The problem is I can't figure out how to make my backup server script split the clients between the two sets (thus making it a 320 GB backup set). Can I make Retrospect have 2 scripts, one that backs up clients 1-30 and another script that backs up clients 30-60? Can a Backup server script do what I am suggesting automatically? I know that I cannot span multiple hard drives, so what is the solution? Thanks in advance, Jeff
  2. I am new to Retrospect, and I am trying to set up a backup scheme for our lab. I couldn't find the direct answer to my question, so please bear with me if I missed the answer somewhere in a thread. Here is my situation: I am running Retrispect 5.0.205 on a G4 with OS 10.1.5. I have purchased 2 160GB hard drives and a FireWire enclosure with removable drive cages, since I need to rotate the backups to an offsite location. I would like to use the Backup Server script option to automate my backups, but I am not sure how to set it up, since I can only have 1 hard drive connected at a time. Retrospect will backup to the drives independently (i.e. the setup works), but I don't know how to make it backup to 2 sets that aren't available all the time. Should I: 1. Setup 2 backup sets within 1 script (one set on each drive) 2. Setup 2 scirpts that backup up to only 1 set 3. Some other option. Any help would be much appreciated. Jeff Somers
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