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  1. Yes I can restore from the media set. Restoring works fine.
  2. No errors in the log. Here is the log entry, sorry it is in german. + Ausführen von Katalog aktualisieren am 01.09.10 (Ausführungseinheit 1) nach Backup-Set groom1... Nach einer Katalogneuerstellung sind nur noch die neuesten Backups jeder Quelle im Katalog gespeichert. Ältere Backups können durch Klicken auf "Abrufen" auf der Registerkarte "Backup" der einzelnen Mediensets hinzugefügt werden. 02.09.10 04:22:50: Ausführung wurde erfolgreich beendet Erledigt: 1787798 Dateien, 3.881,7 GB Durchsatz: 4.107,2 MB/Min Dauer: 17:52:58(01:45:12 Leerlauf/Warten/Vorbereiten)
  3. Hello everybody I´ve got the problem that my catalog file is out of sync when I start my daily backup script. Now the details. I´m using Retrospect 8.2 build 399. The backup script backs up network sources. I back up to a disk set. This volume has 4,09TB space. It ran good for nearly 1,5 years now and the "grooming" was successful every time the disk set got full. The Volume resides on a Sonnet 800 (Raid5) DAS. The Backup Server is directly connected to the Sonnet 800 (through the sonnet interface card). The Backup Server is an Intel 2,8 Ghz Quad Core Xserver with 6GB Ram and MacOS 10.5.8 running on it. I tried to repair the catalog but it was still out of sync. The I rebuilded the catalog (took 15 hours) and remade the backup script but it still says "catalog out of sync" when the Script starts (after 2 minutes or so). The backup set is not full it has 311,4 GB free space at the moment. The catalog file is on the Backup Servers system drive (no raid just 1 HDD). Ive got three other backup sets which perform flawlessly (2 tape sets and 1 disk set). The second disk backup set is on the same sonnet 800 DAS as the problematic script mentioned above, its just a seperate volume. All my catalog files are on the backup servers system drive in the same folder (/library/application support/retrospect/catalogs) Is there any other way to repair a catalog file besides rebuild/repair which I already tried or could there be anything else which suddenly causes this error. Any help is appreciated. ... and sorry for my english
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