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  1. Thank You David, I already submitted a bug report case number 70469, so fare no reply.I went to the blog in case someone had a solution.
  2. Mac OS 10.4.6 (Mojave) Retrospect 16.5.1 (104)- backing to Hard disk 3 sets of media, Mon-Wed-Fri (MWF), Tue-Thu-Sat (TTS), Sunday Retrospect console > Sidebar Media Sets > Tab backups - only one of my media MWF correctly display all the backups list in backup window console - the other 2 media TTS and Sunday, only display last backup all other are not shown? - I checked and compared all settings they are the same for the 3 media and scripts - I erased TTS media and catalogue and set a new script and catalogue but it did not fix the issue. - For the Sunday, I rebuilt the catalog but again it did not fix the issue. The "Past Backups" ONLY shows the last backup, it does not show all previous Bkup for these 2 script. "Activities" shows all previous activities for all script. I can't search the missing backups. No Grooming for any of the 3 Media sets I compared all settings one by one for the 3 and I could not find any difference. Any idea is this a Bug ?
  3. A big Thank you, I replied to your PM and will let you post the SOLUTION that you have contributed to found.
  4. - are you also adding clients with public keys? A: NO, I add them straight from the source window, as they are all visible, I select the client, click add, enter the password created when I installed the clients and they appears as a valid source, but get backed up (Only with the console Open). - in your last test with the clean install 10.7.2 -- were you still using the demo multi-server license code or your existing license code? A: I tried both with the same negative result, the trial demo does not show as multi server, it showed as Unlimited clients in the preference window. - It's entirely possible that this is related to what features are activated with the non-multi-server codes, but that seems like a huge bug if that's the case. A: THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING for the past 7 days (Please check my email to R---.m---@r---.c--- for my suggestion, until we can try this, we are wasting our time) - One other thing to try, though -- to see if it's a *client* issue vs strictly a console issue: A: The issue is related to the console and clients, the engine machine is a LOCAL, not a client therefore, a schedule or proactive backup of the local works fine with the console open or closed.
  5. Screen Shot Attached of latest Result (Fails are Schedule with console closed)
  6. OK, clean install" 10.7.2” on external Drive + boot from it on Machine, + install new engine only. Main Desktop machine (DCHP with manual IPMachine I open the console and added the new Engine which became default. Added same and only Client, new script (user Folder as favorite folder only on startup disk of the client, New Catalogue, New Media. I Run the script with console OPEN, all went well as usual. Restarted the client and the main machine with enough time 5 minute to allow proper booting before the Same script schedule. Waited 10 minutes and open console on ip123.10 to check outcome which is again a FAILURE. So Fresh System + Fresh Engine + different machine run from the same console, same network does not fix this issue. I installed new console on ip 123.02 and ignored main desktop machine, I run Client schedule script and again with console closed IT fails. So New Clean System + New Engine + New Console + different machine, same network does not fix the issue. Crazy !... Why Application (console) has to be open for the client to be seen by the engine ?
  7. After spending +5 hrs to remove all components from Desktop Machine + 3 Clients. Using uninstaller + manuallay removing all (invisible) file linked to retrospect, on all machine. Renaming each client, using a new media, clearing all caches , repair Perm and more.Many restart between each operation I then installed a Fresh version of Retrospect on desktop computer and only 1 client to test. I used my Desktop + 5 Client licence to register. Then I added the client using the console ADD button as the client was visible in the list, entered the password and validated. I created Backup script with only 1 user folder of the only client I have installed , I manually launched the script with the console open and the backup was succesfull. - I set a schedule time to test the Auto script, a few minutes after the first succes full manual back up, I closed the console , I restarted the desktop machine. Make sure the machine had completely rebooted before the schedule time, I waited an extra 15 minutes and checked the result opening the Console. Again and as before Backup did not work, same error -530 SO DEFINITELY something wrong with this software, having started from scratch, CONSOLE has to be OPEN for CLIENT to be backup, as when console is closed script report it can't see the clients. See attached Screen Shot
  8. First I had added them entering their IP address, then I also add them clicking the add button and validating with the password Both method worked with the same result, I never used their hostname as using their ip would have the same effect. Even with a clean config80.dat and the multi-server code. The proactive scripts (with only clients as source) NEVER RUNS with console closed. When I open the console I can see in the past activity window that the clients were not backed up. After a few minute of the console been open, the clients are seen and the proactive starts. My only option before giving up is to remove the clients from the console, switch off the engine de-install retrospect and remove ALL associated file from the Desktop machine. Then do the same for all clients with a restart after each operation. Then Re- Install a fresh version of the Multi Server version, with fresh clients and new media and start only with a new client script with all new. If it works, I will then just try to add the previous catalogue and media and see it continues to work, until I can make sense of this mess.
  9. I installed 10 days Trial Multi Server, downloaded installer (exactly same values as the one I had) V 9.000.319. When I tried to add the trial licence code, I got a Message in RED "This Licence does not provide additional features" So I STOPPED the Engine, removed all items inside the Application Support>Retrospect folder (except the Catalogue folder), then Removed the Retropect Preference file: ~ Lib>Pref folder I restarted the Engine, open the console, entered the trial Rego and checked the preference window and was able to enter trial serial. The licence Window shows: Multi Server Limited Time Licence - N/A Unlimited Clients (Bundled) - Unlimited Open File Backup Add-On (Bundled) - N/A Advanced tape Support (Bundled) - N/A User initiated Restore up Add-On (Bundled) - N/A All Devices - N/A Some Progress, as Now In The clients Preference, the ALLOW Clients to: is NOW selectable The option to control Backup from client are NOW Sticking and available I located the Catalogues, reselected all the sources, created a Tag for the clients’s USER Folder (marked as favorite Folder), redone all the scripts and tested on Schedule - It DID NOT worked, “Can’t access volume xxxx, error - 530 (backup client not found) So I did a schedule Backup script ONLY with the clients (tags) and it failed again So I removed the tag and in source I selected directly the User Folder (marked as favorite Folder) for all the clients. DId not work either. so I selected the full startup disk of each client as source. Still did not work. Retrospect Support have so fare said there is bug in the Desktop version regarding enabling backup on demand, it will be fixed in the soon to be release next version. BUT no one as come up with a work around regarding with the issue with the clients, which HAS TO BE with the CLIENT SOFTWARE, as using a different version did not fix it. - Are you using OS 10.7.2 yourself ?
  10. - Acct is run as Administrator. - I have applied for the trial version multi server, will advise of test outcome
  11. - "download a trial version of the multi-server code" Please supply the Link. My understanding is that the Serial Number is the key that activate the type of version, the download is the same unless I am wrong. Please Supply a trial key to test : <mascot@yahoo.com.au> - "In "console closed" mode -- can you describe a bit more?" at 11pm the machine running the engine is ON , it is set to NEVER sleep, it has NO login screen it is ON, at all time. Something that is not activated in this version as even in the console when you select a Client and click the OPTION tab, none of the setting for client can be accessed. They are all grey. The client can only be accessed when the console is OPEN, this is also, why the proactive only start when the console is OPEN. I'have been using Retrospect for over 15 years and I also used V8, without this issue with the same config. I am might not an expert but not a complete newbie either. Others using the same config are experiencing Clients setting and access issues too.
  12. EMC Retrospect Single Server 5 Clients MAC 9.0 usually (V6, V7, V8), I run 3 Backup script, 2 are 11pm Daily Schedule Mon_Wed_Fri and Tue_Thu_Sat, the third Sunday which is a Manual backup. Each script has the same sources: Local iMac (User folder) Running Retrospect Engine + Console, 1 Share (ReadyNas used as a network file server), and 3 networked imacs (user Folder) which are the clients (the one with the issue) The media is a 2 disks enclosure for the M_W_F + T_T_S, and for the sunday it is a different single disk enclosure, all connected FW800. All above script run as manual WITH the console open are working perfectly. it is only when the 2 schedules scripts run in automatic (Console closed) that I get error -530 Clients not found, only the clients part of these script is not excecuted the others: the share and the local imac are OK. So to work around and avoid a daily error report, I created a Tag for the 3 clients (User folder of each client) and did 2 Proactive script M_W_F + T_T_S with no time limit just the default These script are ONLY working when I open the console, they never run as automatic in background. Of course I tried putting 1 client only and verified it was online , but it still fails !.. I am wondering if the fact that the server shows an IP address and the mac as a fix address has anything to do with it ? see photo No 5 See attached screen shot as requested
  13. Sorry, yes same problem after trashing config80, I had to recreate all the script but same outcome, Scripts are OK when run with the console open and Fail in schedule mode, ONLY the CLIENTS part of the script fails in scheduke mode all the other are OK.
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