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  1. After looking at more logs, I'm sure something is wrong, either with the transfer/verification process or with the logging. I run a transfer job once a week, and it's the same data each time, just with incremental changes around the edges. But the log entries about verification are all over the place. Excerpts of logs of last 2 transfer jobs: 6/16/2013 Transferring... [from Set C to Set C Clone, Recycle] Execution completed successfully Completed: 3219299 files, 2,263.4 GB Verifying... Execution completed successfully Remaining: 594 files, 1.2 GB Completed: 3187573 files, 2,257.4 GB 6/23/2013 Transferring... [from Set A to Set A Clone, Recycle] Execution completed successfully Completed: 3303458 files, 2,124.3 GB Verifying... Execution completed successfully Remaining: 1 files, 281.8 MB Completed: 2679494 files, 1,567.8 GB
  2. Transfer options: Copy Snapshots, Media Verification, Match source Catalog File to destination Catalog File, Don't add duplicates to Backup Set. My transfer scripts are Recycle transfers, and the backups on the source set were created with "Don't add duplicates to Backup Set" turned on. The only difference between the original backup settings and the transfer settings is that the original backup has "Match only files in same location" turned on, while this option is off in the transfer. I guess this *should* result in less data being transferred than was originally backed up, because of the scenario you outlined, where OS files on different systems would not be copied multiple times, but what I still don't understand is why a transfer of a 3-tape set always requires 3 tapes in the destination set, even when the amount of data reported verified in the log should easily have fit on 2 tapes... Operations log example: Under Transferring, it says "Completed: 3303458 files, 2,124.3 GB." Then under Verifying, it says "Completed: 2679494 files, 1,567.8 GB." The Verifying section has "Execution completed successfully," which is nice to see, but the very next line is "Remaining: 1 files, 281.8 MB," which doesn't exactly inspire confidence...it verifies all but the last file? Or all but the last 600,000+ files??
  3. Hmm, if it was deduplicating at a file level, wouldn't it deduplicate when it transfers, not later when it verifies what it already transferred? When I transfer from, say, Set A (3 tapes) to Set B, it always needs 3 tapes in Set B, and the log reports that it transferred an amount of data that should require 3 tapes; but then when it verifies, it only reports verifying an amount of data that should have fit on 2 tapes.
  4. In Retrospect Windows Multi-Server 7.7, every time I run a script to transfer a complete backup set from one set to another set (recycle, with media verification on), after the job finishes the log always reports less data and fewer files verified than it says were transferred. (See attached screenshot.) It doesn't report any errors, though. Does this indicate a problem, or is it a bug in the logging...?
  5. It seemed that the config.77 file was corrupted, so I started over with a fresh config and Retrospect started working again. I restored a version of config.77 from a date before the problem appeared, but with that restored version Retrospect still crashed on launch every time. So I restored an even earlier version of config.77, and now it appears to be working, so far.
  6. Retrospect Multi-Server 7.7.620 suddenly started crashing at launch. The program window appears, then after a few seconds the program quits. How do I troubleshoot? Thanks.
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