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  1. Its 6 weeks since i first asked the question, but it feels like 6 months. Is there a view on which quarter at least this update my drop? Thanks
  2. Fair enough, its been a year since 8.2, so the next release should in theory hit the mark ...
  3. For me I had expected the updated version to be for Lion, not to come some time after. Its not about Lion, its about usability and getting the bugs out in the coming version.
  4. Likely but I was just trying to get word from roxio if there was an update still due. Sadly they are silent ...
  5. Hi there I was interested in an update of Retrospect 8.x but had understood that the update would be coming out to give Lion compatibility. As the announcement has stated 8.2 is Lion compatible, then I am not sure if and when an 8.x update will arrive? Thanks
  6. Here to hoping for a 8.3 beta real soon ....
  7. Ok, seems I searched for the wrong thing. I see what you mean, it does seem to be a common error. Hopefully this key bug will be squashed soon. Is there a 8.3 beta yet? KR
  8. HI there Thanks for the response. Yes, it is setup as no media action, which is what is confusing me. Shouldn't that just add to the existing data what has changed since the last backup? It doesn't seem to do what the manual says it should ... Regards
  9. Hi I'm trying to get 8.2 (399) to work with my backup tape DLT-V4 (Sata) and it backs up the files to tape ok first time, but when it runs the next day (daily backup) it asks for media. There is 50% of the tape still free. I am trying to use the same tape to update every day and then change at the end of the week. Unfortunately I cannot get it to use the same tape, as it states it is already in use by another media set!? Any tips would be appreciated? Thanks
  10. Yes, using 8.2 (399) released yesterday I believe. Ok thanks I will take a look at the workaround. Regards
  11. Hi I am struggling to enable compression on this device. Is it Hardware or Software compression that I need? as I assume hardware is preferred? Thanks in advance
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