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  1. No luck with this so far, so I'm uninstalling the ADK 8.0 and ADK 10 and will try a fresh install of the ADK10 and see what happens. More to come.
  2. OK, Using the windows 10 version of ADK and pointing Retrospect at that installation I still get the same error.
  3. Looks like I'm using 8.0, Guesss I'd better be looking for the Win10 version.
  4. Trying to create disaster recovery disk after upgrade to windows 10. Get this Can't continue execution, error -1023 (already exists) Happens with both creation on thumb drive and on hard drive. Kinda cryptic as no other messages, descriptions or errors appear. Anyone seeing this error? Regards
  5. Arriving late to the party but will add my 2 cents worth. Same email error as noted elsewhere here. Send Test Email buttons works with several different email servers but emails generated from scripts generate error 511 and don't work at all. XM
  6. Just chiming in with a ditto on the exact error messages and dead email service following upgrade to 8.1. Wheras 8.0 worked fine. Have experimented with different outgoing servers to no avail.
  7. Aside from error 1101, thousands of them, all related to deleted files, I'm also seeing thousands of error 641 also on files that don't exist. This all started immediately upon installation of Retrospect 8.0. Before that I used Retrospect 7.7 for years without similar problems. Messages left at tech support take weeks to get a response, so at least that hasn't changed, thank goodness.
  8. Seems to die at the same spot. not sure if it's the same file. Check disk finds no errors on source. Also source is an Intel RST Raid. Been using Retrospect since dinosaurs roamed the earth. It has saved my butt many, many times. This is the first weird behavior I've seen from it. Interesting thing is if I do a recycle BU and it dies at 508.3GB the BU that is created is usable. By that I mean if I do another regular backup after the recycle it will pick up where it left off and finish error free. The BU that is created seems to work fine for restores. There is a ton of free space on destination (3 TB raid) and also on the source (1.5 TB Raid less than half full).
  9. Anyone else seeing Retrospect 7.7.325 on a 64 bit Win7 backing up huge drive, 600+GB, choke when it gets to 508.3 GB?? Happens in recycle BU and Duplication as well. Could this be a catalog size issue? Or have I missed something real simple?
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