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  1. Hello there, I'm having some major issues with hundreds of gb's being RE-backed up every night, because their metadata is changing. Problem is, I really can't stop this from happening, and I really don't NEED the files to be re-backed up for this reason. Is there anyway to bypass the metadata and go with only copying files with new names or something? These incremental back-ups are so useful, yet killing me at the same time. I'm almost tempted to go back to the old Retrospect (6), but then that one is TOO manual. I need a middle ground Anybody have a good idea for a workflow here? Please help, I'm so desperate and behind in my backups I'm using retrospect 8.2.0 (399).
  2. Thanks, how might I clean up that log file that you were talking about? Do I just delete it, and automatically a new one will appear? And do you know how to make a setting of "don't copy anything modified before this date" like the old retrospect?
  3. Hello, I'm using Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) to back-up gigabytes of files every night to a bunch of 400GB tapes. Recently, however, the incremental system has gotten confused and keeps trying to back-up files that I've already backed up. I don't understand why this is happening, I have the "Match Source files against the media set" and "don't add duplicate files to the media set" boxes checked off. In addition, I've asked all in my co-workers not to change the labels of any folders or anything like which might result in making retrospect thing that all the files in those folders are new. So I have no idea why this is happening. It's as if retrospect thinks this entire server harddrive of ours is new... and it happens randomly, not every night. Anyone know how to change a setting to say "only copy new files from today" or something? PLEASE HELP!
  4. Sorry, how did you solve it? I've tried stopping the back-up (before it starts since the damn thing is prompting media) and then running another script, no difference. Is that the same thing you did?
  5. I see what you mean by barcodes, no they don't have any. In addition, this most recent time that I opened Retrospect, it's saying that my "members" have a 2000gb capacity, when really they only have a 400GB.... this is new, it never used to show this way.
  6. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I'm using the updated retrospect 8.2.0 (399), I've tried restarting the engine, rebooting the machine, powercycling the drive. I've even - in the middle of these errors - changed the computer in which retrospect and the LTO drive were running from. I'm not sure if the tapes are barcoded, if this is something that I'd physically see - no. However, I've been using tapes from the same batch (that came blank from the factory) throughout my entire back-up set, and this is only something that is happening now. *Tear* Any other ideas?
  7. Hello, I'm using retrospect 8 for macintosh and have been running into an incredibly weird problem. Every single LTO tape that I'm inserting says "this is already in use by another media set". This happens both when the "needs media" prompts me and I insert a tape, and when I add a tape as a new member (which it allows, renames to what I want, says there is 0 byte written to it and 400gb free space, but gives me the same error). These are all factory ready tapes, they're completely blank. I've even tried to do a thorough erase of them, and it's made no difference. Please help!!
  8. Hello! I have a couple of questions regarding Retrospect 8 that I wanted to have answered before I create a backup script. I will be doing incremental backups to 400GB LtO tapes every night. 1) If I move or change the name of a folder with 40GB worth of files, does the program understand that the files in the folder have not changed, just been moved - or does it recopy all these files again? 2) What happens if while backing up, there are new files being added to the source harddrive? Will the back up produce an error (like retrospect 6 did), or will it just replenish changes in the next back up? I guess I just need a little help with strategy. I will be backing up about 2800GB immediately to LtO, and then after that large chunk, I will only be backing up about 100GB nightly. The problem I'm having is with the 2800GB back-up chunk. During the days, we cannot run back up because it crashes the server. So only at night can we start it, say 10pm. After the first 400GB tape gets filled up, nobody will be there at 4am to put the next tape in, so we must pause the back up until the next night. However, between that time more files may be added to the server, or modified - what will happen then? Will my first back-up get screwed up? Thank you SO much for your help, Ana
  9. Oh, haha you mean you can't read my mind? Sorry about that. I'm using EMC Retrospect 8! As for what settings, I haven't actually started the back-up, or created any settings as I'm trying to do some of this research first. If I have to specify something in there in order for the back-up to recognize the files have been moved and aren't new ones - please let me know Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Hello, I'm creating a giant back-up set that will be backing up about 150GB of media daily for 6 months. If I move files around in the source, will the back-up recognize that they've been moved, or will it think its a new file and re-backup the files? I ask this because our files are quite large and we delete and move them around alot. Thanks in advance! Ana
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