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  1. hi all I backed up data successfully from a W98 pc client onto a Mac server... the faulty pc was then repaired, and now the software has been reinstalled onto the pc and I am trying to get the data back on... BUT all I get is these error messages saying 519 - Network Error. Usually about 3 or 4 Mb into the backup (total 250 Mb) I get a "Network Error" message. Then the client hangs and I get the 505/506 "Reserved" messages and I have to go to the pc being backed up (which is on the other side of the site!!!) and restart Retrospect and repeat the process - the same thing happens every time!!! Right now I'm pulling my hair out, please help me before the computer gets it! I've tried reinstalling the client, rebooting the client & server, I've now uninstalled McAffee virus scan on the client, don't really know what to do next. Thanks!
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