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  1. Which version of Windows are you using? Which version number of Retrospect Express are you using? Is it the same version number you used to create the backups?
  2. Today I tested our Windows client by putting it to sleep before its backup time, and Retrospect woke it up without any problem. As with the Macs, I am using a Proactive script to backup this machine. I have not tried it with a regular script, because I recall reading in the forums that it is only supported for Proactive backups. (Having said that, I also recall reading what Mastercam mentioned above, about the feature being visible in the GUI but not enabled in the code... evidently, this is not the case! I wish I had tried it out sooner.) Since the Mac v8 documentation only mentions it into relation to Proactive backups, I would guess that a Proactive script is the only way to make it work. Have you (theboyk) tried a Proactive script?
  3. We have a single Windows XP client in addition to our Macs. I'll see if I can get the WOL function to work on it too.
  4. Not sure about Retrospect 9, but it seems to be working for me on Retrospect 7.7 for Windows (Single Server, Windows 2003 SBS) with Mac clients. We are using a Proactive Backup script. However, I've only had it enabled for the last couple of weeks. A small number of backups have been missed, but I'm not sure whether that's due to WOL not activating or some other issue. I'm hoping to test it a bit more thoroughly soon, so will post here if I learn anything that may be of interest.
  5. You can indeed move the catalog file, by doing the following: (1) Configure -> Backup Sets -> (choose the relevant backup set) -> "Forget" button -> OK (2) In the Windows Explorer, move the catalog file to its new location. (3) Double-click the relocated catalog file in Windows Explorer, which should add it back to Retrospect's list of backup sets. (If this doesn't work, simply click the "More" button in the Backup Sets window of Retrospect, then click "Open", then select the file from its new location.) This is probably too late to help you now, but might be useful in future, or for others wishing to do the same.
  6. The PC can definitely back itself up. There is an "Open File Backup" feature that should take care of any open files. It is included for free with the "Professional" version of Retrospect, but a paid add-on for the "Server" versions (Single Server, etc). Which of these do you have?
  7. The PC on which you install the main Retrospect program will be the 'server', and the Mac will be a client. If the NAS volume is visible to Windows as a standard network share, you should be able to use it to store a "Disk" type backup set, which will be the destination for your backups. Which version of Mac OS are you running? I am assuming either 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard). It appears that Retrospect 6.5 was still current when OS X 10.4 was released, so there's probably a good chance of 10.4 being a supported client. I don't know about 10.5, although it may well work (perhaps with a newer version of the Mac client software). You can download updates for v6.5 here: http://www.roxio.com...t/archived.html
  8. This used to occur often on my work's server (Windows 2003 SBS) when backing up very large files, but not any more, after following this guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304101 I don't know whether it is relevant to XP and/or catalog rebuilds, though.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience in detail. Glad to hear you have it working. It's a shame you can't read your v6.5 discs, though. There are some v6.5 tape sets at my workplace... if I get a chance to try them with v7.7, I will post the outcome here. (I know that the catalogs open fine in v7.7, but I haven't yet needed to restore any files from them.)
  10. You could try installing the trial version of the current release (7.7). That was helpful to somebody else in a similar situation a while back: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/147262-qualified-dvd-drive-not-recognised/ You may wish to write down your v6.5 licence code and backup your preferences/catalogs, in case you need to re-install it later. I have had no problems in v7.7 with three different optical drives (one qualified, the other two 'configured' using the drive testing), but I primarily use hard drives, so my experience with DVD-based backups is somewhat limited.
  11. The workstation agent is known as the "Retrospect Client". It's included with the installer for the main application, or you can download it as a standalone installer here: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/downloads (The one you currently need is the "Retrospect Client for Windows 7.7.114".) Not sure whether you can install both client and server on the same machine as I've never tried this. For version 7.7 onwards, the Disaster Recovery process has changed. Instead of creating a disc specific to each machine, there is now a single disaster recovery boot CD to use with all Windows machines. The disc image for burning this is included with the professional / server installer (the full version you get after purchasing it, not the trial installer). Also included with the main installer is a "User Guide Addendum" PDF which details the new features of version 7.7, including the disaster recovery process. (The base "User Guide" was written for version 7.5, which used the old 'specific-disc' process.)
  12. This forum is for Windows versions of Retrospect. You'll probably have more luck asking in the Mac forum: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/forum/39-retrospect-9-for-macintosh/ Hope you find your answer there
  13. Configure -> Backup Sets -> (choose backup set) -> Properties -> Members -> (choose member) -> Properties
  14. I think that behaviour is by design. If I understand correctly, Retrospect deliberately excludes the files comprising its backup sets, since it generally isn't desirable to copy them directly. The correct method for what you are trying to achieve is to create a second backup set on the offsite media, then use "Transfer" (not "Duplicate") operations to copy files to it from the onsite backup set.
  15. The Windows client can apparently be scripted as you have described. Check out "External Scripting" in Chapter 10 of the Windows version's user guide.
  16. Not sure as I haven't tried it personally. It will probably run (as a 32-bit application), but not back up/restore the system correctly. Version 7.7 was the first one to officially support Windows 7 (and also the first to run as a 64-bit application, I think). If you're using it for selective files/folders only, and not the entire system, it might be okay, but I'd definitely test it thoroughly if I were you. (You might also wish to download a trial version of 7.7 and test that as well, particularly if you encounter problems with 7.6.)
  17. This is still occurring, over a month later. Not a problem for me personally, as I can use the alternative link above, but this can't be helping their sales...
  18. If you bought it recently, you can probably get a refund before purchasing a different version (e.g. Single Server). EMC and Roxio offered a refund period (60 days, from memory), and I would assume that Retrospect Inc now do the same or similar.
  19. By "it does not see any files", do you mean the drive appears completely blank when browsing it in Windows? Are there any folders on there at all (e.g. one called "Retrospect")?
  20. I've encountered that error before, and found this guide (recommended on the old Retrospect website/forum) helpful: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304101 However, I got the error when backing up large files (and/or large numbers of files), not the Registry, so this solution might not be relevant for you. But it could be worth trying if you run out of other ideas.
  21. I think Mayoff (of Retrospect) mentioned they were working on new forums that will be at retrospect.com. These roxio.com forums will only remain temporarily, so I guess they're leaving them as-is until the new forums are ready. In the meantime, using the Retrospect 8.x forum for discussing 9.x seems logical. Maybe a forum admin could rename it to "Retrospect 8.x / 9.x for Mac"?
  22. Thanks. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Another person reported a similar problem here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/78286-no-more-roxio/
  23. It appears to have first been announced in the old forums on March 10, 2010: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:1PTJTEdWk9oJ:forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php%3Ftid/33461/
  24. Thanks, that's great to hear. Some people on the old forum reported that they were unable to do this with later versions of v6.1. So far I've been transferring the tapes to v5.1 file sets (on a G4 running OS 9.2.2) before moving them to v6.1 (on a G5 running OS 10.4.11), but it would be much more convenient to read them directly from the tapes into v6.1 on the newer Mac. Will probably try this soon. Yes, that's a pain for us too, since we still use Macromedia Freehand extensively. Fortunately, we don't need Lion (and hopefully won't for a while yet).
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