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  1. Have you tried turning off compression as that can slow down the process?
  2. Since you are using Retrospect 10 you may want to repost this here.
  3. Are the computers logged out before the backup starts as there is a known bug if the machine is sitting at the log-in screen? If so try having a user logged in when doing the backup. The other possibility is that the computer is going to sleep and not waking up for the backup. If this is the case try setting the sleep timer to Never and make sure to uncheck the "Put hard drive to sleep" option.
  4. If you can map the share to a drive letter, you should then be able to backup the share as a normal drive. The other possibility is to add the share to your network places and then add it in Retrospect.
  5. Roxio and EMC have taken their Retrospect update servers since they no longer own Retrospect. You can still manually update Retrospect by downloading the necessary files from the link Hofstede posted.
  6. What type of verification are you using? If you are using thorough verification it can take longer to verify than the actual backup as it has to compare each backed up file to the original file. Try either media verification or no verification and see if the time is reduced.
  7. Actually you can create a favorite folder by selecting a drive on the server and clicking the Add Favorite button while on the Sources screen in the Retrospect console. Once you set up the folder you need to add it to your script that uses the media set you want it added to so it will get backed up.
  8. I count 5 errors:1) Generated MD5 digest for file "/Volumes/backup/sql.dump-130202-0115.txt" does not match stored MD5 digest. 2)!Generated MD5 digest for file "/Volumes/backup/d.root.130203.gz" does not match stored MD5 digest. 3, 4, 5)3 files were not verified
  9. If 8.2 can read 6 backup sets then what you need to do is create a new 8 backup set and build the catalog for that backup set from your R6 CDs.
  10. I was not positive on this information and it would have been better if you used the entire post instead of just a snippet.
  11. An assertion error usually indicates a corrupt file. The best course of action would probably to do an un-install and re-install. I have not used Retrospect 8 however based on previous situations you should not lose your backup and/or scripts.
  12. I am not positive but the ability to read older backup sets from Retrospect 6 was added in Retrospect 9.
  13. You need to enable optical support to allow DVDs to be used as backup media. See tech note 9720 in the knowledge base for instructions on how to do this.
  14. This is probably done for security reasons as it is usually dangerous to access two different parts of a file at the same time. Since the catalog file is being read by the first restore and you try to access another part of the file by scheduling another restore there is a high probability that something will be misread so in order to prevent this the catalog file is locked when the media set is in use. If you want to set up multiple restores these should be done before starting the first one.
  15. I have found the only way to remove the backup sets from a NAS is to manually connect to the share as the Retrospect users and then remove the appropriate folder. It is also recommended that before doing this to stop the Retrospect engine.
  16. I have found your theory to be true. The other way I have found to correct Retrospect is to load each tape into the drive through Retrospect so that Retrospect recognizes the content of the tapes. Depending on how many tapes you have to load this can be a real pain in the neck. Just remember that if you ever need to do something manually with the tape library always shut down Retrospect first.
  17. The best course of action I have found is to shut down Retrospect, then load the tapes manually, restart the backup unit so it can do its own scan, start Retrospect and have it do a scan of tapes and everything should appear correctly. Since Retrospect was not involved in the ejection process it cached its information so when the new tapes were inserted it still thought they were the old ones.
  18. If you just change the barcode label then the name of the tape will not change so Retrospect should detect the barcode change and update the media set members accordingly. I personally have never had this been successful. If Retrospect asks for old barcode you can point it to the new barcode and it should work.
  19. The best way to change the label is to first manually erase the tape and then add the tape to the media set you want it in. This will guarantee that the media set knows about the tape.
  20. Actually the Single Server version allows you to back only one server whether that server is a client or the host machine. If you install Retrospect on a non-server OS the Single Server version will allow you to backup one server as a client. You can also buy additional server licenses individually without having to upgrade to the Multi-Server version.
  21. I have found that if you are using tape backups Retrospect will not show all the backups for a backup set unless those tapes are present in the storage device.
  22. Retrospect will automatically pause when it needs another tape to continue the backup. If the next tape has already been used it should give you the option to overwrite or reformat the tape.
  23. The reason you are not getting automatic updates is because the upgrade to 7.7 is a paid upgrade and not free like 7.6 was for 7.5. If you have not purchased 7.7 you will only be able to use the trial version so I would not recommend downloading it. The one thing you can download from 7.7 is the updated client software and yes the new version will work with 7.6.
  24. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Retrospect on the server as an assertion error usually means that a file got corrupt and needs to replaced?
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