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  1. Retrospect is still going to need to know what media member contains which backup so the sub-directory is necessary even though the backup set is small.
  2. The only thing I can suggest is to check serial and SCSI connections and port to make sure they are working correctly as it appears Retrospect is only picking up one device on the serial port.
  3. I am unfamiliar with that tape library however you might want to check the SCSI ids of the devices. Other than that there is not much else I can suggest except to contact Retrospect support. I would also make sure your Retrospect has the latest updates.
  4. Have you tried restarting the engine with library powered up? Sometimes if the library is offline when Retrospect launches Retrospect will not detect it correctly. The following steps should fix the issue. It has been a while since I used 7.6 so these steps might be slightly wrong. Here are some steps to try: 1. Stop all Retrospect processes. 2. Shut down and restart the tape library. 3. Let the tape library go through its start up procedure. 4. Start all Retrospect processes. 5. Let Retrospect re-scan the tape library and hopefully everything will appear correctly.
  5. If you try using a 9.0 client with a 8.2 server you get an incompatible client message. In order to use the 9.0 client you would need to upgrade the server as well. If you do not want to touch the server then you will need to use the 6.3.029 client which does run on 10.8.x as stated in my previous post.
  6. I am running 6.3.029 on Mountain Lion and have no problems. The only thing you will have to do is allow Retroclient access through the firewall.
  7. You could try excluding the folder containing these files from the backup by creating a new rule that excludes this folder.
  8. The subdirectory Retrospect creates is for the media set member. If you add another member to your media set Retrospect would create a folder 2-2013-07 TransAct Data.
  9. Depends on how many members each media set has and how often you want to start over with a fresh backup. It also depends on how many media sets you have and how often they get used. When I was using tape backups I had two groups of five sets that were rotated weekly which came out to recycling a specific media set every 10 weeks. Since each set had up to four members I was able to go ten weeks before recycling.
  10. Other than removing the clients and re-adding them I have no other suggestions.
  11. Then they must have changed the client interface however it does sound like the sleeping of the client is causing your problem. Does the backup happen while you are using the computer or at a later time when the computer is not in use? If does happen at a later time you might want to try setting the sleep time to never and unchecking the "Put HD to sleep" box. It definitely sounds like the client is not waking up for the backup so Retrospect can not find it.
  12. You need to make sure that the clients' status says "Ready" in the status box under the client name. Also do you have the clients set up to go to sleep after a certain amount of time? Is the "Put hard drive to sleep" box checked? If the clients are going to sleep are you able to see them when they wake up?
  13. Are you using Ethernet or Wifi to connect the clients? Do the clients have static or dynamic IP numbers? Have you made sure that a user was logged in when performing the backup? Have you checked the status of the client on the actual client itself as I have found that if the back up of a client was interrupted the status will still be listed as "In Use"? Have you checked the clients' Firewall settings?
  14. I have found that sometimes the client status does not update correctly on the client and I have found that by turning off and turning the client back on will reset its status. Note this is all done on the client itself. Just to make sure the status is refreshed properly I stop the client by holding down either the control or command key while clicking the "Off" button.
  15. You could try refreshing the client by just adding it again without removing it first. I know that if you have a client with multiple IP addresses and when you add it a second time it uses the second IP address so just re-adding the client might be all you need to do. You would not have to change any scripts as Retrospect would only be updating the client's information.
  16. Have you tried removing and re-adding the client through the console?
  17. You may have to point Retrospect to the location of your media sets. You can do this by going to Media Sets in the console and clicking the locate button. The rest is pretty straight forward however you can only add one media set at a time.
  18. A recycle backup will reset the media set so whenever you want to run one make sure to have the first tape of the media set in the drive or it will try to erase the current media and use that as the first member of media set.
  19. Usually this error occurs when Retrospect looses communication with the NAS. If the NAS is not directly attached to the computer you might want to make sure that the NAS is appearing on the network.
  20. Are you switching tapes through Retrospect or through the device itself? I have found that if you load the tape(s) through the device while Retrospect is running it gets confused about what tape(s) are actually in the device. If you do not use Retrospect to eject and load tapes the best thing to do is follow these steps: 1) Quit the Retrospect console, 2) stop the Retrospect engine, 3) eject and load appropriate tape(s) into the device, 4) once all tape(s) are recognized start the Retrospect engine, 5) once the engine is started, start the Retrospect console, 6) go to backup devices and verify that Retrospect recognizes the newly loader tape(s). If it does you should not see the "already in use" message when you try to erase the media.
  21. I have found that running a problematic client in a separate scheduled script often alleviates the issue of slow backups. Note I only use scheduled scripts and have not tried this with Proactive scripts.
  22. I have experienced this problem in 8.2 as well so it has been around for awhile.
  23. Running the two problematic clients in a script with just the two of them as sources.
  24. Have you tried running just the two problematic clients by themselves and seeing what happens?
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