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  1. It sounds like Retrospect is not detecting that Outlook is running on the client. I would try exiting Outlook completely before the backup starts and see if you get the same error. If you do not then I would report it as a bug. The other possibility is that client has security preventing Retrospect from closing programs.
  2. Have you tried stopping the engine and dumping your config files and then re-starting the engine? The only drawback to this is that you will need to set up all your scripts and reload your backup sets. It will also refresh Retrospects storage devices. The other question becomes how are you ejecting the tapes, through Retrospect Console or on the drive iteself? I have found that Retrospect does not like it when you eject the tape manually using the eject button on the tape drive.
  3. I have found that if you use a recycle backup it will reset the data set and overwrite the tape before starting the backup.
  4. My bad it is supposed to be 150 MB/minute and not 150 MB/s
  5. Does it ever ask for additional tapes during the backup? If you have to switch tapes to complete the copy phase then it is normal for it to ask for the previous tape during the compare phase since that is where the data lies. On the other hand if you do not have to switch tapes during the copy phase then have you tried resetting the backup set since it sounds like it is trying to compare old data stored on previous tapes in the backup set.
  6. You might want to check the connections between the clients because according to my log Retrospect finished 63.1 GB in 7.5 hours. Even for computers that are connected through two switches I am getting anywhere from 150 to 250 MB/minute transfer rates. I would suggest try plugging both machines into the switch directly and see what you get for transfer rates. The other question are all the machines connecting through ethernet cables or do they connect to the network wirelessly? BTW, these numbers are much faster than what I was getting with 6.1 however that was with an older computer.
  7. That is interesting because I am running 8.1.626 on a Dual 867 MHz G4 and getting very good transfer rates. I am not doing any verification and that might be slowing you down. We also have the computer plugged directly into our switch without going through our patch panel. Our network is only 10/100 BaseT. You might want to also check what else you have running on the machine because the computer I use does not run anything but Retrospect.
  8. I run into this error on Retrospect 7.6 on Windows especially when the anti-virus updates the virus definitions while the backup is running. I schedule all my backups at night so I only occasionally run into this problem. The only other error I see during comparison is the date/time changed message. If you backup while people are working this error could be very common.
  9. I believe that you need to have open file add-in to backup open files. The easiest way to backup the pst file is to make sure that the user exits outlook before the backup begins. I run into the same problem on both of my backup systems because people fail to exit their programs before leaving at night.
  10. I have no problems with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 and Retrospect 7.6 on Windows 2000 Server. You might also want to schedule the virus definitions for a time after the backup is complete or before the backup begins. I have Symantec download the virus definitions between 8:30 and 9:30 PM and then have the backup usually start at 9:30 PM. Every so often my backup starts at 5:30 PM and in a few cases Symantec and the backup overlap and Retrospect only throws up a file not found error.
  11. I am pretty sure he meant 8.1 (build 626) since 8.2 will have a different build number and the current version out is 8.1.626
  12. I have found the exactly same bug and already reported in the bug sub-topic. Since the rule I am trying to implement is the inverse of your example in that I am trying to exclude files as opposed to including I would put the conditions in the exclude section? After thinking out your example it actually is the easiest way to go since if users add personal directories I would only have to add the new directories to the directory selection rule.
  13. I already skip over System folders such as System and Applications however the folders on the root are additional folders that need to be skipped for back up. The other folders that exist on other clients are personal items and/or large disc images that we do not need to back up. I am little confused by what you mean when you say "favorite folders".
  14. It sounds like there is a communication issue between the client and the server. You might want to check that if the clients have firewall software it is not blocking the Retroclient program from communicating with the server.
  15. I just checked all my clients and only one had the option unchecked so now I can remove it from the rule. As for the logic the idea is nested conditions so to here is a better example using if statements: if sourcename is xxx then []if folder name is yyy or zzz then [][]do not backup []end folder if end sourcename if Basically the difference between what you gave me and what I want is that in the former you have specify the sourcename for each folder as opposed to specifying the sourcename once and just listing the folders for each source. As for the clients with a large number of folders I could have the users move them into multiple folders however it would be nice if I did not have to do this and could set up the logic as shown above. After checking there are only 19 with 8 in folders in the user's home directory, another 8 on the root of the hard drive, and 1 in Users:Shared directory. I also have a few clients with 8, 9, or 10 items that need to be excluded and those I do not have the full path for.
  16. I will have to use the first method since the folders are not in uniform directories such as the user's folders. When I combine each clients rule into one encompassing rule do I put conditions for the saved rules in the include or exclude sections? Unfortunately I have a client that has 20 folders that need to be skipped so it would be nice to a feature where you could "any are true" and/or "all are true" inside another "any" or "all". Something like this: any are true []source is xxx [][]any are true [][][]folder name is yyy [][][]folder name is zzz One other quick question if a folder and/or file has the option-8 character do I need to add the option-8 condition to the rule or will Retrospect automatically skip the folders and/or files?
  17. Here is the situation I have and what I would like to have happen. I have a computer named xxx with two folders yyy and zzz that do not need to be backed up. yyy and zzz are uniquely named folders and are unique to xxx. Basically I am trying to set up rule that when xxx gets backed up it skips over yyy and zzz as well as the cache files via the built-in rule. Once I can figure out one client I can create rules for the other clients which also have unique folders to skip. However since I do not want to write a script for each client I will need to combine all rules for each client into one encompassing rule which can contain the cache rule. In boolean logic it would be: Exclude only if (client is xxx and (folder is yyy or folder is zzz)) or cache files Any help on how to create this rule would be greatly appreciated. This would be an alternative to using the option-8 option giving us a little more control.
  18. Please see later post for explanation of the situation.
  19. What kind of tapes are you using? For AIT tapes make sure the orange tab on the front of the tape is the down position. If it is in the up position then the tape is locked and can not be erased. The other possibility is that the tapes are damaged and the drive is not reading them correctly. I have had this happen before especially when re-formatting tapes for new backup sets.
  20. I know for instance that the software for the Flip cameras will not create the movies if its storage folder has the option-8 character. Currently I don't know of any others at the moment. I also noticed that some Windows programs such as Picasso will create a new My Pictures folder if the original has an ^.
  21. What I meant by not being able to select multiple rules for a backup script is that you can only select one rule name in the list of rules however if that rule contains other rules it is the same as applying multiple rules to a script. Thanks for the help and I will have to evaluate and come up with a strategy for each computer.
  22. The problem is that I have 9 Mac clients to backup and they all have different configurations so the rule would be pretty complicated since you can not use multiple rules for a backup script. If would be helpful if you could do on the machine itself. If you provide an example with multiple clients that would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I was wondering what is the best character to use to exclude files and folders from being backed up or if it is better to specify the folder name itself? Currently I use an option-8 on our Mac clients and a ^ for our Windows clients. The only problem with this is that certain programs want the name to not include these characters. I know that on the Windows clients you can specify which files and folders to exclude in the control panel per machine however I have not found any way to do this on the Mac clients. If anybody knows a way to exclude specific files and folders per machine on Mac clients it would be greatly appreciated?
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