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  1. It is possible that there is a problem with the network card, however unlikely. I have also experienced the same problem where other programs work fine but Retrospect requires full access to the network card. The client I have this happen most of the time is a iMac running 10.9.5. I would still try my last suggestion and see if the engine sees the client.
  2. It sounds like the network card on the laptop is not allowing multi-directional network traffic which is causing the -519 error. I would try using another computer to manage the engine and then see if your current computer shows up as a client. Before doing this I would disable all communications between the engine and your current laptop except for the client software.
  3. I have had issues where if another program is using the network card such as a web browser, it can prevent Retrospect from connecting to the client. I would try backing it up when it is not use with all programs closed and see if you still get -519 errors. I have experienced this issue especially with Adobe and OS automatic updates, as they are using the network card to download thus preventing Retrospect from connecting to the client.
  4. If you are getting -519 errors, you might want to check the sleep/power saving settings as I have found that these errors can occur if have set the computer to put the hard drive to sleep. The best course of action I can suggest is to either wake up the machine before the backup starts or set the sleep/power saving settings so that the computer never puts the hard drive to sleep. I would also recommend not putting the machine to sleep at all. Also remember there is a bug that requires a user to be logged into the computer for the backup to run.
  5. Actually Client 6.3.029 does work with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9 as I have tested it on all those platforms. I have the same problem with one of my Windows computers where it does not show up in the Multicast window but connects using direct address. As long as the machine is getting backed up I would not worry about it not showing up in the list. Also any newer version of the Client will require you to upgrade both the engine and console.
  6. I have found that the machine running the Engine and Console will not show up as a Client because the Client software is not needed. If you go to the Sources tab and set both filters to "All", it will show you the hard drives for the computer running the Engine and Console. You will also see the local hard drives if you set the right filter to "Local". If you have the right filter set to "Clients" or "Shares", the local hard drives will not be listed.
  7. You will want to make sure that your current version of the Retrospect engine will work with the 11.5 client before upgrading.
  8. Also have you made sure the client software is turned on and ready? Also for the -530 clients have you tried resetting the client's state as I have found that will resolve -530 issues?
  9. I believe it has to do with you using "and" instead of "or" thus making the selector to fail.
  10. Also note that if you recycle any media sets containing backups of the decommissioned servers you will lose their backup.
  11. More than likely what is happening is even though you re-created the media set, the data still exists on the tape so when Retrospect tries to back up the restored files, it already sees them on the media and does not back them up again. Have you tried to backing up the restored files to a brand new data set using a blank tape. Your other option is to recycle a media set and then try backing up the restored files to that recycled backup set.
  12. Have you tried refreshing the client on the server because if the drive was mounted after the client was added to the server it may not be detected until you refresh the client? Your other option is to remove the client from the server and re-add it to the server and then see if the drive is detected. I have experienced issues where a drive will not appear if it was not mounted when the client was added to the server until I did either of the above options.
  13. The 9.02 client will not work with 8.2 server as it will give an error that the "client version is to new". The 6.3.029 client is compatible with 10.8.5 and 10.9.2 I would check the firewall settings on the client to make sure you are allowing Retrospect client through the firewall. You might also need to change the "Allow apps downloaded from to run" setting in the Security and Privacy control panel to "App Store and identified publishers".
  14. If you have a good Config80.bak the following steps should get you back to where you were: Restore (if necessary) the Config80.bak Stop the engine Remove both Config80.dat and Config80.bak from the following directory: /Library/Application Support/Retrospect Move the good Config80.bak to the above directory Rename the Config80.bak to Config80.dat Start the engine If this is done properly you should see all your media sets, rules, schedules, etc. and Retrospect should launch without asking for a license code.
  15. If you open the Retrospect Client on a client and add a specific drive to "Do not backup the following" box, that drive will be completely skipped and will not even show up in the Client options on the server. The "Do not backup the following" box can found on the "Access" tab in the client software.
  16. The operations log should be viewable through the Retrospect console.
  17. Just to add to iCompute's post make sure not to have the drive mounted before launching Retrospect.
  18. Only when a script cannot store all the data it needs to backup, will a grooming of the media set occur during execution. In any other case grooming will not happen unless you actually run a grooming script on the media set. The only way to tell a grooming script what to remove is by setting grooming settings in the media set's options. Unless you set a schedule for the grooming script, grooming will only happen when you actually run the grooming script or when the backup cannot store all the data it needs to backup.
  19. I have seen this as well when the engine crashes during a operation. I would check the Retrospect log to see if the engine had been restarted.
  20. When downloading the trial version make sure to download the Desktop version as you do not need all the features included in the Server version. Here is a link to the appropriate request form: http://www.retrospect.com/en/store/trial?sku=APPTRLDSK100EN
  21. If you are still confused after watching the video you can think of each as the following: Engine = The process that does the actual backup. Server = The computer that runs the engine. Client = Any computer that gets backed up by the engine. License = Authorization required for each client to be backed up. In your case the server and the client would be the same machine (your single mac). The version best suited for your setup would be the Desktop version.
  22. If other media is working without an issue then it usually means that the tape in question is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  23. I have seen this issue arise in several situations: The drive has not been cleaned recently, the media itself is damaged and is unreadable, and/or Retrospect has lost connection to the library. Usually it is the first two cases and running the cleaning tape through a couple of times in a row should fix it unless the media is actually damaged which in that case you would actually need to replace the media.
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