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  1. When using tapes I had a four week rotation:  Week 1 in drive; Week 2 on site; Week 3 and 4 off site;  Full/Recycle backup for each week on Friday, Incremental backups during the week, and switch tapes on Monday.  In your case it would be a similar setup also including four monthly tapes that would rotate in the same fashion.

  2. Do you have any programs that might be accessing the catalog file running when try to access the backup.  In my case I have CrashPlan running which causes me to wait about 15 minutes until I can actually see the files.  @Steve:  Definitely running a copy script would effect the access.

  3. When I using tapes, I encountered this issue.  If the Retrospect engine starts up without proper communication to the tape driver, it will either not see it at all or misread the tape information.  The best course of action is to stop the Retrospect engine and cycle power on the tape drive.  Once the tape drive finishes it start up procedure, start the Retrospect engine and it should show up correctly.

  4. Anytime a disk is fragmented the performance will be reduced, so it is very likely that the fragmentation is causing the performance drop.  Depending on the Server OS you might want to set up an automatic task that defrags the drive, once a week or what time frame you think is appropriate.  I would also try running disk cleanup on the drive as well to eliminate files that are no longer needed such as temp files, Windows Update files, etc.

  5. If the manual backups are running fine during the day, I would check the clients to make sure that they are not checking for software updates overnight.  I have run into issues where checking for software updates has caused Retrospect not to find the client.  I would also make sure the hard drives on the clients do not go to sleep as that can cause Retrospect to not find the client.

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