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  1. Does anyone know whether or not it is worth trying again with 10.1?
  2. Thank you for your reply! Sorry, I should have been more specific: On the same machine with the same hardware configuration and the same OS, BRU and PreStore work without problem. Retrospect (which was tested first in version 9) and subsequently again recently (after disabling/uninstalling the other software) throws this error. The SCSI drivers and firmware are the most recent. Cheers, Chris W.
  3. Hi! I have recently been trying out the new Retrospect 10 and unfortunately I have had the same trouble with it as Retrospect 9. Whenever I try to backup to our HP Ultrium 448 LTO2 SCSI drive on Mac OS X 10.7.3 I get a "error -100 ( device rejected command)" which effectively aborts the backup. I have no trouble short erasing or long erasing tapes and adding them to backup sets. It is only when I try to backup to them that the error occurs. Anybody got any ideas what to do next? Backup with PreSTORE and BRU to this drive works without issues. Cheers, Chris W.
  4. Hi! Since upgrading to 9.0.1 for some reason all of my reports disappeared from the Console. Does anyone know how to get them back? Also, one report I recreated (show source if tag contains "Laptop") no longer finds anything? This was really helpful to me so I could see if the proactive backup had managed to backup all of the company laptops. Cheers, Chris W.
  5. Specific error in the transfer scripts log when this problem happens is: !Device trouble: "<tape name>", error -216 (media unloaded). I don't understand why the silly thing can't reload it instead of stopping. Cheers, Chris W.
  6. Hi! One annoying problem I have is that in order to do a Grandfather-Father-Son backup, I use a script to transfer the most recent backups from a daily tape set to a weekly tape set. If in the middle of this transfer another backup runs that needs to use the tape drive, it causes the tape-to-tape transfer to stop (as according to the log one of the tapes unexpectedly unmounted). The expected behaviour is that while the tape-to-tape transfer is running, Retrospect should not start any other backups requiring use of the tape drive. Or it should recognise that one of the tape drives is in use by another backup script and try again once it is no longer being used. If order to do my weekly transfer now I need to manually reschedule all scripts and disable proactive backups. Very annoying! Let me know if this is unclear! Cheers, Chris W.
  7. Hi! I have a need for the Windows client to send a command line instruction to the machine it is running on when the backup starts and another one when it finishes. Is there anyway of doing this? Presently I am simply scheduling in the command before the backup starts and then 12 hours later the finishing one, but this isn't particularly elegant. Cheers, Chris W.
  8. Well a Mac update would be good for me - the constant crashing of the Engine is very frustrating. Did they mention a month or year when it is likely to be available? Cheers, Chris W.
  9. Well the good news is that it is almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Labour Day is coming up and we are about to get the BBQ out of the garage. Here's hoping this upgrade arrives in time for Christmas! Cheers, Chris W.
  10. And late summer has ticked on by. According the Internet, with the fall equinox last Friday, the US is now officially out of summer. Is there any further update as to timing? Cheers, Chris W.
  11. Hi! Secret here is to first set the date you want script to start to the next day. Then you can set the time to anything you want. Cheers, Chris W.
  12. Hi! Is there any update on timing of the release of the update? Cheers, Chris W.
  13. Hi! We use an ATTO UL5D with the latest firmware and drivers for Mac OS X. Even without latest firmware, problem is that Retrospect gets itself into a state whereby it can't use media for a script because the script is using it. It seems like a variant of a race condition to me. Cheers, Chris W.
  14. Hi! I am having a problem with a Copy Backup script. The aim is to make a copy from our Daily Incremental tape to our Weekly tapes. The tape library is a Dell 132T and it has twin LTO3 drives connected to an Apple Xserve via U320 SCSI running Mac OS X 10.5.8 and the latest version of Retrospect (8.2.0 (399)) with the Advanced Tape License. Essentially, the transfer alll seems to be going well, but periodically it stops usually during a verification step and asks for a tape it is already using. When you try to choose the tape (which is already loaded in the tape drive, it says that it already in use. There is no way to clear this apart from stopping the script and running it again. See the attached screenshot for details. There are no errors recorded in the Retrospect log or system logs as far as I can find. It just seems that part way through the verification, Retrospect decides that on one hand it doesn't have access to the media it is using and on the other hand it does and it is locking it out. What on Earth is going on? I have already tried completely reinstalling Retrospect from scratch and reconfiguring, but the problem comes back. Cheers, Chris W.
  15. Hi! We have Retrospect set up to notify us when it completes and operation via e-mail. While great to have this built-in (and not an AppleScript like in 6.1), the amount of information being sent through is very minimal. Most of the time, it says something like: "XXX script completed with errors, see log for details". Is it possible to change this e-mail notification to send through the log for the backup in its entirety? Cheers, Chris W.
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