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  1. There are a total of 540GB. I hope to back up around half. We use LTO5 tapes.
  2. I need to archive quite a lot of folders from a server - not all of them, but a lot of them. They are organized in multiple, nested folders: FolderA SubFolderA1 SubSubFolderA1a SubSubFolderA1b SubFolderA2 SubSubFolderA2a SubSubFolderA2b FolderB SubFolderB1 SubSubFolderB1a SubSubFolderB1b SubFolderB2 SubSubFolderB2a SubSubFolderB2b There are many Folders, SubFolders, and SubSubFolders. I want to backup some of the SubSubFolders to tape. SubSubFolderA1a, SubSubFolderA2a, SubSubFolderB2a, etc. I can write a script/program to generate the list of SubSubFolders fairly easily. Going through the list of all of the folders and checking off the ones I want is 1) tedious, 2) time-consuming, and 3) error-prone. Is there a way to run a Retrospect backup via script or program?
  3. We have Retrospect 7.6.123 multi server on Windows 2003 Server. We get -1017 errors (can't read - insufficient permissions) on cookies on various servers. Is this normal? We get them while backing up clients' entire disks, not via mapped drives - some on the same domain as the Retrospect server and some not (on the DMZ).
  4. We recently had to delay the proactive backup (Retrospect version 7.6.123) of our SQL Server server for several hours. I checked the box in the proactive backup schedule dialog and then unchecked it when I wanted to resume proactive backup. Ever since then the proactive schedule has been random. It will start the proactive backup when it isn't scheduled. The schedule is basically 7PM to 9AM Monday thru Thurs and 7PM Friday to 1AM Sunday. The proactive backup is to disk. On Sunday, the disk backup is transferred to tape. The proactive backup for the SQL Server serve started at Midnight Sunday-Monday. Any explanations? How can I fix it?
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