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  1. I had to uninstall and re-install the MAPI client from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=1004. Now it's working again.
  2. Hi all, Backup from Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows Small Business Server 2008 worked fine over years. Now I noticed that backup of E-Mails isn't working anymore since several weeks. I didn't change anything on the system except updating Windows and Retrospect. When trying to backing up a Mailbox I get the following error: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. Durchsuchen unvollständig, Fehler -3420 ( unbekannt) First I deinstalled Retrospect 8.2 and made a fresh install of Retrospect 8.1. But nothing changed. Afterwards I controlled, that .NET 4 is installed and I reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64. But it's still not working. If I try to create a new backup and click on Exchange-Mailboxes a new window opens where I have to type in username and password. If I type in username and password and press ok, it isn't accepted. I even create a new RBU-user as it's described in the user manual. But that user isn't accepted, too. Afterwards you can find in the Retrospect protocol the error mentioned above: "Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed." Additionally I renamed the Retrospect folder at "C:\Program Data" and tried to backup the Exchange-Mailboxes with a fresh Retrospect configuration. But actually that didn't work, too. Do you have any ideas how to get it work?
  3. I just found this topic: http://forums.retros...ration-is-gone/ I copied the backuped Config77.bak to C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\Config77.dat and now Retrospect works again!
  4. I restarted a Windows SBS 2008 after installing Windows updates. After restart I started Retrospect. But Retrospect doesn't remember the configuration anymore. I get asked to insert the license code (see attached picture "startscreen.jpg"). When I take a look into the folder C:\ProgramData\Retrospect I can see, that the "Config77.dat" file is really small (see attached picture "after_start.jpg"). Well before installing the Windows updates i made a backup of my files. So i tried to replace the whole Retrospect folder in ProgramData with the backuped one (see attached picture "before_start.jpg"). But when I started Retrospect the files are always getting flushed. This isn't the first time that Retrospect reacts like this after an restart of Windows, but the first time I have a backup of the Retrospect configuration files. So do you have a guess why this happens and is there a way to tell Retrospect not to flush the files (without a warning!!!)?
  5. Thanks for all replys. @Daniels: I don't think that the error message is because of the missing user rights. Because I make the normal Retrospect backups to a NAS where I also need an extra username and password. I can't remember if Retrospect asked for the username when I first connected to the NAS but I think that Retrospect just used the connection initialised by the Windows explorer. Another problem is when I connect through vpn to the external space Retrospect can't find anymore the client-pcs on the intranet. When I shut down the vpn connection and restart Retrospect all is working fine again. So now I'm trying to install a small linux host which mounts the external space and shares the space through smb. I hope that this will work because the linux host will be a part of the local workgroup. So even Retrospect should find him. @Richy_Boy: I also thought about that scenario but I have much more space off-site so I want to use it to build up a long-term archive. That's why I can't just copy the files...
  6. I'm using a Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Retrospect is allowed to get through my firewall. I have lot's of clients backuped by Retrospect over network. The idea with the username sounds good, but isn't very practical because I have no chance to rename the FTP/SMB user... : :confused:
  7. What do you mean with add to "My Network Places"? If I open the explorer and type in the address, it is shown undern My Network Places (the OS is german...) But in Retrospect I can't see this Network Place and the UNC-Path just won't work. It always says, that the folder isn't existing so I don't think that it's a problem with rights but a problem with VPN and so on at Retrospect.
  8. Hi Daniels, thank you for your fast response. I'm using the space as destination. The space requires a special user and password, but I have no idea how to mount the share directly in Retrospect. It would be nice if you could give me a hint.
  9. Hi, ich have bought some backup space at Strato (a german webhoster). I have several possibilitys to connect to, like SMB/CIFS through a VPN tunnel, (S)FTP(S), Webdav, rsync and scp but Retrospect just doesn't accept any possibility. First I mapped the network drive using SMB, CIFS and WebDAV, but when I try to select this network drive, Retrospect doesn't show it. So I just typed in the UNC-path which also doesn't work. Afterwards I found a program to map a FTP-connection as drive, which was first working with Retrospect. But when I started a backup, Retrospect and the program which mapped the FTP-connection crashed. That's why I wanted to ask you if you have any suggestions to get to work Retrospect with external disc space. Thanking you in anticipation, Jan
  10. Sorry for the late response. Here are the Screenshot (Retrospect is in German): As you can see I only want to backup files that have been modified after 1.1.2008 But as you can see on the second picture it also takes files that are older than 1.1.2008: @Xianfeng: Im using 7.6.123
  11. Sorry for the late response. Here are the Screenshot (Retrospect is in German): As you can see I only want to backup files that have been modified after 1.1.2008 But as you can see on the second picture it also takes files that are older than 1.1.2008:
  12. I would like to specify the date because all early files have been archived (so that they don't use the regular backup disk space). I tried it like Xianfeng suggested in his post. But it just won't work (Retrospect also backups older files although he modify date is shown correctly).
  13. Hi, I am using Retrospect 7.6 and try to backup files that have been modified after 1.1.2007. But Retrospect does not care about the date because it also backups files that have been modified before 1.1.2007. Retrospect displays the modification date correctly but it backups these old files even though he shouldn't. So I wanted to ask you if you have a hint how to teach Retrospect to do right.
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