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  1. Yes, I'm doing recycle backup to my two-tapes backupset, so you must be right and everything is ok. I assume that the "gray member" (second tape) will become black just after the first tape get filled and Retrospect "switch" to second tape. Thank you very much! Best regards! AP
  2. Hi! I've created tape backup set with two tapes as members. Then after backup some data to this backupset, the second tape is no longer member of backupset! In "Backup set properties" the backupset contains only one tape. In "Devices" I can see the second tape with the letter "M" gray instead of black (as a regular member). This behaviour is repeatable. What could be the cause of this? Is it a bug or am I missing something? Retropect 7.7.341 64bit/Windows 2008RC2 64bit/ActiLib 1U Autoloader LTO-4 HH SAS Best Regards AP
  3. AFAIK you have to map your net share to drive letter and then use only this drive letter. AP
  4. Hi! You could check if the tapes are visible through tape/drive/autoloader management application you probably have? AP
  5. Hi! I have this problem too - i've found that some of my tapes have capacity over 1,5GB but some only 750MB. I didn't know why and when it happened. Using your simple solution (manually moving tape to drive before adding member) I've managed to get compression! BTW - great problem description and solution, big respect from me. Hope The Retrospect programmers will fix this bug soon. I have ActiLib 1U Autoloader LTO-4 HH SAS and Windows 2008 RC2 Standard 64bit. Best Regards! AP
  6. Thank you very much I didn't know that. Best Regards AP
  7. Hi! Suppose I backup some data to tapes and then want to restore it, BUT I don't have backup-set files of those tapes (say there was a fire and everything got burned except off-site tapes). Is there a way to restore data from those tapes? AP
  8. Activity monitor icon is not showing on Windows 2008 64bit too.
  9. Only SSH and FTP? Then you can't backup it with Retrospect "Professional"
  10. In my last transfer backup sets to tapes I've had the same messages. Looks for me the 64bit version of Retrospect is pretty bugged.
  11. Today i've figured it out - the tapes are moving fine, and the backup sets are transfered. What is not working is the "check script" button (Manage scripts -> double click on transfer script -> Check icon). It always says "media unavailable" although when the schedued execution is performed the media is moved to the tape. So topic is over.
  12. After some more digging i've found strange behaviour of Retrospect - when I do manual "transfer backup set" program finds right tape and transfer is done without problems. But when I automate and schedule the same "transfer backup set" suddenly REtrospect is unable to find the right tape to write to. Windows 2008 RC2 64bit, Retrospect 7.7.208, Tape library Actidata ActiLib 1U LTO-4 HH SAS. Any explaination for such behaviour?
  13. Hi! 1. I've created two tape-backup-sets in autoloader - TBS1, TBS2. 2. I've created two "Transfer Backup-set" scripts: one week I transfer some file-backup-sets to TBS1, other week to TBS2. It is working ok, but the problem is that after one transfer is completed I have to manually move appropriate tape to the drive (by "Devices" menu). If I didn't do that, Retrospect will show the message "Media for script unavailable". Shouldn't Retrospect automatically move right tape to the drive or Am I missing something? Cheers
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