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    Windows 2008 and Autolaunch

    My machine is also a 64-bit Win2k8 R2.
  2. zhaoding

    Windows 2008 and Autolaunch

    My 64-bit 7.7.325 works well after logout. I didn't change anything after installation. The retrorun.exe must be run under "system" account which is still available after logout.
  3. Strange. Do you mean after the restoration, the restored folder has the right size when viewing from the Windows Explorer? If so, there should be some files in it, right? But it is shown empty. What is in it? Are those files are hidden or system protected? You can go to the folder options setting to let the explorer show all hidden and system protected files to check again.
  4. You can just double click the .rxx file, or highlight it then click the "Open" button. It works even though the Filename field is grayed.