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  1. As a matter of fact I do. Top priority in my policy is reliability - which I can not achieve with Retrospect (at least I don't know how). Looks like I'm not the only one who misses that feature (thanks for your support Jeff). Ok, Retrospect supports tape drives (which I don't use) and offers less redundancy than TM/CCC. TimeMachine is easy to use, intuitive and doesn't require Admin support in case of small emergencies on the other hand. My current solution (which is not my preferred solution) works for me. Every 2 weeks I'll make a complete backup of every Mac client and server with CCC from a netboot image (for fast disaster recovery). I can do that remotely from home over the weekend. That also backs up the virtual windows machines on those clients. TimeMachine saves all (new or changed) user data every 4 hours (also on the Mac server). Our few sole Win clients have (our old) Acronis TrueImage software on board which is reliable and fast. The built in backup solution on our Win2008R2 server runs every day and also saves all virtual Win servers on that machine. Recovery is not easy or self-explanatory but it works. And I also copy my backup drives every 2 weeks and take that drive home. Next thing will be modifying my netboot image so that CCC automatically backs up the clients.
  2. Thanks for the hint. I did not know that. I've looked it up on the EMC store. The price tag (EUR 1,771.91) for the add-on frightens me. I could get 3 Win2008R2 licenses for that (backup solution included)...
  3. Hi all, I've bought Retrospect 8.1 not so long ago when we moved to Mac for good. Retrospect was recommended as the best backup solution for Mac. No kids stuff like TimeMachine so my dealer said. And version 8.1 sounded pretty solid. And I was able to backup my remaining windows servers too... Truth for me is - I burned my money. I think Retrospect for Mac is far away from be a solid reliable backup solution. I even wouldn't grant it being a beta version. 1) Speed: As many postings here show, low speed is a real issue for many of us here. Although we are using brand new hardware, server to iSCSI hard disk is less than 600 MB/min, iMac to server is less then 150 MB/min and Win2008R2 server is below 30 MB/min. TimeMachine on our iMacs is about 20 times faster. The built in Windows backup solution is > 2GB/min. 2) Backup quality: Very poor on Windows machines. VSS isn't supported, so most of the important files (like databases, virtual machines) won't be backed up. Windows backup can do it, Acronis, Norton etc. they all can do it. So please don't tell me that's impossible. 3) Documentation: Kinda none. Although the 'new' version is out for more than a year now, still no sign of a manual. I've read in some older postings from last august that EMC hired some expert for writing an awesome manual and that it was almost done then... 4) Reliability: I couldn't figure out how to do a bare metal restore under any os. Maybe it's possible, maybe not, I don't know. 5) User experience: Although the gui looks ok, it's far away from being intuitive. You have to do lots of time consuming trial and error to understand the concept (especially if you wanted to exclude something from a backup). So I've decided not to worry any longer and to move on - to TimeMachine and CCC, which is free, easy to use, fast & reliable (I don't use tapes). But if somebody thinks that Retrospect is a great solution and interested in buying a unlimited server / unlimited clients version, please pm me at muttel at hushmail.com. I've registered our version already, so I don't know if it was possible to transfer the license...
  4. Hi all, I think, I've learned a lot about Retrospect 8 over the last days (and I've also experienced some major bugs), but I really can't figure out how to solve this one. I've created 4 media sets (Mac server / clients, Win server / clients) all backing up to a big iSCSI target on the server. In source view I've added all my servers/clients and tagged them into 4 groups for easy selection. Some of those sources were backed-up when I did tests and now they have a green check mark in the first row (status: backed-up). While I was further testing the software I've deleted/recycled the media sets a few times. So here's the thing. Although my media sets are empty, all prior backed-up sources still have the green check marks stating that they are backed-up. When I start a new backup script, those green sources won't get backed-up to the EMPTY media set!!! Here is what's happening when I start the script: Status: Scanning data, Matching Mac Server, Preparing to execute..., Updating Catalogue Files, Building Snapshot, done! The log shows: In script options->Backup->Matching I've added 'Match source files against the Media Set' and 'Don't add duplicate files to the Media Set'. I know that I can remove sources and re-add them to make the green mark go away (which btw. can't be the way how to do it) but I can not do that with local disks on the server. I don't know exactly what the erase button in the sources view does (and there is no online help nor manual to look that up) but I fear it's not what I'm looking for (and I'd like to keep my data). Maybe some Retrospect pros can help me out here?
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to backup my Windows PDC (Windows Server 2008R2 64Bit). Retrospect server (8.1.626) is on a Intel Xserve (10.6.2). The Client (which is 32Bit) on the Windows machine is 7.6.107. I started the backup yesterday. So it's running for over 15 hours now and still showing 'preparing backup of open files'. So is it trying to get a lock on files it will never get a lock on? Are there known issues with the 32bit client on a 64bit server? The protocol on the Retrospect Console isn't helping at all (doesn't say anything useful). Couldn't find anything useful in the Windows event logs either. What can I do to backup this machine (except for using Trueimage) with Retrospect? Any ideas appreciated.
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm using the latest version of Retrospect (8.1.626), Mac Clients are 6.3.027, Win Client 7.6.107. All Macs are Intel (latest iMacs/Xserve). What kind of pattern could that be? The newer the hard- and software the slower the backup speed?
  7. Hi, I have a (pretty new) OS/X 10.6.2 server (Xserve with 12GB RAM, connected iSCSI devices) as backup server. I did some tests and I'm really disappointed by the speed of the backup. Best speed is on the server itself (to a 'local' iSCSI device) - about 550MB/min. iMac Clients (even the new i7) won't get faster than 150MB/min. Win7 Client was 30MB/min only!!! I've already tried the renice tip from this forum (doesn't really speed anything up). The strange thing is that the cpu time of the retrospect client never exceeds 5-8% (on the win7 machine it never reaches 1%). Our network is gigabit. Does anybody have a clue?
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