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  1. ok ... I would like not to have too many backup programms ... So maybe I have to live with it or do another kind of Backup .... Sad, copying is such a nice way of quick backup ..
  2. I used to make my backup with retrospect 6.1.126, using a script - duplicate from disc 1 to disc 2, just to not to have to make a restore if something happens to my Data. There are several folders on disc 1, all together about 40 GB. After starting the script (doesn´t matter if all data or all coresponding data will be replaced) disc 2 looks like disc 1, all the same. But when I now start again the script right after it finnished the first time, it will delete one (ore more) folders on disk 2 and copying the data again. This folder is quiet old, the data is not changed since weeks, but always, when I start the script, it will be deleted and copied again. It´s time consuming to wait all day for another 25 GB to be copied even if I only added about 1 GB of new Data... Updateing to version 6.1.230 didn´t help. I use a MacPro, Intel, MacOS 10.5.8
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