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  1. I'd be very interested in getting more opinions on this. We can move to an Intel box, but if it doesn't give a significant speed upgrade, it won't be worth it for us. Are any users getting decent backup speeds, at least comparable to version 6? If so, what is your setup?
  2. We are a private school. We had been running Retrospect 6 for years. We migrated to 8 this winter. We are running it on the same type of machine we run 6 on- an original, non-Intel 1.33 GHz Xserve with 2 GB of RAM. The network is exactly the same; we didn't change anything. Restrospect 8 runs so slowly that it is unusable. A client with 1 GB of data takes hours to back up. Looking over the console, backup speeds range from to 409 KB to 16.4 MB per minute. In contrast, our still-running Retrospect 6 server averages 300-600 MB/min- with an identical server, running on the same network. Any ideas on why it runs so slowly, and what we can do to speed it up?
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