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  1. ^ Hmm I will take a gander at that when I'm back in on Monday, and I might need to talk to support about possibly extended my 45-day windows trial if possible - unless there's an easy way to uninstall/reinstall the trial? I hate being so bush-league like that, but we did just renew our ASM if that counts for anything FYI about the Server´╗┐ Performance Mode option - it did NOT work, and the SMB share was again forcibly disconnected overnight by the macOS.
  2. Yea my kludge doesn't work with backing up to Disk rather than to File. I have a combination of Mac & PC clients which need a full backup (and produce a subsequent backup set file) every 2 weeks, and incrementals every night. The backup set files were saved on an Isilon file storage system (now DDN), which a Mac mini with 10.15 Catalina mounted via SMB. AFP on Mac OS has depreciated over time, and Catalina has a documented issue with disconnecting SMB shares over a short period of time, almost always in the late pm's and early am's according to the OS logs - so it turns out my previous thread was a Mac OS/SMB issue, not a Retrospect issue. I'm trying on a Windows server 2019 now, but I just stumbled upon a "fix" today, which involves turning on "Server Performance Mode" on mac os - something which may not work for the common user.. I will report back with results - Catalina has consistently dropped SMB(3) connections on a nightly basis. I feel uniquely ancient in my ways, so maybe I'm serving as test case - this 'trick' oddly does not work occasionally. . https://www.reddit.com/r/editors/comments/gny159/macos_catalina_disconnects_from_shared_storage/ https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202528
  3. Hello, I've imported the retrospect server configuration file from a Mac v.17 retrospect instance. The backup sets are kept on a windows share, which the mac accessed via SMB. The import worked fine, with all clients/scripts/etc transferring fine. I am not able to locate the media file, either through the saved "volume" in retrospect, nor by mounting the share and trying to navigate to it directly. I click the properties button, and it wants the location: but it's not seeing the clearly-mounted share, "retrospect-backup1": I also see retrospect-backup1 in the Volumes Database list: But I don't see anyway to tell the script to use the (remote) media set file. The mac version of retrospect appeared to be able to use/edit/save to the catalog files in a complete remote fashion, where both sets and data were kept on the remote share, and mac didn't have anything saved locally at all, aside from the scripts/server config/etc, of course. Is there fundamentally something that I am missing? Just out of curiosity, I went to "Create New", but when I tried to navigate to the share so I could set it as the destination, Retrospect could not see the share, as in picture 2. That in itself is somewhat disconcerting. And a quick aside - is there any way to make the Find dialog in the first picture resizeable, or would that be something I need to put in a feature request form? Thanks!
  4. Hey all, I have the Mac server 16.5.1 (104), on a 2012 Mac Mini 10.15.1 Catalina. The catalog files are saved on a local SMB share. Yesterday, the daily backup failed with a -1,101 (file/directory not found) when trying to access the catalog file on the SMB share. Nothing has changed recently except the macOS & Retro updates. Here is the mounted SMB share, with full r/w access: And while the backup set show the file # and size, there are oddly no members or backups: I attempt a test restore (which also shows no members/backups/greenBar), and then the -1,101 error: I can confirm that adding a the share from within retrospect yields the same error: Any ideas on where to start? Retrospect immediately 'Locates' the backup set, but Rebuilding does nothing - no activity logged at all when I attempt one. I've also tried removing the set from retro and re-adding, which it does successfully, but still replicates the error. Nothing's awry on the macOS side - all diags check out, has been restarted, etc. Thanks very much! Sorry for all the pics
  5. reply to self: I got this working on a tip from Retro support. I needed to add my selectors directly into a copy of an existing rule (like All Files Except Cache Files), which then worked great!
  6. I'm having trouble getting my exclude rules to work. I've looked at the documentation, and some other similarly-themed threads, but couldn't discern the solution. The below screenshot backs up everything, ignoring the Exclude rules. Any advisement would help - this is very aggravating. Thanks edit: I'm not using Preview at all, just running the backup and seeing many a GB backed up I wasn't expecting. Using Retrospect 12.0.2 (116) on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3
  7. result: it throws an error & keeps the modal dialog box in the forefront, which of course prevents any timed events
  8. cool - I guess I should note that I don't delete anything while retro is running, as yea that could spell trouble heh! And copying a file that size can take a day, so I do that in the middle of the week, and delete it before friday's full. So actually when the full backup starts, there's only the two [059] files in there. Then by then end of the weekend, [060] has filled the rest of the drive up, I copy off [059] from the previous week, rinse&repeat. So I wonder how retro thinks when it finds a .cat file but no corresponding data file? does it go "well i trust that 700gb data file is *somewhere* in the world, so i'm gonna go ahead and continue the numbering scheme and make member [060]" or "wtf? a .cat without a corresponding data file? - at least not one *I* can find.. *pfft* i'm gonna call the next member [001]" yea I guess in the time I took posting I could've ran a sample backup lol! thanks for the tips & I will report back for closure's sake!
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. I'll try and be more descriptive: Every friday at 9pm, I have retro do a full backup of about 30 dept computers, which will finish sunday afternoon. This full backup appends to an already existing backup set as a new member. The data file from the full backup is about 700 GB. Retro stores this locally on a separate internal 1.5 TB hard drive. (I in turn, during the course of the week, manually copy this to a remote filestore which from there backs up to tape, then remove the local original) After the last weekend's full backup, the current files sitting on that 1.5 TB local volume are: backup[058] (one of the 700gb data files), backup[058].cat, backup[059] (the other 700gb data file), and backup[059].cat. The [058] files were from the previous week, and the two [059] files were what retro created when it did its weekly full backup a few days ago. As you see, x2 700gb files on a 1.5tb drive is kind of tight. Especially when the backup is slowly growing on a weekly basis, and not fill the poor HD to 90+% capacity every week. So by friday, I'll have the [058] out of there and just the [059] files awaiting the next full backup so it can number the next as [060]. When the full backup completes there will of course be the two [059] files & the newly created [060] files. Now if I could possibly just leave the backup[059].cat file, while removing the [059] data file, and have it properly number the next member as [060] (& not reset back to member [001]), that would be nice! And would basically save me from buying a bigger HD when the x2 big data files won't fit on the 1.5tb. This system as it is needs to stay in place, so the options are hoping I don't need the previous week's data file in the folder, or getting a bigger HD. thanks much for the help!! bd
  10. when a new full backup (to file) creates a new member, does the old *data* file need to be in the same directory for the auto-numbering to continue? i.e. not create setmember[001]. i'd love to be able to keep only the catalog file in the same directory & remove the massive data file before the next full backup, if that will work - or does retro need both .cat and data files in that folder for the new member numbering? danke!
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