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  1. Sigh, somehow this doesn't surprise me. If this is indeed the case then it's blatantly false advertising to have it as an option and in manual.
  2. I do proactive backups of my laptops. I have a set of OS X (El Capitan) laptops connected to a local WLAN and a OS X (El Capitan) backup computer connected to LAN. I have set my laptops to "Wake for Wi-Fi network access" and my sources are set up to "Enable Wake-on-LAN". My problem is that unattended backups always time out with error message: Scanning incomplete, error -559 (network connection timeout) Backups work if I'm actually using or logged in to the laptop when backup begins. Is Retrospect supposed to be able to wake up the laptops if they are in sleep mode? What causes the backup to timeout after a while?
  3. You may want to take a look at my workaround here: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/152290-retrospect-13-error-530-backup-client-not-found/
  4. If I stop and restart the retroengine and retroisa daemons manually after computer startup, the scheduled scripts appear to work perfectly. This suggests there's an issue with Retrospect daemon being initiated too soon at startup. This is particularly annoying to me because my backup computer is restarted daily. As a workaround I created a launchd script to do a 60 seconds delayed stop/restart of both daemons at startup. The problem seems to have disappeared.
  5. I did follow all your steps but it didn't help. No automated updating going on either.
  6. David, thanks for your response. I did notice your posts about this topic and read through quite a few of them but I'm afraid I didn't see much anything that would apply to my situation. I use a fixed IP address on both my machines. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my client (the conventional way by downloading the latest installer from Retrospect.com). No help there either.
  7. I have two computers running El Capitan on a simple LAN, one acting as a Retrospect server and one as a client. My Backup Script fails to connect to the backup client at scheduled script start even though the client computer is up and running and Retrospect client is available. If I do a Locate Source after the failure, the client is visible on the discovered clients list and the script runs fine after that. I have tried removing the client from the client list and adding it back again. Does anyone have any clue as to what might be wrong and/or what I should try to figure out the cause?
  8. I bumped into an identical problem. My guess is your email settings are the cause. Try disabling both successful and unsuccessful email notifications and see what happens.
  9. Are Labels supposed to work in Rules in 8.1.626 for Mac? I have used Labels to exclude unwanted content from Retrospect 6 backups. I have a rule to exclude files enclosed in folders marked with a specific label as well as files marked with the same label. Is this even possible in 8.1.626? There seems to be a rule logic for folders and files, but not enclosed files. Furthermore, it seems to me even the existing logic is failing. If I make the following kind of exclude rule: File Label is any of Red Folder Label is any of Red and then use the Preview to see what gets selected for backup, the preview seems to suggest the rule is not working at all.
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