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  1. Does Retrospect Client only publicize the first partition on a drive with more than one partition? "Development" is the second partition of the same drive where "Home" is the first partition. There are 4 total partitions and only "Home" displays in the Sources list. All of my clients that actually show additional drives (not just the boot drive) have more than one separate physical drive, rather than multiple partitions.
  2. Refresh doesn't change anything. I'm logged in on the client machine. Maybe it's because the "Development" drive is a boot drive, but the client machine is booted from its "Home" drive?
  3. I am trying to back up an additional volume (not the boot volume) on a remote client. In the past I know that I've been able to add additional volumes as favorites so that they are available in the Sources page. However, for this particular client and with the current Mac version of Retrospect (10.2.0 (201)) I cannot convince Retrospect that the client has the additional drive mounted and available as a backup source. - The client is visible and name "Firefly" - Firefly has a boot volume named "Home" which already displays in the Sources list, with two of its folders as Favorites (Library and Users) - Firefly has a second volume, named "Development" that is mounted on the client - The Firefly client is currently available in Retrospect I would like to add Development as a favorite. It is not visible in /Volumes when I dig down into Home. I cannot add a Favorite when I just have Firefly selected in the UI. When Firefly is selected in the Sources list and the Options tab is selected in the lower part of the UI, only Home shows up for Volumes, even when "All Volumes" is selected. I know I've done it before in early versions of Retrospect but how do I make Development available as a Source in v10.2? Thanks, David
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